Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Touching Cotton Here!

God bless your little cotton socks.
Or if you've been sweltering through an Aussie summer, bless your wee cotton smalls.
Because cotton's about all I can bear in this humidity.

Some of you asked for Magic Soup. 
Ingredients: garlic, onions, mustard or cumin seeds, roughly-chopped vegetables, something green, litre or so of stock, two tins of chopped tomatoes, water.

Lightly fry up roughly-chopped onions and a full bulb of garlic, add a wodge of mustard seeds.

Throw in everything else.
Put the lid on and go and watch an X-Files episode.
Test the hardest veges with a fork, don't watch another episode yet.
Don't overcook.

Dish it up, add salt and pepper and maybe crumble a slice of toast over the bowl if you're famished.
You can now resume your viewing.

Yes, I'm bleaching my hair out, ready for the next colour.
Hubby was in hospital for 12 days while I packed our house to move.
We have now moved.
I'm traumatised, yet elated. 

Desiree xxxxxxx


  1. Mmmmmm..magic soup. Mmmmmm..magic you. Such a pretty dress. Fits to a T. Hospitals. Bah!! Keep that man at home. Good luck with the move and the settling in. Oy oy oy. So much work! You will soak your anklets through.

  2. The soups looks yummy and your dress is super cute! I hope the Phoenix is doing okay.

  3. I've never seen anyone look so dazzling while going through so much. A thousand hugs for your success on the move and caring for family during the process. Time to settle in, and I hope you get a chance to put your feet up. Your soup looks yummy, I agree. I hope you will love your new neighbourhood.

  4. you look so cute in that dress, hope everythink will be fine with hubby and the new house! xxx

  5. you look so cute in that dress, hope everythink will be fine with hubby and the new house! xxx

  6. Goodness me, you look ravishing despite all that trauma you've been through lately! That dress makes your bod look incredible and I'm dying see see the new hair colour!
    I love the kind of cooking you can stick in the pot and leave while getting absorbed in trashy tv, the best kind of domestic chore! xxxxxx

  7. I love your dress, I simply must have one like it!

  8. I know we are friends on facebook and i catch up there but i wanted to say that i am so pleased that you are both in your new home together. You are super women and you look beautiful. And that soup looks delicious its grey, wet and miserable here again so soup is just the thing :-) Hugs to you, dee xx

  9. Looking beautiful as always, hope hubby is doing well xxx

    That dress is made for you sweetie smile and show the world xx

  10. My goodness! you have had a tough time, a house move is difficult and I hope your husband is on the mend. I hope you are all settling in marvelously, your dress is gorgeous and I can't wait to see your new hair colour x x x

  11. You in that dress....beeoooootiful. Love it! Hope hubby is better and so glad you've had a successful move. Hope you have time to relax now - and dye your hair. xx

  12. Can't wait to see your new colour. Sending much love and healing thoughts your way. Hope Hubby is okay.

  13. Wow!!! That is a lot going on. I hope all is well and healthy in your house soon! I can't wait to see the hair color and i love the scarf you put in your hair. Pretty dress too!

  14. Moving house is SO stressful! Sending good vibes your way. Settling in to a new house can be a lot of fun though (putting up favourite pictures, painting walls etc), hope you are enjoying that. Like someone else said - you're a super woman! Hope all family is well too ~LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  15. You looked relived to have all that behind you. The dress is lovely, I like all the buttons.

    Of course, I dying to see the rest of the new house.

  16. Oh lovely nice to see your beautiful self looking just wonderful in that spectacular dress.
    Moving is the ......beep beep beep poor thing.
    I hope the Phoenix is ok.
    Here's to a new home and magic soup.
    Sending a big old cotton socks hug.
    Love v

  17. dear lovely lady, you look fresh and delightfully accessorized even though that hot, and even though you've been fighting against all the moving job. Your pretty bijouterie and hat and sunnies can cheer up any day, and that dress is amazing and cute!!
    you're gorgeous!
    besos & abrazos

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  19. That soup looks magic indeed, yummy!! I could do with some because it is freezing here!! You look gorgeous, love the dress & I'm interested to see what your hair will look like next. Well done on getting all moved and into the new place. I hope your husband is better now xx

  20. Me want soup! NOM NOM NOM!!! Me want that CUTE dress more, though!

  21. You look beautiful in that dress! But you always do :) I greatly admire you for getting through the house move and everything else (!) and still having a smile on your face. xxx

  22. That frock is amazing!! I love it on you, I hope the hair bleaching isn't too painful. That soup looks incredible :D

  23. Your new hair shade reminds me so much of Cyndi Lauper circa mid 80's. You look gorgeous, as always.
    I hope you are feeling more settled after your move. Give the Phoenix a get-well squeeze for me.

  24. A wodge eh? That must be an Aussie unit of measurement :P Glad to hear you're all moved! The actual act is a stress and a half but I have to admit I always really enjoy settling into a new home, and decorating the place to make it 'mine'.

  25. Hi Darling!
    Happy for you that the move is done and yes put your feet up please! you deserve it all that hard work
    Tks for the recipe, looks really super yummy!
    Ah girls forever changing the hair, hey? i shaved mine so i'm done for a while, hahaha!



  26. Oh look at you Frisky Mrs!
    Hope all is settled after your move and your Mister is on the mend.
    Love you xx

  27. You are beautifully resilient and stunning at the same time. Happy to hear that you're in your new 'digs' and kicking up your fabulous heels in the midst of it all.

  28. You look delicious in that frock darling! I'm just catching up on your posts now. I'm glad you have found a new abode to call home. I'm sorry you had to go through the trauma of moving, at the same time as all of the hospital & health dramas with Anto. Hasn't this weekends temperatures been a Godsend. My wardrobe has felt so limited this last month with the heat. Hope we can catch up soon. Xx

  29. Des, you're back! How have I missed that? Anyway, it's bloody good to see you, looking gorgeous in that perfectly fitting frock, and with apricot hair (I rather like it that colour, perhaps you could work it like this for a while before your next shade?)
    Ooh, what a time you And The Phoenix have had of it. A hellish hospital stay and moving house? God, I think I'd be on the floor, but there you are, kicking up your delightful heels and making fabulous soup, you're a STAR!
    Take care, take some time to settle in and recover, and take a breath! xxxx

  30. i hope the hubby is doing better ...
    love your dress.


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