Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hola Cholita!

Today I was inspired by Bolivia's Cholitas after reading a story about those colourful, brave women yesterday.
The women, who have been steadfast in dressing in their acquired style, were until recently, banned from wearing their signature bowler hats, shawls, enormous puffy skirts, heavy jewellery and gaudy makeup in many Bolivian public places.
It's not the first time women's clothing has been limited to private places or completely banned.
Until recent times, it was considered inappropriate for women to wear trousers to work in offices or to job interviews.
Platforms were banned by many workplaces in the 70s, but considering their wonderful, towering heights, the shoes may have been a public safety issue.
Still today, many countries ludicrously ban women from wearing specific items of clothing.
It seems so strange and fearful to outlaw a woman from adorning herself in the way she chooses. 
So today, during a bout of despair over my lack of clothing storage, I spied my beloved top hat, my puffy skirt peeking out from a pile of clothes and paid homage to brave, proud women around the world.

1940s men's top hat - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne
Bodysuit - Black Milk
Studibaker Hawk skirt - market
Melissa shoes - Amazon
Sparkly heart earring - DIY
Sugar skull earring - Etsy

Oh look at that.
Frida's peeking over my shoulder.
I hope she likes my rosy cheeks.
Here's the Cholita story:

We have NO Internet except for a limited amount on my phone, which crashes when I try to comment ... grrrr!
We've been told all will be fixed by next Friday. 
Meanwhile, all pics and this post have been brought to you by phone.
You're welcome.
Desiree xxxx


  1. The cholita article was great - it was very inspiring to me as well.
    It's great that rules are so much more relaxed these days and what can be worn to work is a bit more relaxed!
    Love your cholita interpretation!!!
    I hope you get internet back really quick!

  2. boo to internet problems. I had them last weekend, now I have a new modem and everything is fine(until next time)

    I see you have blond hair again!

  3. Interesting! I like your take on it -- the homage rather than appropriation :)

    Hope you get internets back soon -- I want to see pics of your new house!

  4. you look so adorable and so inspiring!!, lovely homage and lovely style, your hat and bodysuit, your skirt, everything is beautiful but alltogether is Fabulous!!
    hope your internet is fixed soon!

  5. I am so with you. You are wonderful and the cholitas and their "polleras" ( me, a great lover of skirts) would think you one of a kind cholita making us all proud.
    Love and sunshine, my gorgeous Desiree.

  6. Gawd I remember no trousers allowed on ladies at work and I-don't-like-employing-women-as-they-go-off-and-get-married-and-have-babies LMAO It sounds SO Victorian.

    Bad enough to be sanctioned for what you wear as part of your culture - these days it seems to be seen as inciting rape/sexual assault if you inflame the populace via what you wear :(

    (Falls off soapbox exhausted - sorry)

    Better - this - Feck yes!

  7. You look incredible Desiree xxx

  8. Love it! Thanks for the lesson, I did not know and I always enjoy learning new things. You are looking fabulous and I do hope your internet woes gets sorted asap!

  9. Wow - what amazing women cholitas are! Thanks for the link to the article. I love their hats and puffy skirts and the ideas behind their look! You make a very lovely cholita yourself - I really need a bowler hat in my life....


  10. A great statement. I am coming to the conclusion clothing more powerful than anyone imagines.

  11. Internet problems suck, hope it gets sorted, our is a little hit and miss at the moment - your Cholita inspired look is divine, the link was brilliant, I didn't know, now I do! x x x

  12. So interesting! Love the cholita look.Full skirts and bowler hats? -I'm in!

  13. Cor what an outfit - Love the full skirt and the black top

  14. Yay a new post! You look gorgeous. I want a top hat but I've had trouble justifying it thus far. Yours is fab!

  15. Yay Phone! Yay YOU! Yay Women! Yay Freedom! Yay Cute Clothes! Yay Yay YAY!!!!!

  16. This is one of my favourite outfits, D! Spectacular and bold and fun. I love how comfortable you look in the *carnivale* style - what a Ring Mistress we have here! xo xo

  17. It's just amazing in this day and age, but sadly O so common.
    You are a tasty delight, and I am thankful for your phone so that we can admire your glory! WOOF!
    Frida would not only approve, she'd down a tequila shot in your honour, I feel!
    You fecking ROCK!
    Love and Lustipops!

  18. I've never heard of a Cholita until now. So now I can say - what a superior choice in fashion inspiration!

  19. You're glowing and mysterious at the same time, I love it !!!

  20. good statement! your outfit is very inspiring! xxx

  21. Your 'champagne blonde' hair suits you so well! (Or is it 'Pale India Ale'?)

    Shall look forward to viewing your inspired solutions to wardrobe challenges in your new abode!

  22. You connections will be working soon but how great that your phone stood in in an emergency. We HAD to see you in this - you look spectacular. The hat especially. I have to read the article.

  23. Boo to the internet!! But, I adore this look, so fantastic!! xx

  24. Loved this outfit when I saw it on Instagram - Cholitas are a brilliant style inspiration and you have done them justice with your fancy chapeau and poufy skirt. Will go and read the article later today.

    Hope you get the internet connection sorted out so we can see more of you!

  25. Great outfit! Thanks for introducing me to the Cholitas - they are so cool and amazing. I feel like filling my wardrobe with full skirts in their honor. You never cease to inspire!

  26. We used to call the hard core mean Mexican girls at my school Cholitas. They used a can of aqua net on their hair and wore white eye shadow and RED RED lip stick, they were bad ass and you would be wise to respect them :)

    You look strong and bad ass and considering the recent move good for you! I hope you are making the new place yours and sometimes quick posts are the best!
    Sending you loveXXXXOOOOO

  27. You are one sex-ay hot aussie cholita!!!

  28. Desiree you are looking wonderful post-move. Thank goodness all that business is done with! I just love you in this outfit, you look brilliant, feisty, sexy, the works! Even frida's giving you the eye! I must read about the Cholitas. I wonder if they are like the Sapeurs who enthral me. Xxxxx

  29. i cant believe how much women are pushed and pulled and folded to make a good fit for others! my doll series is exploring this at the moment! It is often more hidden than a straight out ban on Something as well! Thank the lord for women like you! You look amazing by the seriously amazing!!!! XXXXXX

  30. Thank you for wrestling with the phone and creating this wonderful post- you look amazing- always a treat to see- and the inspiration is great. I have collected some Bolivian babes images over the years, and they were my inspiration to pierce my nose ala bullring style back in the early 90s. I love style that is "acquired" and grown by community and cultural homage. You are a national, nay international treasure.


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