Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Haven't a Square To Spare

My wardrobe choices are dwindling.
And it's not only because I've been having a relentless sort-out to separate the worn from the unworn in my sprawling wardrobe.
I've banged on 10kg in the past three months and I have very little to wear anymore.
I simply don't have a square to spare!

The situation is under control.
Ditching Lithium from my medication regime and getting back to three classes a week of Bikram Yoga has been the most wonderful thing for my brain and hopefully soon, my bodeh.
But you know what?
I've realised I have loads of things I absolutely love wearing to bits.
And the things I'm not bothered about, well, I never really was bothered about them too much and selling or passing on things I can't see myself wearing again has been wonderful therapy.
I'm on the LAST hook of this shiny rainbow skirt and my Der Kuss-print swimsuit is a little bigger than my others, while the bed jacket is pretty much something I can wear anytime.
Shoes?  Jewellery? Bags? Well you can wear or use them at any size.

Vintage bedjacket - Etsy
Klimt swimsuit - Black Milk
Skirt and bag - Aid for the Blind op shop
Pink spike bracelet - gift from babelicious Vix
"FREEK" necklace - custom made by Bones Couture
Green vintage earrings - Christmas present from hubby
Shoes - Melissa sale

Number Three Son snapped these pics off before I took him to get some Saturday night fish and chips on the waterfront.
No, Mama didn't have any. 
She had her homemade Magic Soup, a vegetable soup with a whole bulb of garlic in it, a delicious, warm concoction that I put The Phoenix on to help him successfully lose 30+kg in 2012-13.

Sic F*cks tshirt - gift from the Manic Panic chicks
Flares - DIY using a cotton sheet and a pattern from sweet Tamera
Pink skull bracelet - gift made by delicious Krista
Granny beads and green necklace - op shops and market
Creepers - Dolls Kill sale
Globe earrings - eBay

The Stylist had savings burning a whole in her pocket and I took her shopping today wearing nuns on the top and ballerinas on the bottom.
I had a gift voucher and used it to buy a diary, part of my resolution to write more journal scribblings.
It started in the new year when I bought a little book called A Sentence A Day, which is part of The Happiness Project, where I answer a new question every day for three years.
To compliment the book, I've got small paper A5 journals where I expand upon my sentence-a-day thoughts.
I'm really enjoying it and along with hot yoga at 38 degrees, it's helping to control some of my Bi-Polar Disorder swings.
Oh I had a shed-load of sun spots zapped this week, eek!!
The backs of my hands are a mess at the moment but they're healing nicely.

Did you make any new year changes and how's that going for you?
Big hugs, 


  1. How fitting me being first! I saw my specialist today & was discussing the medication weight gain. Ahh such rotten side effects. But the Captain says he'd rather me be chubby & feeling better, then skinnier & sicker. I just hate that some of my fave frocks start splitting at the seams! I think you look beautiful & fabularse. The one benefit is always bigger booboids. I hope you have a splendid week & a super special day on Weds. Much Love! Xx

  2. Having a good wardrobe clear out is one the most cathartic things ever. I know what you mean about the trade off between some medications and weight gain. I don't have bipolar but in my darkest moments the way I look really does have to take a back seat and I would take anything to feel differently. I'm not just saying it but you really do look healthy and well and I would never be able to tell any difference. I absolutely love the pink spike bracelet.

  3. You look very happy and beautiful and I feel with you about wandrobe clear out... xxx

  4. Is it bad of me to kinda enjoy that we are all in this shit together:). 10stones or not your glow comes from within and I think you look gorgeous as always.

    After reading your comment on my blog I have to ask if they did blood work on you to determine the bipolar? I ask because menopause can mimick some of those highs and lows and a simple blood test will let you know if you are in it. I felt so much better afterwards like this huge question was finally brought to light.

    I love you Desiree! Stay beautiful always!

  5. You look adorable! I cracked up immediately when I saw your post title in my reader...who could forget that scene?

  6. Ahhh...that skirt is delicious!! I love it. I am in the midst of cleaning out my wardrobe as I just have no room, I need to move, so I can ave a closet, haha. Love your necklace too..yess!! xx

  7. I know the feeling, when everything you want to wear is too small. I gained about the same amount of weight last year and I'm still in a bit of denial. Thankfully Canadian winter lets me bundle up in snuggly oversized things so it's not too noticeable, but I should get back to yoga too and nip this in the bud. Speaking of buds... those floral pants! Love 'em! And I also love that I have oodles of your back-posts to go through and admire :D Expect to see more of me from now on, dear lady!

  8. You still look more than fabulous! I think meds and weight gain go hand in hand unfortunately, certainly happened for me. But I am a much more relaxed and happy person medicated so if this means I am a bigger gal so be it. Seriously tho you do look fab!

  9. I've been keeping a written in a book journal since high school. It's a good way to vent and get all your feeling out of your head. And unless you live with creeps, nobody but you reads it. And it's a trip to go back and read some of the things that were forgotten.

  10. I think you look great! But if you're not comfortable with the weight gained them but all means do what you have to.

  11. so great that you're going to write something everyday, that's a fabulous new year resolution (and a very rewarding activity!)
    and love your nun's t-shirt and fabulous pajama pants with all your Awesome Bijouterie and Sassiness!!, gorgeous!
    besos y buen año

  12. You look fabulous regardless of weight! But I do get how it feels to be over the weight you are comfortable with. I love that sparkly skirt - I feel happier just looking at it:-)

  13. Desiree you are gorgeous at any weight!!! You always bring a smile to my face. I actually never noticed you'd gotten a bit rounder. I just notice how fantastic you always look1

    I hope you start feeling better now that you're off the lithium.

  14. desiree you look beautiful. i stopped blogging and taking photos of my self due to weight gain. mine was chocolate a stone of chocolate in one year.!! i'm trying hard to reduce. i decided to go back blogging though. best wishes with the yoga and all lucy

  15. Weight schmeight!!! You are a MEGA HOTTIE, and I can't see it, you just look delicious! Fecking LOVE that skirt, always!!! And those shoes!
    Ugh, many meds are the cause of weight gain, apparently, but if it's the pay off to feeling better, and it isn't a great deal,what the hell!
    But clearly you feel it, and see it in the way your clothes fit, and therefore you are taking sensible steps to get yourself back where you want to be!
    You bloody ROCK!
    Love and Lustipops!

  16. Oh boy, some medications really have crappy side effects. Weight gain would be bearable if the impact of the Lithium on your mental health was dramatically good; but if it hasn't been, then no, time to try other avenues. Health and happiness come first; clothing? You'll always look amazing, Desiree, because you have a unique personal style which has NOTHING to do with weight or size.
    I adore that shiny happy skirt, and your ballerina flares. And I'm fascinated by your writing project. Those sentences, and the additional thoughts they provoke, could take you anywhere. Keep us posted. xxxx

  17. gawd you could put on 100lbs and you would still be a beautiful star! i am so glad the medication is getting sorted and the yoga is coming back! For me running is better than any of the medication that had me gaining weight and too exhausted to get out of bed! I am doing the whole30 at the moment...30 days no sugar, dairy or carbs and i have to say at the begining of day 13 i am loving it!!! you rock Desiree and I adore you! Keep shining, you light up the sky xxxx

  18. I just started doing yoga now with the pregnancy and I have to say that now I get the hype. It really is so helpful and calming! I love your first skirt too!

  19. You are always stunning to me x

  20. Hi Desiree!
    D's daughter has been taking médication as well for bipolarity and gain about 20 pounds but she is starting too loose some slowly
    I!m curious about your magic soup, any chance to get the recipe?
    I think you look lovely, you are taking steps to feel better the rest will follow, don't worry
    I stopped smoking, doing well!
    Been doing yoga 2x a week
    Yoga is the best, so many benefits

    Take care and hang on precious!



  21. You are so beautiful!

  22. Our bodies are strange things. It is always interesting how we relate to our bodies when weight fluctuates. By all means lose the weight if that is what you want. But remeber to be kind to yourself no matter what.

  23. Looking fabulous, and I'm pleased to see you're getting back into reading and writing. When I was recovering from cancer treatment I largely lost the ability to read for a few years, and am only now getting it back. I have to remember to keep my eyes on the long-term goals.

  24. I love your skirt and the necklace is fab too! And I'm the biggest fan of those pants of yours :D!
    Oh, I can feel you! I guess I told you that I have the bipolar disorder too. I have never been on lithium (I have heard it's strong tho!) but the other meds have made my weight go up and down and it was annoying when all my clothes were either too small or too big! It took few years to find meds that are suitable for me. I couldn't tell that something had happened to your weight tho, you look great as always.
    xxx, Lara

  25. You are such a little cutie and that's what comes across with or without a few extra pounds. But of course, it is always about how you feel about yourself, and taking control of something that is bothering you is the very best thing you can do. I put on weight a few years ago, not loads but enough to make my clothes tight and it felt very powerful to decide and then make the changes. Taught me stuff. You look like a rainbow in that skirt. I love the mismatched nail polishes, but most of all, as always, your smile. Xxxx

  26. I don't have anything new to say that hasn't already been said. You are beautiful because of who you are and extra pounds won't change that. However, I have also put on a chunk of weight the last couple of years, and am not sure if the increase in my meds dosage has something to do with that. It truly sucks that in the case of medication for mental illness, you often have to choose between feeling better, and looking better.

    Bravo on the wardrobe clearing out (am working on the same),the regular writing, and the yoga. I am going to have to make some changes in my eating/exercising habits this year - it's a slippery slope. XO

  27. Love your hair, and your smashing outfit. Good to hear you're enjoying Bikram yoga, I used to do it and it was a definitely workout. Now, I stick with Pilates. Uhmm, forget the weight, you look great! xx/Madison

  28. Oh oh poo poo bum this is the third time I have gone to write a comment and something has gone wrong......grrr bloody technology.......sorry sweet I just had to get that off my chest.
    Anyhoo.......hello are always such a breath of fresh air.....looking so beautiful as always.
    Hmmmm sweet I can relate to the stupid medication weight gain......since they increased my HRT it's just made me swell up like a pumpkin.....along with a heap of other problems......happy happy joy joy.
    You sound like you are tackling it better than me with the yoga and diet...well done........I'm just shitty about.
    Sending much love and happiness your way.
    Love v
    Oh oh I am sure you must be birthday girl soon.....sending even more loveXXXXXXXX

  29. My favorite look of the two is the one with the floral pants; so cool!

    I am also familiar with weight issues and fitting my clothes. I gained a lot of weight over the last 10 years and two years ago I decided I had to accept that I would never be as slim as I used to be. Cleaned out my closets, sold all my smaller sizes. Sad about loosing loved clothes, but it had to be done. Good! Bought fitting stuff.
    One month after that I was diagnosed with diabetes, had to go on a strict regime and lost all that weight again. None of the big sizes in my closet fitted me. Etcetera.
    Too bad:-(.
    But hey, there are more important things in life, right?
    Good luck with everything; hope you keep feeling good!

  30. You're looking quite fantastic with you super cute globe earrings! Take me to yoga class with you next time. I NEED to bend my bodeh!

  31. I love your hair it suits you so well :)

    Cheers from Paris,

  32. Love your blog and totally understand about the Lithium. I am bipolar and have been on it for several years. I say - do what makes you feel best in your noggin. I also say - some weight gain (for me, about 9-10 kg), while not fun, is an opportunity to find new fun stuff to wear! Plus, bigger bewbs :D --Love from the US, Zoey

  33. You are loverly, dear!!! I keep threatening to buy a set of scales, just so I can see what I have gained, but then I spend the money on chocolate! LOL. You are so beautiful, so lovable. I love your spirit. One of my resolutions has been to narrow down some of my activities, so I am now keeping up pretty much my oldest blog, My altered couture fashions are selling locally, and my schedule is much more tight these days. Anyway, take joy! XO Lynn

  34. Your bodeh looks quite beautiful. And always elegantly attired. Damn drugs. They solve one problem then create another. I, too, put on some medically induced chub. AUGH!!!! Can't wait to see what kind of lovely new togs you come up with. And how cute are Elaine's shoes???

  35. You always look gorgeous to me you are one amazing lady. Hugs dee xx

  36. I love your post, thanks for sharing! :) Btw, you have a pretty blog!
    Kissed from Serbia,

  37. Wellll Heeellloo Lady! haha I'm back on here blogging, you look fabulous as always...please can I have you skirt.
    speak soon much love and by the way your F/b pic was lovely of you both xxx

  38. My weight is always going up or down, so I feel your pain. As a matter of fact, some pounds have lodged on me after Thanksgiving/Christmas and are NOT budging, so I'm returning to my old pal Weight Watchers! "Good Times"?

  39. You're looking gorgeous, mama! I'm loving that maroon bob!

  40. I hope you feel better soon.
    You do have some amazing clothes, that's why we all flock over to look at you :)
    I hope you and Antonio are ok.

  41. I hope you feel better soon.
    You do have some amazing clothes, that's why we all flock over to look at you :)
    I hope you and Antonio are ok.

  42. Grrr, I can feel the force of your positivity from the other side of the world.
    If those meds aren't doing you any good then you're dead right for ditching them, yoga and a great focus like a diary are, I'm sure, going to get you right back on track.
    With today's news 2014 could well be a great year for you. xxxxxxx

  43. You are a star in my book, my dearest Desiree.

  44. You look so beautiful and eclectic as always. I really admire your daring attitude and killer style!


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