Friday, February 28, 2014

Happiness is ...

I'm rather in love with an African-print tunic The Stylist gave me.
Usually things get handed down from me to her, it's the first time an item of clothing has been handed up.
I see a sunny future where she and I swap precious finds and I'm going to wear this one to death!
Still no Internet and the wee lass took my camera to school camp this week, but we push on.
The Phoenix (hubby) took these pics using my old phone so they're a bit wobbly.

I've decided African prints are a neutral. 
Just like leopard print, y'know?

Headband - DIY
Top - op shop
Leggings - Black Milk
Earrings and pink heart sunnies - Etsy
Slave bracelet - Phussy
Creepers - Dolls Kill sale

I also wore the tunic yesterday to accompany The Phoenix to the doctor, enjoy lunch and do a spot of op-shopping with him.
It was the first time we'd been out together since ... dunno.
I wore the top with black and white striped leggings yesterday, purple stripes today. 

I'm sorry I can't comment on blogs yet, I miss you all but my five-year-old "retro" phone simply can't cope!
Fingers crossed we'll be up and running by the weekend.
I hope you're all having a lovely week.
Desiree x


  1. I love that kaftan - they often have them in street markets in India, after seeing you rock your I'm tempted to buy a shed load next time I'm there as I reckon they'll be the next big thing after everyone's admired you in yours!
    Loving the blonde locks and that you're out and about as a couple, enjoying each other's company and good health!
    Fabulous items of clothing go with absolutely everything - its the law! xxxxx

  2. You are a trend -setter! Cuz now I want my own dashiki- looking fresh and cool as beeyooooteeful! Hope you and the family are tippy toppy! xo.

  3. I bought myself a pair of yellow creepers, similar to yours, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    We are so connected, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  4. I think Vix is right. Vix is always right. I've been flirting with the African prints at the fabric store and now spurred on by your gorgeousness I must commit. It is VERY IMPORTANT to wear something cheery to a doctor appointment. Yours or anybody else's. Breath in, breath out.

  5. I like that, African Print as a neutral, like leopard!!! Naturally! Took you to make me aware of that, though...thank you! You look super cute in it, and I bet The Stylist is well chuffed to be passing something up the chain of command!!!
    You are a dish, and how very bloody splendid to be out and about together again! Now do it again, please!
    love and Lustipops!

  6. Holy Eye Popping Awesomeness, Batman!

    You are a work of art and a walking canvas. I admire your ability to decorate the world in such a way.

  7. You look amazing in that fabulous tunic!!!
    Hmmmm. Leopard is neutral, leopards live in Africa, therefore African=Neutral!!!

  8. You look gorgeous. I love the tunic and it's fab with the tights. You do indeed look happy! Xo

  9. dang, women! You make everything look good

  10. You are a beautiful spirit inside and out! I love the hand me up African tunic and with the stripes, it's candy good!

  11. b&w stripes are a neutral in my book, so you're probably wearing a doubled neutral outfit!!, Amazing!! because you're looking Gorgeous making all that neutrals look Fabulous on you!!
    That tunic is just stealing my heart, so Pretty!! and of course, love your shoes, your bijouterie and all your damn sassiness!!
    glad The Phoenix could go out with you, lovely!!

  12. You look really good, happy and relaxed!

  13. Happiness is YOU! totally bought a smile my face on. great look

    Inside and Outside Blog

  14. Hi Miss Glamour puss!
    Tks again for your birthday wishes!
    Hope you get your internet soon, what a nuisance hey?
    Love your african tunic, so unique, it's the next big trend, so you are spot on girl! I see african maxis and tops sometime at the thrifts but nothing as nice as you are wearing
    It looks great with the leggings btw!

    Take care


  15. You look great with blond hair :)
    And love the tunic and those yellow creepers *_*
    Have a lovely weekend :) xxx

  16. Leave it to you to make African print a neutral ;) Vogue should be taking it's cue from you. I am rather astonished at how well the print plays with your striped leggings, but really, I shouldn't be surprised by anything you do - you're such a star! I can definitely see you and stylist regularly swapping wardrobe pieces in the future. The girl has got style and swagger, as does her Mama.

    Looking forward to seeing you more regularly when you get your internet sorted out. XO

  17. An absolutely amazing mix of color and texture! the floral headband is sheer perfection as a finishing touch! I hope you can hear my applause for this masterful ensemble my dear! KUDOS TO YOU!!

  18. I'm with you! I think any animal print and dots are neutrals, so they always go with everything, the tunic is a stunner and looks wonderful, you look wonderful! x x x

  19. Hand me ups with that gorgeous daughter of yours sounds like fun! You look gloriarse, & I'm SO SO happy that you & Anto shared some time out. I hope the move hasn't knocked the stuffing out of you. Much Love. Xx

  20. I will look forward to the day my girls pass clothes on to me! The African tunic and leggings are inspired, but best of all is knowing that the two of you are out together for lunch and having a potter in the sunshine. xxxx

  21. This outfit is fantastic! The striped leggings go amazingly well with that African print, and heck you are even making me like creepers!

  22. The African tunic with the striped leggings is perfection! adore that combo!


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