Friday, January 10, 2014

Faded Hair and Elastic Waists

No clashing cymbals, no big announcements, I've snuck into 2014 through the side door.
That's probably because I don't want to jinx myself or my intentions, just quietly chip away.
I had to don my thinking crown to survive Brisbane's recent heatwave, which has thankfully passed.
Lots of cold showers, baths and swims to cool off, dripping, fading hair and preferably little or no clothing.
Waistbands and shoes? Ugh!  Too, too much.
Now the heat has abated, I can revisit some of my trusty old summer frock friends, firstly this cotton number called Dorothy, which I bought at a market about six years ago.
It's the first time it's ever really fit properly as it's always been far too big, dropping off my shoulders and wot-not.
Local bakers should thank me for necking so many fruit mince pies.

Spiked headband, vintage square dance dress, 1960s beauty case, fruit necklace, bangle - second hand
Pink star earrings - gift from dear Tamera
Paper bead necklace, rose headband - DIY
Shoes - Melissa

I'm wearing the green eyeshadow in the centre of this beautiful palette, which I bought during Lime Crime's 30 per cent off Cyber Monday sale ... bargain!
The palette is called Aquataenia and the colours are saturated and I'd say medium-long lasting using an eye primer.
Manic Panic's Lust Dust, which darling Suzanne gifted me, are more stay-fast and incredibly intense!

The Stylist and I made our first trip to the local op shops in a quite a while and boom!  
This fantastic early-80s Praktica camera leaped out at me, a bargain at $15, I had some unused film in the fridge at home, found the manual online and now it's my new toy.
I enjoy learning how to use it and I love the sound of the shutter clacking away.

I also found DVD treasures, patterns for $1 each and fab plastic jewellery for 50 cents a piece.

Oh what the hell, let's start 2014 with a bit of a lurk ... some of my goodies.
I had a bit of a tidy of the sideboard I call my dressing table and The Stylist squealing-ly scored loot galore.  
The remaining necklaces ended up neatly arranged on my cork board, earrings hanging off old hangers with crochet covers and other bits and pieces in sweet dishes.

Bowls of sweets.
More necklaces, mostly my vintage granny beads.

An Avon powder-puff bowl full of hair clips.
(Did anyone EVER use those powders?)

 More candy ... some of my brooches.

Happy days!
Desiree x


  1. Still darling as ever! Loved this peek into your magical world.

  2. the print on that dress is crazy. Love how it changes from bodice to skirt. You had a heatwave, we had a Polar Vortex. Tomorrow it's 74! Crazy weather

  3. Oh I just love you in that green spotted gorgeousness, oh how I love green.

    Loving your new to you camera I know exactly what you mean about the shutter sound. I have my father in laws old camera from the 1970's.

    Happy new year lovely may you have a wonderful year. X

  4. What a score on your camera! Wishing you and your family a fruitful 2014 x

  5. Happy days indeed! This green frock is so sweet in you! I adore any peek we get of your candy stash! So much color I'm right home;)

  6. I adore your headbands!!!! You look fantastic in the green with purple accents! Love love love!

  7. What a cute dress! And I love the way you organize all of your jewelry!

  8. I love faded hair :D!! Your dress looks super cute :) ! Love the vintage camera, I actually need a film since I have my own old eighties camera still alive :D

  9. Sooooooooooooooo magical, ahhhhhhhhhh
    I wish I could get my hands in those earrings, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Don´t forget to join Share-in-Style this Saturday 11th, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. That's the same kind as my very first camera. I saved and saved to buy it. I hope you love this one.
    You look like you're in your early 20s in this outfit, awesome, especially capped with purple flowers and shoes. I must try eye primer because the intensity of the colour is perfect. Happy New Year!

  12. My boyf saw that camera on fb and became all nostalgic. Isn't it funny how it was just stuff first time round, but becomes imbued with memories and times we will never get back and comes to signify so much more? Or is that just me? I love you in this perky little dress looking cute as a button with your cheeky smile and purple shoes and ooh look at all that candy. Makes you want to play. I owe you an email, but my iPad seems to be hiding my messages from me, sneaky beast. When I work out the technology, I promise to respond. Xxxx

  13. Oh my gosh I need that frock in my life. If you ever grow tired of it let me know. It is divine....the print, the colour, the fit on you. Your booboids look marvelous too. You look absolutely incredible. If that's what fruit mince pies to then I need me some! Love the old camera, & the patterns you chose. I couldn't believe there were SO many. It was hard to select just 10! Love your plastic fantastic jewellery too, & seeing your gorgeous collections. The coat hanger idea is so clever! Much love & enjoy the wee reprieve from the heat! Xx

  14. Adore this dress, so beautiful. And all your bits and pieces are like treasure troves, I like that very much :) I want to get the Lime Crime lip colours because they are bright and gorgeous. Most lip colours just fade away on my lips, but theirs are so full of colour, it will be great!! Have a wonderful weekend doll xx

  15. Dorothy is just divine (I have a Natalie Wood dress, they would look lovely together!) your goodies are presented like the best display ever, and the Avon powder puff, my goodness! mine was used to absolute excess (one of mine had something similar and puffed their room, lovely)have a fab weekend x x x

  16. You're a breath of fresh summery air in Dorothy, totally adorable on you sweetheart! Happy New Year and here's to a really fulfilling 2014, all that chipping away will pay dividends!

  17. WOW! Look at all your tasty jewelry! You're a cutie cutie pie in your dress. Great deal on the camera and Drop Dead Gorgeous is one of my all-time favorite movies!

  18. Look at beautiful you in beautiful Dorothy! Gorgeous frock, and how lovely that she's getting a spin after sitting patiently, waiting for her time!
    Mmmm, all that fabulously colourful jewellery to rifle through, like a kid in a candy store. The crochet hanger idea for earrings is so clever, and I love seeing your very eclectic and unique collection.
    Take care, precious, stay cool! xxxx

  19. Gorgeous frock, gorgeous you!I know what you mean about the sound of the old Olympus makes that nice, crunchy sound which lets you now you've taken a picture. Much better than a digital squelch!
    Love to see all your tasty jewellery displayed. I keep mine in pretty much the same way. I've got cake stand of bracelets. My lot is a bombsite compared to yours, mind.
    Have a top weekend love.

  20. you look refreshing and cool like a lime icecream, love your citron gingham dress, and your headband and matching shoes!!, gorgeous!!
    And all that bijouterie is candy for my eyes, oh yes!
    besos & colores

  21. i looove that color! looks perfect with your hair and the great headpiece! i first thought it´s gingham but those dots are even more fabulous! a dream dress!

  22. Do si do si do I love you in your square dance dress. Gosh you have presented me with some of my favorite things Ever: gingham, troll dolls, beads and purple & green together forever. Stay cool!!!

  23. Wait a's not gingham, they're DOTS!!!!! Oh yeah, and vintage sewing patterns. Hmmmm I think I've had too much coffee.

  24. I am just loving the peek at all of your colorful baubles and bits!!!
    You look glorious in your lime gingham frock --the purple really sets it off!

  25. ROWR!!!
    I am squealing over your divoon square dance frock! I haven't had any luck finding a green one myself!
    And OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, so MUCH eye candy!!! Feck I love jewellery bits and bobs! I'd SO love to rummage through yours...with a quick rummage over your person first and after.........!!
    Love and Lustipops!

  26. Aren't you just sitting pretty in your Dorothy dancing frock - it looks smashing with the purple hairflowers and shoes!

    EEEEEEEEK! I want to play with your jewellery...soooo much fun stuff!! Thank you for the sneak peak at all your baubles. You're lucky I don't live next door; I would be over borrowing a necklace or a pair of earrings ALL the time. XXO

  27. You look gorgeous as ever. Wish we had a heatwave here instead of all this blooming rain the summer seems a long way off. Happy new year lovely i hope its a fabulous year for you, dee xx

  28. Good for you sneaking in the side door to a new year, I never quite understand all the fuss. I love the green and purple combo, utterly fabulous, and your shoes, well yummo!!

  29. Dorothy is a doll! I hope that weather has calmed the hell down for the summer now. I also am a little bit in love with that lime crime palette! Everywhere I look, ladies who I think are rad are wearing lime crime. I must investigate further.... Love the look of those patterns (naturally) and what a fab way to store earrings!

  30. I'm really bad at commenting, but don't fear, I do still read your wonderful blog! I love green, purple and white together (suffragettes!) and I covet that camera...will you show us any photos you take with it? I have an 80s/90s analogue point and shoot camera, and have a few as yet undeveloped films from last year. I just love analogue! about 20 years ago, before digital cameras I had a great analogue one, and used the dark room at college to develop photographs, which I then displayed in our local library. Ah, those were the times! ~ LittleMissPlump

  31. Ooh, patterns! *grab, grab* I lurrrve your limey dress, looks great with the purple shoes! Do you have, like, a whole room just for your jewellery!?

  32. Those purple shoes are H-O-T! I bought a Lime Crime eye dust years ago...been thinking I should try something else from her line, like maybe one of those "velvetine" lip glosses. They look niiiice.

  33. Oooh Dorothy! Gorgeous green polka dotty goodness, looks fab on you dear lady. And I ADORE your eyeshadow. I love all your colourful hanging jewelery. Honestly, you are who I hope to be someday heh :D (and also probably going to seem like a major weirdo creeper by the end of this when I've left you a dozen or so comments gushing about how much I adore you :P )


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