Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Changing of the Guard

I've drawn the conclusion my hair colour has become my armour.
When I was working in newsrooms I used jewellery and shoes to carve out my little "happy place".
It was tricky though, earrings got in the way of phone interviews, armloads of bangles were just annoying when thumping out words on a keyboard, while rings were a distraction.
So I wore a jumble of big necklaces, most of my brooch collection and some fairly wild shoes each day.
The accessories also doubled as instant ice-breakers during interviews and I have them to thank for scoring stories because the subject was so surprised by my presentation, all they could do was just start talking.

No longer churning out news stories, I've experimented with other ways to protect myself from copping a beating with the greige stick and in the past six months my hair has been peroxide blond, neon pink and violet.
On Sunday morning I woke up and decided I needed to be a 1920s vamp so now, Manic Panic's Vampire Red adorns my crown.
Oh and I gave myself a rather radical haircut.

Gosh I really must go, there's a bus to Hollywood leaving in ten minutes, I have a meeting with Mr De Mille.
Here are a few pics from the past fortnight.

My toned down house-hunting look a couple of weeks ago.
1940s rayon frock - gift from hornacious Helga
1950s handbag - gift from my big sister
Bangles and silk scarf - op shops
VW Melissa shoes

I think my purple hair, Troll earrings from dumpster-diving Tamera and cat-ear headband may have helped allay pre-show jitters for the wee lassies at The Stylist's ballet matinee performance.
She danced like a floating feather and I really enjoyed being a dressing room mama for a day.

Another 1940s rayon frock with VW Melissa's and tapestry handbag, this time for the evening performance of The Stylist's ballet recital.
Three hours later I only just made it out of the car in time to have a "talk to god" on the front lawn.
I was incredibly dehydrated from working behind the scenes at the matinee and had developed a headache equal to a shovel whacked into the back of my head.

A few days later I was back on my feet and snapping pics for some eBay sales.
It felt like work so I needed to dress for the job.
I fancied a bit of Manic Panic's pink glitter eyeshadow and Hot, Hot, Hot lippie, which beautiful Suzanne sent to me.
DIY green-dyed 1950s bra and 70s flares, plus rabbit ears and I'm sure the Meals on Wheels bloke nearly dropped his basket-load when he rapped at the front door to be confronted with this sight.

Happy days chickadees!
Desiree x


  1. Lovely new hair dahling!
    The tapestry bag is just gorgeous!
    I love the black outfit - and the VW Melissas too.
    what's life without surprising people with our attire? I'm sure you gave him something to talk about for the rest of the week :)

  2. Yay! Loving the new hair as much as I loved the purple, you do look like a fabulous film star.
    You're dead right, our clothes are icebreakers. Not being one to watch populist TV shows or be much cop at small talk I used to relax our chiropractic patients by commenting them on jewellery or what they were wearing and it never fails to make people lower their guard and chat back.
    Loving the work threads and the respectable (ha!) prospective rental outfit. Every outfit is a total winner. Hope the sales and the new home hunt are a roaring success! xxxxxx

  3. How utterly beautiful are you Des!? You can wear any hair colour & you look amazing. I love that tapestry bag from your sister, & that pic of you & the Stylist is divine. Your eyes look amazing in that photo. Much love & I hope we can catchup soon. Xx

  4. I love the new haircut with the fringe! It will add a whole new twist to your "normal" outfits.

  5. Haha meals on wheels man - gold.
    You look bloody marvellous. I'm loving your morphing hair.

  6. Gosh the stylist is beautiful, growing up fast and looks so like her mother. I love all the colours you have had your hair and the new cut is fab!

  7. You are such a beauty!

    I, of course, am partial to the long fake eyelashes ....

  8. Oh,you look like a modern Louise Brooks/Theda Bara combination! Love the colour.

    Such a lovely photo of you and the gorgeous stylist backstage at her recital. I'm sure your colourful presence was most appreciated by the rest of the ballerinas.

    You were probably the most interesting thing the meals on wheels delivery man had seen all week.

  9. Wow that 20s look is just a fantastic look for you. It purple beads, green eyeshadow and red lips combo - stunnedx

  10. Whatever you wear you wear it so well. I love the fiery red on you and all of these gorgeous outfits. I'm partial to that green nightie top as the color looks killer on ya. I would say my hair color is more of an attractant than anything else, it doesn't shield me like armor but opens me up to strangers and that is my favorite thing! Good luck with the house hunting! I would love you to be my neighbor.

    I love it, you make a splendid 20's vamp!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!
    Nothing like a change to perk a gal up! But does the collar match the cuffs?!
    Love and Lustipops! XXXXXXXXXXX

  12. I adore your new cut and color! It looks amazing on you. You're totally making me miss my vampy red hair!

  13. your new hair is so gorgeous on you, i think my favourite so far! Can't wait to see even more pictures of it! I always love you with the green eyes look, that too a favourite! happy days indeed, i love it when you post it brightens my day! xxx

  14. DEsiree-you never fail to put a huge smile on my face!!

    I ADORE the new hair!! You look like you stepped out of a 20's silent movie. you're the sexalicious vamp that tamed Rudy Valentino in your den of iniquity!!!

  15. Hello beautiful Desiree........the 1920's are calling....I wish I had a time machine to whisk you back......oh hold on if I had a time machine I would be picking up all my favourite vintage loving blog ladies and we would have a best time EVER!
    The floral tapestry handbag is just beautiful and I always love that lovely dress on you.
    The stylist is looking so very beautiful ever time you photograph her.......what a gorgeous young lady she is.
    Sending much love and happiness to v
    I'm off to build a time-machine.......tee hee

  16. I want to see more of the new hair, please, soon, please. It's fabo, and you are deadly accurate with scissors, obvi.

    I just virtually drooled on your tapestry purse, btw. I have three inherited from an aunt that I carry when I can, but they are much smaller, so they're mostly date night. Which happened, hmmmm, sometime last year, I think :o

  17. Love the bangs your new hair is amazing it seems to hold the color well!! Hope your doing well and hope you find the house of your dreams Love Heather

  18. Tell me: how does it feel to be so dang awesome?

  19. I LOVE the new hairdo, want a clearer pic to see you in that stunning Vampire Red (my colour of choice for years!) You really do look like you belong in the old days of Hollywood, makeup artists fussing over you, and you getting to be a diva with the director! The Stylist looks so grown up and gorgeous, like I suppose you looked at her age. Love all the other looks, especially the magickal green 50s bra! Love you forever XXX
    PS decided the other day I'm dying my whole head "Vampire's Kiss" sort of a maraschino cherry red, with a giant white streak in front. Gwensday got all excited & was all for it! Wish I could do a sleek 'do like yours, but I like my hair as chaotic as I am! Medusa hair! heehee

  20. With your new hair colour, that divine beaded skull cap, the falsies and fabulous green eye shadow, you really should be dancing the night away in some in some unspeakably naughty speakeasy, and getting ready for your close up! You look wonderful. Ice breaker or armour, your hair is also a reflection of you, and your wild and beautifully unique spirit and style.
    Fab outfits, from demure househunter, to proud backstage mama, to brand new crush for the Meals on Wheels man!
    And how beautiful is the Stylist? Bloody gorgeous, the pair of you! xxxx

  21. Blond, Pink, purple and now red you have the face and skin tone to take them all you look gorgeous as ever. I love the photo of you and your daughter you both look so happy and relaxed. I have never dressed like anyone I know always choosing to wear what defines me and makes me comfortable best way I say :-) Have a lovely weekend, hugs, dee xxx

  22. I am so into your new bob. Christopher and I BOTH had identical Louise Brooks bobs about 10 years ago...good times! Now I have to re-live my bob love through wigs, because my hair takes too long to grow. :) :)

  23. How beautiful you and the Stylist are, and she looks so grown up all of a sudden, I guess it is the stage make up but she looks such a young lady here. And I love your new haircut and colour, you seem able to make any look work for you, I saw someone mention Claudette Colbert who I always thought was so stunning, and I definitely see the resemblance. Another good thing about your regular hair changes is that when I feel like having a browse through your old posts, I can tell what era they're from by a glance at your photo. I think I love that red dress and your tapestry bag and Melissa wings too, all gorgeous. Sorry for the messed up spacin g etc. this keyboard keeps going crazy on me. xx

  24. You look sensational as always, gorgeous lady! I'm a huge fan of your new hair colour and cut.

  25. Oh my you look like a real Hollywood queen and every haircolor suits you beautiful! You're amazing! xx Tani

  26. You are such a Treasure, your Blog Posts and Free Spirit always bring a Smile to my face. Loving your newest Transformation... and I too used to have Rebellious Wardrobe during my Corporate Lives... it was a way to bring my Quirky personality to a conforming Career where everyone else was always so damn serious! *winks* You really do look like a Hollywood Starlet Darling!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  27. Amor,
    I love your new haircut especially yo bangs. I'm not surprised you always brought some happiness/attention to other people by wearing what you want.I am eyeing you chi chis in yo green marvellous bra.


  28. You are such a natural beauty that you could wear almost any color or haircut- I really love that 20s haircut and the color is perfect again for you -
    I fancy a bob too with short bangs - But ugh! it's letting the hair grow that annoys me !

    You girl is such a beauty! like Mom

    Have a great day


  29. The new hair color/cut is thrilling! Love all your gorgeous 40's frocks, too and your beautiful smile. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  30. Hello gorgeous! I'm sorry I've been away from the internet but wowzers I am back with a treat I adore your new Louise Brooks style hair do! Your hair is not only your armour, darling, it's your SUPER POWER. You must have made such a enjoyable interviewer in the journalist days...

    Those rayon dresses are divine, darling, and you wear them beautifully, not to mention that sex sex sexy green bra top and your adorable hats, Made me smile with glee!

  31. Wowza you look totally gorgeous!!
    Yes yes yes you better be on that bus to HOLLYWOOD! =D
    Love your hair color & that lovely bag.

  32. Hey hey!
    Dude first of all that dyed 50's bra is to die for. Can I like just show up at your house and steal it?! Never mind that you probably live quite a ways from the small town near boston I live in... Also your 1940's frocks are lovely... I feel like the 40s really isnt appreciated enough... It is sad. Your new hair looks lovely!

  33. I love that new hair! You suit that hair cut so WELL! I would never try to cut my own hair, would look like I was attached by a lawnmower. You rock the 1940s look :)

  34. Your new flapper-inspired do is absolutely beautiful on you! And I just love the 40s dress outfit with the tapestry bag - divine! Your daughter and you look so much alike: beautiful! Xo

  35. Going through all your posts like this makes me feel absolutely silly for having ever fallen off my blog-reading bandwagon. I've missed your amazing personality and your fantabulous way of dress.


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