Monday, November 25, 2013

No I'll Call You.

I raced home to take a look in the mirror and see what the fuss was about.
While I was out, people had been falling over themselves to compliment me on my outfit, especially the shoes and dress.
I told everyone who was interested, my frock was actually an 80-year-old nightie.
One lucky woman well into her 80s was even lucky enough to cop a feel.
So I thought I might share what caused all the commotion.
Seriously don't know what the fuss was about.
After all, #2 Son, who is 16, didn't look at all embarrassed about me collecting him from student reception after his maths exam today. Couldn't resist ;).

1930s nightie, sunnies, fish skeleton earring - Etsy
FREEKY necklace - custom made by Phussy
1970s bag, bangles, rosary - op shops
Heart earring - DIY
Shoes - VW Melissa

Frankly I've been such a hermit in recent months (no thanks to the meds), it feels unfamiliar to talk to strangers freely like I once did.
Yakkity-yakkity-yak to anyone who looked vaguely interesting ... heehee.
Today was rather overwhelming but dammit, Helga is right ... "better to be looked over than overlooked".
So if this positivity keeps up I may be clogging up your reader feed with more dress-ups and droning.

Lily found the coolest spot in the house, one where she could enjoy the cross-breezes.  She's just had a flea treatment and in a calmer mood ... no more "mama why is I so itchy?"

Walk the walk, talk the talk.

On Friday night, The Stylist nearly fell over in a dead faint when I handed her the barber scissors and asked her to tidy up all my messy mistakes.
I swear her face was a picture to see.
Full of joy at such an onerous "adult" task.
I think she did a wonderful job.
Then we got dressed up for the season two finale of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.
It simply had to be done.

Manic Panic boa - gift from luscious Suzanne
Lace rabbit ears - shop in Melbourne's Chinatown
1950s sequin and bead top - op shop

Sloppy kisses just for you.
Desiree xo


  1. U love the last picture.
    You have given me the confidence to wear dresses more. Thank you x

  2. You are my absolute hero, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    I am soooooooo in love with everything you are wearing, with your being daring, fabulous and going to fetch your son from an exam in style, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You hair is to die for.

  3. You look outstanding!! Love the hair too :))) I found you via glad I your style...beautiful!! Have a lovely week doll xxx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  4. Very cute. I think more women should wear nighties in public. I would!

  5. Love that you let the Stylist cut your hair Desiree, she did an absolutely fantastic job. I let my daughter cut my hair when she was fourteen and I ended up with a mullet/bob combo, not good, but she's much better at it now, she got lots of practice on daft me! She plucks my eyebrows too now, and it's a nice bonding experience to do those things with your children I think. And no wonder you got loads of attention, your nightie is sooo beautiful, and I lust after your winged sandals ever time I see them. xx

  6. LOVE the hair!! Glad to see you popping up in my blog feed again!

  7. It's always a joy to see you all dressed up and looking FABULOUS!! I'm sure you stopped traffic--they must've thought Phryne had dyed her hair red and come to town!!!

    The Stylist did an amazing job on your hair!1 You both looked like you stepped out of a 20's speak-easy!!

  8. It's always a joy to see you all dressed up and looking FABULOUS!! I'm sure you stopped traffic--they must've thought Phryne had dyed her hair red and come to town!!!

    The Stylist did an amazing job on your hair!1 You both looked like you stepped out of a 20's speak-easy!!

  9. I can see why you got so many compliments! You can rock a nightie like no one else! I love your hair too! Lookin good m'dear!

  10. Well, you certainly do look Divine!! And your hair is gorgeous. Your stylist is now a hair stylist. I asked my 19 year old son to help me pin up a dress and he still hasn't recovered. You really are my heroine. I just love you to pieces!

  11. You look stunning in your new haircut!! I love the 30's nightie ,the sumptuous boa and the lace rabbit ears, you are fabulous and gorgeous more than ever!

  12. Loving your haircut! And dressing up forthe final of Miss Fisher was a perfect idea. Hope your meds help and you are feeling much better.

  13. The Stylist has done an excellent job, sharp and chic! my younger ones help with my chopping, very useful they are!! you and your nightie/dress are gorgeous, quite right you attracted lots of attention! your Lily and my Cookie are so alike!
    The last pics are awesome! x x x

  14. Bunny ears! ^^ how cute!

    But of course they were falling over themselves, that nighty and shoes combo is gorgeous. They've probably missed your outfits since you've been spending time at home. See, your city needs you! That 80 year old has been desperate for a grope for months. xxxxxx

  15. You have the best vintage stuff :D. I never get my hands on anything pre-60's. And if I do, they don't fit me since I'm 172 cm tall and women by then were shorter. Anyways, your outfits always brighten my day <3

  16. New hair looks GORGEOUS! I don't blame those looker-ons for falling about the place, that dress is a Jean Harlow dream!

  17. I can see what all the fuss was about - you look fabulous! (So many poor people out there never get to see a real live fabulous person!)I adore that new hair do-the colour, the cut, everything!

  18. You looks great! Elegant and different at the same time. I wouldn't have wanted some lady feeling me up but at least they can appreciate beauty.

    You and the Stylist always look great and have such a beautiful relationship.

  19. Not only would I have copped a feel, I would have thrust myself against you in a most unseemly manner.........WOOF! No one wears nighties like you, darling. NO ONE!
    I love these Miss Fisher esque pix..gawd, I have to see that show!!!!
    The Stylist is blessed to have you for a Mama!!! One HAWT Mama!
    Love and Lustipops!

  20. That hair style and colour is SOFRICKINGGORGEOUS on you!! You look like a 20's film star. The short bangs and close to the head cut really suits you doll, and the stylist did a wonderful job with the tidying up.

    The combination of the hair, your bling and the pretty nightdress would stop me in my tracks to fall all over you too.

  21. I wouldn't be a but upset if you posted more fashion goodies. You are so friggin awesome, it hurts my brain to think about it!

  22. Look at truly gorgeous lady!!!!!!! I have been thinking of you heaps.
    Your hair looks just gorgeous and I am with Miss Helga......nobody wears a nightie like you.......just stunning. I would have run up to you and been gushing at how beautiful you looked.
    Lilly pussy cute.....trouser just put his paw on the computer......tee hee.....he is saying hello too.
    Sending much love pretty lady.....v

  23. WOW you dress to rock! cheered me up no end having a browse through your' 'glad rags'...Life is to be lived in frocks like these, or else it can be rather bland! hehe...Twinkly hugs to you **** Maria x

  24. You look incredible with that hair, I can see why the old ladies want to cop a feel! I hope your mojo is returning....I've missed you! Xx

  25. you're a delightful lady, so it must to be delightful see you walking down the street!, I would love to compliment you 'in person'
    And your fabulous saturday night attire is really so appropriate and cute!!
    besos & flapper

  26. Such a long time since I've been by, and you've changed. Your hair, it's so different and looks beautiful. What a fabulous nighty, far too nice to wear to bed. Xx

  27. Your hair is tooooo divine! It's very similar to one of the lovely ladies in Fabulous Fashionistas - have you had a chance to see it? I put a link in my blog post today, where I also talk about cutting my hair - too short! I'm going to copy your hair style when mine grows out. It's straight and easy, and it looks very cool. Of course, I'll look more like a headmistress than a Hollywood icon, like you do.

    The nightie makes a lovely dress. More elegant than a lot of the sloppy clothes other people wear!

  28. You look beautiful. I can't wait until Miss Fisher season two hits Netflix!!!

  29. So good to know you are out and about and chatting and being admired again, Desiree - that's just as it should be! You look amazing in your nightie, of course, but it's really the feather boa and bunny ears which are making me want to cop a feel, you look beautiful! xxx

  30. Your hair looks fantastic! I love the new colour and style, it looks fantastic with the boa and bunny ears.
    Picking up your son in that 30's beauty and dressing up for watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries with your daughter - what a cool mum you are!

  31. You look fabulous! And the stylist did a great job!


  32. That's it I'm growing my hair a bit and changing color, you are too gorgeous for words Desiree-


  33. That boa with your hair...! Love.

  34. Duh - people were falling over themselves because they wanted to bask in the glow of your fabulosity! I love the dress ups - your hair colour is perfect and that cropped cut is perfect on you!

  35. Family members always cut hair best, even if they do it badly, but in this case it was done excellently! You are a vision of bygone and future eras at the same time. If we could but walk in your shadows it would be a privilege. Shining like the stars, you are.

  36. You are just so flapper-tastic! I'm loving your sleek new 'do!

  37. You look AMAZING! Oh how I'd like to bask in all your beautiful glory xx

  38. Oh my god, you're in the wrong decade! Go back to the 20's and become a show girl, quick! Or you could just be yourself :)

  39. You always look so glam in those vintage nightgowns, thats what causes all the commotion! I really think the Stylist did an amazing job and I adore your new 'do, it suits you so well. I also think you should have all of the pics with the boa framed, they're so evocative and you look absolutely stunning! Go ahead, show your self-love! XXX


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