Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Search Me Quick!

When you spot that gap in the fence, sometimes you've just got to slip through it.
In my case it was super-cheap fares to Melbourne.
So last week, The Stylist and I had a rare treat and flew down to visit her brother, #1 Son, in our favourite city, get some fresh air and much-needed R&R.
To me, Melbourne music is fucking awesome GanG$tA ninja sound so we're listening to some filthy deep house. K?
Two excited chickies.  The wee one was nervous about flying, but we distracted ourselves with colouring-in and making stupid movies, which incidentally, sparked an idiotic trend to film ourselves loudly and shamelessly singing made-up operettas on the city streets.
Rather cathartic for both of us really.

Our hotel was in Chinatown and around the corner from #1 Son's office, so first stop was the best freakin' DUMPRING around, then a twilight tour of his favourite graffitied alleys and lane ways.
The Stylist and I were gob-smacked at the beauty and love artists have put into their work.
It's a shame we didn't have better cameras to record, in the dark, the best of the best.

Started the day with the best coffee I've ever tasted, made with both organic coffee and milk.
The lassie and I were headed for a tram tour of the city then the Miss Fisher Costume Exhibition at Ripponlea House.

We simply had to make a stop at The Windsor Hotel, where The Phoenix and I were married two years ago.

We weren't allowed to take pics of the spectacular 1920s dresses, suits, furs, coats, capes, hats and jewellery worn by that saucy wench, but we got to play dress-ups in the foyer.
The highlight of the day?
Meeting up with our dear friend, Miss Danni-Long-Legs - squeeeeeeeee!!

Ain't she a picture?
You may have noticed that I "lost" my original 1930s black lace gown.
That's because, although I reinforced the stitching before we left Brisneyland, I missed a side seam and the dress slowly became a cape over a two-hour period.
Luckily I was wearing my 1940s slip "dress" underneath.
Wardrobe malfunctions huh?
Totally fixable though.  No tearing, just old stitching to repair.

Miss Danni-Long-Legs took us to Chapel Street Bazaar, which was rammed with vintage temptations.
Although I didn't buy anything, Chesty Morgan's portraits were an eye-opener ... she made two films in 1974, Double Weapons and Double Agent.
All I could think of was "holy shit the back and shoulder pain, the poor woman!"

One selfie because The Stylist and I were slammed by a vomitting-flu bug.

The lass was well enough for Camberwell Markets ... yay!
My favourite markets ever.

She's a treasure-hunter at heart that one.

Woohoo ... super-bargainous SWAG for everyone!!

It was our final night before flying home so we crammed our bags with rare mags from Mag Nation, stocked up on sweets from the Sugar Station and flirted once more with The Stylist's stationery addiction (hello Kikki K, Typo, Smiggle).
Mama drank loads more coffee,then needed giant rabbit ears, Thai food and another graffiti fix.
Of course.

An early morning visit to the zoo, the first in The Stylist's memory.
Our final goodbye to #1 Son, then we staggered onto our plane.
Tired but happy bunnies.

Missed you darlings.
Desiree xxxxx


  1. ooo so glad you are back i missed you so much! You look divine, oh how i would love to come hang out with you two gorgeous babes. son 1 looks so happy, fab you got to meet up! coffee and graffiti decked love love xxxxxx

  2. I've been gagging to read about your Melbourne adventures. I'm so glad you & the Stylist enjoyed a wee break. Crapola to getting sick along the way though. You look glorious in every pic. I so wanna do those markets. And how I would love a Melbourne coffee right now. Much love beautiful! Xx

  3. what a fun trip. The Stylist is a lucky girl to have you for her Mom.

  4. It will probably never happend but I'd really like to see/meet you "live" I believe you are a vision.

  5. Such a long time since your last post. It feels like a real treat to see you.
    is it me or are you getting younger as your daughter grows older. I am sure you will meet in the midle at the same age. I am trying it with my daughters, LOL

  6. You guys totally deserved a vacation and to see your son is a perfect reason! I love all the graffiti and your purple hair looks amazing! Here is to adventure!
    Love all your loot too!

  7. Gosh, the Stylist looks so grown up. She's stunning just like her fabulous mama. Love the pics. Blimey, Chesty Morgan was a real person...I never knew! xx

  8. Yay! You're back! I'm glad you and The Stylist had such a wonderful trip... except for the getting sick part. Love your treasures you found!

  9. The Stylist is getting taller by the minute and a beautiful pic of you 3 - such a perfect break to have, all amazing grafitti bedecked alleys and wonderful shopping ps my Mum used to call me Chesty Morgan, nice to finally meet her properly!! x x

  10. looks amazing...such an experience! what an amazing holiday & I am so envious of your family! <3

  11. You and The Stylist are such a fabulous pair - and master thrifters! I especially love your witchy outfit from the second day. Long black skirts and purple hair are a match made in heaven!

  12. OMG! I've been out of touch. LOVE the hair color!

  13. Yay! I've missed you! So good to see you and The Stylist having the time of your lives and taking Melbourne by storm. That market looks like somebody's raided our house - scary!
    Loving how fabulous you're looking with purple hair! Gorgeous! xxxxx

  14. Looks like you had a mad whirl wind trip. Sometimes that's what one needs to get you out of a rut. You got a lot of awesome things and that colorful chandler was great.

  15. Welcome back, you have been missed. You are looking very good, almost dangerous. Glad you and the stylist had a fab time away, love the graffitti.

  16. Oh how I adore Melbourne it's one my happy places. It truly is a wonderful city. It's been a little since an interlude with that wonderful city. You both look fantastic and I'm sorry to hear the vomits chased you down, that's the worse. The coffee sounds amazing and a love your market hall. The popeye comic and the annual take my fancy.

    Hoping you're well. X

  17. How very fecking GLORIARSE!!!
    A well deserved trip away together, darlings!
    Argh, wish I';d been bumbling about at that exhibition and Camberwell markets with you! SQUEE!
    You both looked like SUPERSTARS-did anyone ask for your autographs?!
    Love and Lustipops!

  18. I love your purple hair!
    I missed that one!
    Ilove every single outfit your wore, glorious!
    So nice to have a break with the stylist, she's growin that kid!
    Your son looked so happy to have you 2 lovely babes!


  19. What an awesome Melbourne adventure! And even though I live in Melbourne you have inspired me to go and explore it a bit more.

  20. Happy you're back! Your pics are the JUICIEST EYE CANDY in the world! Smiled all the way reading / seeing this post :) All those vintage and retro stuff plus the graffiti (I love graffiti) plus you and your hair and outfits... Can I go out with you sometime :) !? xx

  21. The troll earrings do Melbourne! AWESOME!!!

    You are the coolest mom ever--looks like you and the Stylist had an amazing time!!

  22. What a fun post! Chock-full of joyful stuff.

  23. So good!!! I'm so peanut butter jelly over you and your gorgeous daughter and all the fun things you do together!!! I love it <3

  24. Big sad face that I didn't get to see you in Melbourne, looks like you had a spiffy time though, love your street art pics x

  25. Spreading your goodness and wonder over the continent, you and The Stylist. So happy to see you both! And what a trip... Food in, fun, clothes on, clothes off, food off, I can't keep track. I hope the key to the city fit in your carry-on bags. I read about the ceremony in The News. It seems there aren't enough rabbit ears to go around these days. Hugs!!

  26. I was in Melbourne last spring, and your post has made me homesick for my spiritual home. (By coincidence, I picked up a tummy bug there too - it always happens when I travel). I wish I could see the Phryne exhibition - we've just had episode 1 of season 2 over the ditch. Also I want to see the art deco fashion exhibition. Great coffee, op shops and architecture. Not a big fan of graffiti though! I'm so sad I didn't get to that magazine shop - our magazine shops are soooo boring.

  27. Looking fabulous, darling - you and the Stylist are a dream team! Isn't she looking incredibly grown up?
    So pleased you had a great time visiting No1Son in Melbourne, good times were clearly had by all. Markets, graffiti, dumplings, vintage treasure hunting, elephants - what could be better? The velvet robes are particularly fetching, and Miss Danni is a beauty and a half!
    Welcome home, you've been missed. xxxx

  28. What a beautiful trip ! I love all your looks !!!

  29. Oh this post made me so happy! SO much yummy goodness from outfits to scenery to well everything! The Stylist sure does take after her fearlessly fashionable mum, and just gets more beautiful with each pic you show. Love you to bits! XXX

  30. A spectacular photo review of your adventure. Looks like you and The Stylist took Melbourne by storm. The graffiti is amazing and so are the two of you.

  31. Yay you're baaaaack! You look so pretty. :) The pics of you and your daughter always make me smile. Also, I've been loving deep house for the last couple of years! Always makes me wanna pull the hoop out!

  32. Oh my gosh! That purple hair looks... just stunning on you! It is literally awesome... I really, really, really like your 1930s dress (the 30s were just so elegant, yet in an odd way avant garde)! Also your daughter (I assume that is who the stylist is) looks absolutely fantastic in the pink tutu and those red and blue tights (I am super jelly of those)

  33. Wow, it all looks so amazing. I'm not sure what I love the most, yes I am it's the elephants bottoms!

  34. Looks like you had amazing time there! You made lovely finds too.

    Btw, love your new lilac hair. Kisses!

    Rhia from

  35. Oh my word, you have the best-dressed family going round! I'm so pleased you had an awesome time in my favourite city.

  36. Oh how your post made me miss Melbs! You and the stylist are so adorable together - I wish I could have gone to that costume exhibition too and what a sweet shopping hall you guys have! :D

  37. Tks Desiree for linkin up you are a joy to see!

    Have a great weekend


  38. Welcome back Desiree, I wondered how you were getting on. A holiday in Melbourne to see No 1 son sounds just the thing. Love your 1930s gown and the Stylists pink skirt and nails. She's a chip off the old block, that one. Your wedding venue looks so beautiful and Melbourne looks proper exciting. I love your hair blonde, pink AND purple. Chesty Morgan, I know, dreadful isn't it. I always get her whenever we play the name on the forehead game. That's usually my first question. Am I Chesty Morgan! :) xxxxx

  39. What a wonderful adventure you and the Stylist had! Full of wanderlust and streetwise glamour. Can see by the smiles on your beautiful faces that it was much needed and enjoyed break yay!
    So much to see in this post I'm so glad as I was missing you. The new purple hair do is magnifique darling, and as ever I am awe of your inventiveness (30s dress unravelled into a cloak, genius). Doesn't your son look handsome but oooooer I will be having nightmares about poor Chesty Morgan for some time... as you say, imagine the aches and pains....

  40. oh lordy you don't know how much you made my day linking up!!!!my favourite goddess on the flight platform! squueeeze kiss kiss kiss x

  41. Missed you too!! What a lovely trip for the two of you - I love the photo of your linked hands on the plane. I can't believe how tall the Stylist is, and how grownup she looks - what a doll!
    And look at you, all stripey and lingerie-clad! Have missed your outfits...

    Awesome graffiti, and the market looks like loads of fun! The photo of the Stylist leaping onto Danni-long-legs is definitely a keeper.

  42. Fun times! You and The Stylist look like you had a great adventure in Melbourne-Town... so many great finds.

    Hope you're also doing well lovely D, wearing your joy and style, as always xo

  43. Fun times! You and The Stylist look like you had a great adventure in Melbourne-Town... so many great finds.

    Hope you're also doing well lovely D, wearing your joy and style, as always xo

  44. I was lovin' my vicarious vacay with you lovelies until we started urpin'. But the flea market definitely perked me right up! You are both so fabulous and I'll never forget your adventures. Or Chesty. Altho' I kinda want to forget her. Just a bit, ya know? :D

    Love ya,

  45. I'm with Ulle Marie- you are on my bucket list. And your baby girl is growing up so beautifully- she looks like you yet is totally herself. Can't wait to see her life unfold and blossom even more~!

  46. Looks like you've been having a great time :)
    Love the outfits, as always (and the purple hair is fab but I must have told you this before on FB)
    Hugs xx

  47. Wow, this looks like an awesome trip. The Stylist looks so pretty and grown up. It's great that you're introducing her to street art and vintage and the joys of street markets. You make a great team. Chesty Morgan, wow. My eyes are watering! xxx

  48. Desireeita,
    Your trip looks like you two amores had so much fun. You bellas needed a little break.I adore all the lavishing outfits and oh my your 30's you in black dress your purple hair stands out beautifully. So jealous of the market finds.

  49. That looks like it was a great time. And market swag is always the best! I wanted so badly to bring things home with me from the market in Brussels, Belgium, but my bags were already crammed full of European vintage goodies as it was. Packrat treasure hunters unite!


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