Thursday, September 26, 2013

I See London, I See France ...

After a week of rattling and peddling, I fancied a change.  
I decided the change would be Manic Panic's Ultra Violet laid over my existing Hot Hot Pink.
The darker, textured look feels rather nice.
We'll see about the drugs ... but your kindness is so incredibly infectious,  you will never, ever really know how you've carried me through each day.
Thank you.

1940s slip and bolero - Etsy
Bath mat bag - gift from Vintage Bird Girl
Granny beads - op shop
Cat ears headband and rosary - retail
This pic was taken last Friday after a doctor's appointment, the day after I changed my hair colour.
A lovely lady wearing a purple hijab and brooches and using a purple phone obliged me by taking the photo.  My hair was the exact colour of her veil and we were both really chuffed to meet one another.

1970s frock - gift from Mrs D of Hello the Mushroom
Necklaces and earrings - op shops
Tiara - borrowed from The Stylist

School holidays mean The Stylist is available for snapper duties.  I do love her pics, she has an eye for unusual angles and framing.
She's also the sweetest girl I've ever known.

 1930s slip and bedjacket - Etsy
"FREEKY" necklace - Phussy
Star earrings - gift from Tamera
Green necklace and bangles - second hand
Oh yeah could you just check out my flawless complexion here?  No editing, just a lovely new makeup I discovered: Rimmel's Wake Me Up, oh and half price at my discount chemist ... yippee!  Love a bargain.
The lippie is Lime Crime's Red Velvet.
I've grabbed my lucid moments by the short and curlies, by baking and sewing.
This t-shirt has always been a favourite, even though it is a rather weird shape for me.  I bought it a few years ago from an op shop for $4.
A wee while ago I spilled coffee down the front and Camden Town and Embankment have never looked the same.
I thought about turning it into a cushion cover, but quite honestly, after my experiences of extensive Tube travel on grotty pre-WWII rolling stock during the 1980s, I could think of nothing more amusing than planting one of my favourite graphics against my arse.

The t-shirt got the chop and I've been eeking out the precious print to make big pants.

Kentish Town has a wee crochet flower to disguise the coffee stain.

Dead-set the most comfortable knickers I have ever worn, they take less then half an hour to whip up and they haven't fallen apart in the wash.  Bonus.

Oh come on, I had to wear my knickers on the outside didn't I?
They're way to mental to hide away everyday.

Green holographic eye glitter - Etsy shop CallaCosmetics
"Fierce" Manic Panic eyelashes - gift from Suzanne
"Stalker" Lip Tar - Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

1960s bead and sequin top, 1950s granny beads, bangles - op shops
Troll earrings - Etsy
Tights - Sock Dreams
Shoes - Melissa

Oh and here's another pair I made earlier.

1970s Blaxploitation movie t-shirt, cotton maxi skirt, earrings and bangles - op shops
1970s beaded bag - Vintage Wishes
Headband - DIY more in my shop, Sassy Vamps

I hope you're all having a super-colourful week.
Desiree xo


  1. First SUCKAS!!!!!!
    Oh dear Des how I enjoyed your colourful post. Your hair is utterly look SO pretty! And you look so good against our blue door. I adore that 70's tribal frock, great pattern & shape. I spent up last week on Rimmel at the pharmacy too....I discovered their liquid eye liner & haven't looked back! And I'm salivating over that beaded bag from Nelly...gorjuss! Hope you're coping okay & enjoying the holidays with your girl. Xx

  2. pants are just gorgeous!!!! Hair is divine, colour of rainbows just unbeatable! Hope you feel as wonderful as you i'm just taking my complexion, that resembles a raisin today, out to find that makeup!!!! Jeeeeez but you look fine! x

  3. Oh I haven't dry humped you for faaaar too long!!! We must meet up again sooon!! As always you're far too amazing for words.xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Why have I not been reading blogs for so long?! I think it's cos posts like these are so awesome I can lose hours and hours. Love your new hair colour and of course the tube line pants - and I was actually GENUINELY thinking your skin looked very peachy. New makeup, really??

  5. you are always glamorous, gorgeous, colourful, and so creative, your knickers are delightful- I have that foundation! why don't I use it? you are flawless, I'm off to whack on the slap as I look a dishevelled mess today x x ps your purple hair is fab!!! x x

  6. I loved the pink hair but I looooooooove the purple! You are an amazing woman and you/your posts always brighten my day/week. :)

  7. You are glowing be it your make up or you I think you shine! Digging the purple you are so brave always remember that tough girl! I've missed you but seeing that face with green glitter shadow and your undies on the outside, disorder has been restored. Chin up darling we all love you so much!

  8. "Kentish Town has a wee crochet flower to disguise the coffee stain" You have no idea exactly how true this is! There are a few hipsterish cafes sneaking along Kentish Town Road lately, but it's still pretty grotty :)

    Like the new hair colour

  9. If your pink hair was stunning your blue one is even better, ahhhhhhhhh
    I have fallen in love again, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. yeah to the homemade panties! After years of sewing and making everything under the sun, I've never made panties. Maybe over my next break I'll have to give it a try.

    All your outfits look amazing

  11. I LOVE your new hair - so youthful! I was thinking how wonderful you looked in this post (you always do but it really struck me this time). It's the hair, and if it's the makeup, well hell, they better carry it in France cos I'm getting me some! The tube undies are too cute. Like Lakota, I haven't checked in in a while - this post made me all happy-smiley - thank you! Xo

  12. P.S. Delayed giggle over the title of your post. :)

  13. Your new hair color is striking, really like the color.

  14. We were talking about how much we needed you and your tube pants to accompany us around London - they are just fabulous and the perfect reuse for a stained old tee. Fantastic and you wear them so well.
    I LOVE the new hair, the colour is glorious and it looks so glossy and healthy.
    That maxi skirt is amazing & so are you! xxxxx

  15. your hair, your makeup, your are amazing!!!

  16. Beautiful hair, beautiful pants and beautiful

  17. I adore your colourful hair. You always make me smile, you are gorgeous!

  18. Waa, I love all your outfits -and knickers- , again :D And that eyeshadow and the lashes :D!
    I have a violet color waiting to be used, too :D. The color looks awesome on you :)

  19. Underground underwear. I am overwhelmed!!! Your new hair color makes your blue eyes even bluer. You ALWAYS perk up my days. Always!!

  20. Are you wearing contacts? If not that new hair colour is doing amazing things for your eyes!!! Oh and is it weird to say I want your undies!! It not I think I am going to have to make me some. What pattern are you using?

  21. Lovely new colour. I hope you are well. You bring a lot of colour to us too nd you really are an inspiration. Lots of love xx

    PS: I'm glad I sent you that dress, it looks way better on you :D

  22. Your big pants are just the best!!! Really want to make some, definitely on my 'to-do' list too. Your new hair colour divine x

  23. Damn woman you are looking so fly!! Your beautiful face! I'm going to steal your panties and that tee!

  24. Awww!!! The pixie purple hair is GORGEOUS - love it. Pants are genius. Glad to hear you're doing OK with the other stuff - think of you often xx

    And now - off to see if I can find some of that Rimmel slap - and hope they do it in my shade of Pale Zombie lol.

  25. Lately I've been reading so many fantastic blogs that I've just run out of superlatives. Know that if I could think of a super-superlative for you I would put it into words!

  26. Your hair looks beyond divine! I love the effect that layering the different colours has. You look sensational (as always!).

  27. You are just a glorious violet-treesed, big-pants wearing, glittery bird of paradise!!

    This whole post just gave me the biggest smile when i sorely needed it!!

    And it's decided--I'm doing violet streaks in my hair this weekend!!

  28. I hope you received the email I sent regarding your last post - I wanted you to know I was sending loads of love and positive thoughts! Your complexion is quite flawless - Hot Damn, I may have to get me some of that foundation. Just keep on doing, and wearing what makes you happy as you are AWESOME, and please don't forget that. I like the purple hair, but I think the fuschia pink is my fave.

  29. Oh. My. Word. I can't get enough of your BIG PANTS. Sorry, I just had to shout that out loud. The purple hair is even more fabulous than the pink. Take care of yourself, sweetie. xx

  30. What a post, i really enjoyed it - such cool colour combinations! Xxx

  31. Ooo I lurve the purple!! It looks so good on you! I too am purple-ising my own hair today. The green eyeshadow pics are amazing, you look fantastic. I hope you're starting to feel better *hugs* x

  32. Gah! I adore the purple, though you can seriously rawk any color, it seems. - I haven't been by your blog in a few weeks now so I've got some catching up to do, but seeing you again makes me smile. I love you doing your own thing and being smashing at it. -- I take meds for anxiety and depression (thanks to my family for this inherited gift!)and it took nearly 10 years to find something (and get my head into a good space through therapy) before I could say I was feeling better. My prayers for you that you will find the perfect treatment quickly and be feeling great soon! Hang in there and be kind to yourself, awesome lady!

  33. LOVE the purple, the underpants are fab and you're utterly ravishing x

  34. Oh Desiree, I just love the colour of your hair and the green eyeshadow is awesome. The underground teeshirt is one of my faves but now, refashioned it is one of a kind. I need to make some undies myself, you are right all the made in china ones fall apart in the wash. Hope you enjoy the holidays with you girl.

  35. I love that purple colour - beautiful! Also love that story about you and the lady with the purple hajib. Reminds me of when I went to Malaysia and saw all the women in hajib of all kinds of beautiful colours and patterns and the jewels that some of them wore were just striking! I LOVE those undies, I WILL make my tee shirt out of my mad fabric soon and send you the leftovers, I'm pretty sure you will be able to get at least one pair of big pants from the leftovers.

  36. Your hair looks PERFECT!!!!! You suit that deep purple like a goddam boss.

    Undies are amazing. I would love to have the pins to wear undies on the outside. Seriously, I don't have the pins for that. seriously. Half an hour?! You must be a speed-sew-er!

    I agree, the stylist is great photographer. How convenient! I need one of those!


  37. I love the new hair - you are AWESOME! Thinking of you and your struggles. It's important to have good and supportive people around you, and you seem very lucky in that respect. And everyone around the world too, sending you virtual hugs! ~LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  38. Amazing and oh so practical underwear darling! Now if only someone had been wearing those pants when I used to travel the tube in the London days, it would've brought a new meaning to crotch watching!

    I'm thinking of you dear one as I know times are challenging right now. Your new hair colour is goddess worthy, and just remember when you're feeling low that we all think you're wonderful.

  39. Your hair excites me much. Hardcore. Yes ma'am.

  40. I should have known when I saw the title -- we were going to see UNDERPANTS! ha ha. You are too much fun!! I need to read more and find out what's been up with you, dear. Sometimes I feel like I am running to catch up with the world. Is it just me? Am I the only one? Sigh. Oh well.

    Lynn Dylan

  41. Ah amazing outfits as usual!! I wish I had awesome style like you! I think you have like the best closet ever and I am in love with your neon creepers and your everything ahh <333

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Horribly, unfashionable late to this post, Desiree, sorry darling.
    the Cowboy Junkies
    your purple hair
    the frock from Sara
    the Stylist's talents and her sweetness
    your peachy skin
    your pants
    your glitter eyeshadow
    your floral skirt
    Hope you're doing OK. xxxxx

  44. You and BRIGHT hair colour is a match made in *style heaven*! Just makes fantastic sense! And as for all those fab knickers... Well, I've got my notebook out and I'm taking close attention. ACE! xo

  45. Love the Cowboy Junkies though the sound's not working on my knackered old computer today it seems, and I absolutely love you in sparkly green eyeshadow, big knickers and purple hair. I read your last post and went away to think about it all then never came back and I'm still thinking about it. I really admire you for delving deeper into it, I've often felt like I could do with some assistance on that side of things, but years ago after finally plucking up courage to talk to a doctor, failing miserably and coming away with pretty useless beta blockers, then self medicating for a while which was great fun but probably not really helping, I've kind of come to the decision it's all part of me and I'll live with it, for now anyway. I hope everything is working out for you, you're such a lovely and unique woman. xx

  46. Your new hair color is so scrumptious! I've been reading your blog for years, but rarely comment. But I wanted to say, 'Brava' on being a creative and liberating voice on The New York Times' Room for Debate. So happy to see you there!

  47. SO MANY amazing looks! Is there anything you can't pull off!? :) Loving those platform creepers the most!!!

    xo Noelle

    MakiMaki Vintage

  48. What is wrong with my reader, I always realise I don't see your post, I will find how to rectify this situation immediately. Your jury to fabulous for me too keep missing out in the wonder that is you. I love the hair and your skin is looking absolutely flawless, and the purple is accentuating all your gorgeous features. All your outfits are an absolute treat and I can't get over how cool your undies are.....I don't think I've ever said those words in a comment ever.....but they are cool I think I need some uber cool ones like that. Big love and happiness being sent to you. X

  49. Just wanted to say, nice to see you in the New York TImes. A breath of fresh air in a rather stodgy "debate," if you can call it that. Wear what makes you feel good, indeed!

  50. Oh that is cute cheeky but cute. Cheers for posting the bright coloured pieces and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  51. Oh that is cute cheeky but cute. Cheers for posting the bright coloured pieces and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  52. Oh your hair looks beautiful! I love it with a curl and the the green glitter is delicious with your new colour xxx

  53. hello gorgeous! you are linked on the flight platform today in a new sunday art post xxxxx

  54. hello gorgeous! you are linked on the flight platform today in a new sunday art post xxxxx

  55. Oo la la the ultra violet looks fantastique! I love the pics the Stylist snaps, she's so lovely (like her mum!) Hey my old tube stop when I lived in London is up by your waist! Heehee! You look gorgeous darling, I hope the new meds help. Sending loads of love & good juju to you! XXX

  56. Amor,
    I love you in purple hair even more.That Stylist Bellita is always so creative like her Mama. You should so sell chonis! I want some!loving your holographic Prosti eyeshadow.Hope all is fine corazon.*sends healing energies*


  57. You can pull off any hair color, and I adore your colorful choices! Also the fact that you are making those little stretchy fun undies and wearing them with neon stockings--glorious! And don't even get me started on how good the neon green glitter eyeshadow looks with the purple hair...sigh. So inspiring, dahlink!


  59. I'm sort of arse-backward here, keeping up with you on FB, but behind on your wondrous blogging. I did notice your dewy fresh complexion in the most recent post, but thought that brilliant purple hair must make everyone look like hot teens, and was just about to make that leap 'cause o' It might have been a tad rash since I've got to go job-hunting at some point...soon.

    I love your yellow sneaks and your cheeky lady garments :D

    Much love,


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