Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hi, I'm Candy and I'm a Stripe-aholic

Everyone has a favourite fabric pattern.
Mine's stripes.
You could say I have a healthy fascination of stripes.
Squirrelling away clothing with my favourite bold print so no-one really knows how many stripy things I have, is not an addiction.
It's more of a tame hobby.

Clashing stripes ... yessssssssssss.

Boo!  What are you doing Mum?
The Stylist is back at school and raring to go with all the excitement an energetic ten-year-old can muster.
First up is the school fete, which is bound to result in more indoor plants and hopefully some fab trash and treasure bargains.

Ooh there she is again, playing tiggy with Lily and she flung her cardigan into the bushes where it got COVERED in prickles.
It took us ages to pick them all off but it was a chance for us to discuss ways plants disperse their seeds.
I miss having a garden.
Not much point in starting one though, the new landlord and owners of the next door vacant block will be tearing down the fence and all the greenery within the next fortnight, while the house is set for demolition in the new year.

Vintage military blazer and silver star necklace - op shop
1930s silk PJ top - Etsy
Leggings - Black Milk
Pink sparkle necklace - gift from gorgeous Krista
Doc Marten boots and sunnies - retail
Bag - craft market

Our comfy old chair is looking worse for wear but she's looking much better since I graced her with this glorious, soft crochet blanket from Aid for the Blind for just $8.
Sometimes I could hug the lovely people who choose to donate their clean, unwanted treasures instead of throwing them away.
Thank you, whoever you are!
Lily asks, "Do I look pretty on this?"
I usually pick up lovely, grannified coat hangers at Vinnies for 50 cents whenever I'm there and the wonderfully tacky necklace was 50 cents in Aid for the Blind.
The Salvos had this fascinating book detailing stories of women who have overcome abuse and found strength and female empowerment in becoming circus performers.
Back to the subject of bargains, have you seen my Goodies for Sale on my Facebook page?
I'll make it easy for you then.
Visit Pull Your Socks Up! and nab a treasure or two.
Oh and I'm linking up to Jane's Shiny T Tuesday  "Getting Square" party ... I figure the blanket qualifies me this week;).
Desiree xo


  1. Dear Stylist,
    love your photo bomb!

  2. hurrah for your stripe-aholic sassiness!, I'm loving your leggings (as usual) and booties and that pretty jacket!!, and that Stylish appearance is one of my favorite ones of her!!
    besos & stripes

  3. This has made me think, I believe I only have one stripy item and that's a 1960's boating jacket.

  4. Love that blazer's stripes with the leggings' stripes. And that photobomb is priceless.

  5. Yer stripes are wonderful, very vaudevillian, The Stylist must give you instant energy to be around! I buy those soft baby blankets at thrift stores too, for my puppy, she loves digging in, thanks for sharing today!

  6. Very nice. I never met a stripe I didn't like.

  7. Gosh, like Melanie, I can only think of one striped item I own (a 1950s vertical pink striped dress - must dig it out again because last time I did, it actually still fitted me). I know, I'm completely bereft of stripes. This will not do. I'm with you on clashing stripes - marvellarse.

  8. oh boy but you look amazing! STripes look so awesome on you, I have too many bumps for stripes to look like stripes, i end up looking like i have circles on!!! ok im confused what's happening to your house???? is this why you have been travelling the country looking at disused asylums? crochet is divine, i have very similar here and oh that 10 year old is gorgeous! You don't need to qualify for the linkuo my darling Goddess, you have an open pass because I adore you! xxxxxxxx

  9. Love the photobombing Stylist and beautiful Lilly on her snuggly blanket.
    You look astoundingly cool in your striped legs, I'm too bandy legged to be seen in public! The old skool blazer would reduce many of the Mods I know to tears of envy (and it looks a lot better on you!)
    I can't believe that lovely house of yours is going to be bulldozed...WTF?!!! xxxx

  10. Aw--adorable Lily and the cutest Stylist in the world!!
    and you are a vision of striped deliciousness!!

  11. Ah yes, stripes! I love stripes, and I love pairing them with spots too. But yeah, what's going on with our house? Do you not have to move out, if next door is being demolished? And yay to people donating stuff! I must get down to our local charity shop with some goodies soon. ~ LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  12. Stripes look fab on you! But then again so does everything else. The Stylist is too funny and Lily is starting to look very grown up too.

  13. that cat owns that blanket and chair now. Good luck tiring to sit in it.

  14. Nothing wrong with being a stripeaholic. It looks good on you!

  15. Stripes are pretty awesome! I love the way you mixed them! So fun!


  16. Zebras will fall down with envy at how you wear your beautiful stripes SO well, you striped wonder you.

  17. Such a gorgeous jacket, I do love military styling.

    My favourite fabric pattern is plaid... I would so have been a Bay city rollers fan if I had been born in time. Lol.

    What ashame about your home and garden. I hope you have found somewhere new to live. Xx

  18. I, too, am a proud stripe oholic and I have no intention of ever giving them up. You are too too gorgeous.

  19. Great outfit. You're the born stripe-aholic. The jacket is fantastic!

  20. You are a stripey goddess, Desiree! Your favourite pattern certainly looks amazing on you - the leggings and jacket together are mind-blowingly good!
    It's lovely when your kids like school, isn't it? I couldn't bear it if mine were always whining about it. Thankfully they don't - not yet, anyway!
    Oh Lily is a beauty, look at her all proud and gorgeous on her crochet blanket. Yes, that's right - it's hers now. Our cats adore my granny blankets, great for kneading with fierce little claws (the buggers!)
    So what's happening with your house? It all sounds very disruptive and dramatic. Please tell us the tale. xxxxx

  21. You Stripey Vixen!
    You do look rather Wondrous in that jacket and those leggings.
    Prickle bush *eeeak* I hate prickles.
    You found some lovely treasure Des. I just love old hangers they are so fabulous.

  22. Embrace your stripes!!! Wear them proud, wear them loud!

  23. Good old Aid for the Blind. They seem to have good stuff almost every time I visit. I bought a little girls green vintage dress the other day. Couldn't help myself, even though we don't have kids....yet. That crochet rug is gorgeous. I bought a new one at Salvos recently too. It amazes me how much time & effort goes into making them. Xx

  24. You look fabulous my daughter is like a stripe magnet she loves stripes...she is so funny she is always pulling out clothes at the thrift store that she says we need to buy and send to you. I think she is ready to intern as your personal shopper lol!! xoxo Heather

  25. STRIPES FOREVER!! You look super awesome as ALWAYS and that picture of the stylish filled with excitement for school is just amazing :D

  26. Your outfits are seriously works of art. Really amazing mixes of colors and patterns.

  27. Damn, I LUUUUV that jacket - if you ever get tired of it's stripey goodness, I know where it will have a good home ;)

    Nice photobomb by the Stylist! The circus book looks very cool, and Lily is sitting pretty on your new blanket - three cheers for crochet!

  28. I LOVE you in your favourite stripes darling, total punk rocker Blondie chic! Great photo bomb by the Stylist too!

  29. Stripes are my fav too. I was drooling over your black & white ones, now the red! (Love it mixed with the jacket) Actually I drooled so much I had to get a pair of black & white striped jeans, so we're twins! That pic of the Stylist is precious! I love silly pics always the best! Of course Lily looks pretty on that & very comfy too! XXX

  30. High Fives for your clashing stripes.
    And, as you say, another high five for those blessed fabulous folks who fill op shops with GOLD!

    xo xo

  31. Tee hee the stylist is it.
    Look at you in the stripes....amazing. The queen of stripes, Perfect.
    Pussy-cats always seem to love any new/old treasures that come into the house......she looks so cute on it.
    Have a lovely weekend sweet.
    Love V
    PS loved your comment on spring coming here....we have a few wee green tips in the orchard saying hello's exciting as I don't know what they are......but it's sure to be pretty......xxxx

  32. Love that stripy blazer jacket!!!
    Looking fab as always :)

  33. Super cool!!! loving your style, go lady!! looking forward to following you, I must say your style shows a sense of happiness :) fabulous,Much love from House Of Harrie Hattie xxx

  34. You look like a naughty schoolgirl in all your stripes, but I have to confess I'm distracted. What is going to happen to your house? Where are you going to go? Worry worry worry. Please tell us the answer? xxxx

  35. I've a polkadot fetish. Not just polkadots.... white dots on red. Turns me on.

  36. Ha! I have a stripe and polkadot addiction *ahem* I mean tame hobby!

    I also love school fete trash and treasure- you can always find the coolest bargains! x

  37. And since my greatest passion (when it comes to clothes) are vintage lingeries, I'm really jeallous at your top.

  38. Love love love those pants and the stylist makes a gorgeous photo bomber! Hope your son's having heaps of fun, you make me want to get more Docs! xxx

  39. Madre Mia I need more stripes in mi life! That stripey jacket is fantastic with your signature leggings. The stylist photo-bombing is so cute. So in love with lingerie top amor. Score on the Granny blanky.I see loads of granny blankets around the charity shops here.What's going on you moving again?


  40. My favorite is stripes too! I try to stay away but I can't. It's like a magnet.

  41. oh wow - as soon as I saw that book I thought, that's so perfect for Desiree! Candy Stripes are wonderful - though the word makes me think of "on candy stipe legs, the spider man comes" - oooh I love Robert Smith so much. You have a wonderful Cure/Beetlejuice look that I love. The chair looks so much better with the blanket, looks like Lilly loves it too. I love padded hangers, great for delicate vintage clothes.
    Such a shame about the green space being lost, it makes me so sad


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