Sunday, July 21, 2013

Damn It Feels Good To Be A GaNg$Ta

A dear friend told me yesterday, "You don't realise how strong you really are".
I think she's right.
She looked me in the eyes and said it straight.
And that's how it really is for so many of us.
We don't always realise when we're strong because we have to be tough all the time.
There are those like me who should probably have it tattooed inside their eyelids.
That's GaNg$Ta.
I've been feeling like a GaNg$Ta all week after casting off body ageing hangups like a python sheds its skin in spring.
Thank you, all of you for sharing your thoughts and helping us all to be strong.
Fuck anyone who tells a woman how she's supposed to feel and look at any age.
Darling Bella of Citizen Rosebud bared her heart in her Pin Up or Shut Up post on our celebration of the body beautiful while privately harbouring prejudices about our own body shape.
And Vix of Vintage Vixen had a wonderfully heated rant about how feeling awesome and sexacious is simply a state of mind.
At any age.

Vintage tutu, earrings, pink and silver bird ornament - op shops
Vintage fur cape, bow headband and shoes - second hand market
Necklace - custom made by Phussy
Tights - Sock Dreams

It seems the stars were aligned for friendship and love this week when this GaNg$Ta Goddess was spoilt rotten by fellow hard-arse, soft-hearted wenches, some of whom have shared health ups and downs on their blogs.
First up was Sarah Misfit who snapped up this amazing, huge 1970s cake tin for me from an op shop and stuffed it full of goodies, including a scrumptiously warm, 1980s velour jumpsuit.
The Stylist and I have been haggling over sharing the jumpsuit and she won out this week, wearing it to bed every night!

The adorable Vintage Bird Girl and I fiiiiiiiiiinally met up for coffee and a yarn.
She is precious, kind and compassionate and I just wanted to hug her all the time ... of course we both wore green because we understand the power of the best colour of all time.
She spoilt me with scrumptious gifts, including an amazing granny bag made from a bath mat, bling-bling and a fab print of Deborah Kerr which immediately joined the Wall of Wenches in our lounge room.

And then out of the blue, look what arrived from Sarah Misfit's bestie, Miss A!
She sent me this INCREDIBLE 1970s maxi with semi-sheer lace daisy bodice and sleeves.
And it's a perfect fit - GAH!

She also sent me a beautiful 1950s purple veiled cocktail hat, gifts for The Stylist, books for the lads, and bling-bling, including a fecking amazing GaNg$Ta-sized lion-head necklace.
I nearly died.

And check out the red stitching and rose embroidery on this fabulous 1970s black jacket for The Stylist.

1940s frock - gift from The Hornbag aka Helga
Earrings - gift from darling Miss A
Bag - gift from lovely Vintage Bird Girl
Belly dancer's belt - gift from sexalicous Sarah Misfit
Vintage necklaces - Etsy
VW Melissa shoes - NYC Melissa sample sale

I jingled about doing my Friday chores and medical supply pick-ups, much to the surprise of locals who stood stock-still to stare at the weird noisy lady in the 1940s frock with all the Eastern jewellery hanging off her.
That's GaNg$Ta.

I'm calling this 1980s gown The Dingbat, due to its fabulous wing-like appendages highlighting one's derriere.
I snaffled it up from a Facebook friend who was selling off some gear to, of course, make room for more pretties.

Vintage lucite bangle - a gift from The Phoenix
Awesome lion necklace - from Miss A
Evil eye earrings - Etsy shop, Bones Couture
Feather cape - second hand

Don't bury yourself alive, be fucken GaNg$Ta.

And stay GaNg$Ta baby.
Love Desiree xxx


  1. You are, without a doubt, one of the most bad ass women on the web. You are inspirational and totally fuckin gangsta! Love that last black dress and the green one you wore for your meet up!

  2. ok, all the outfits are awesome (duh) but that first one with the tutu is so awesome it hurts. You are ganstah and I adore you.

  3. Of late every time I read your blog the lyrics "I am woman hear me roar..." go through my head.
    If you are the Southside you may hear....You can bend but never break me
    'cause it only serves to make me
    More determined to achieve my final goal
    And I come back even stronger
    Not a novice any longer
    'cause you've deepened the conviction in my soul....

  4. No one goes a glitter eye or long leg as well as you do. Seriously.
    The tutu with the cape is magnetic.
    Your maxi, your freeky, your hair!, jewels, all, role-model-worthy for a healthy nation of gangstars. Your State of Mind should be declared a nation in fact. I would so like a passport.
    Glad you had a happy meetup with beautiful Vintage Bird Girl.

  5. I am so with you, my wonderful friend and inspiration.
    Love every single number, but that black gown is so Gilda, ahhhhhhhhhhhI wish i could hug you tight...

  6. Oh to much fabulousness............where to start....eeekkkk!!!!!
    You are the bestest tutu wearer in the world....stunning.
    The maxi with the wonderful sleeves is amazing......oh oh the green sheer dress that you wore to meet the darling Miss Leisa is gorgeous too!!!!!!
    Then the 80's stunner too!!!!!!
    Oh exhausted now!!!!!!,
    I hope you have a most truly scrumptious week.
    Love V

  7. Don't bury yourself alive, be fucken GaNg$Ta.

    you just gave me my life mantra my beautiful goddess friend! xxxxx

  8. You are an inspiration and constant reminder to me,that i can still be awesome-despite my age!

  9. There's far too much awesome going on in this post, I think I might hyperventilate. That maxi with the daisies on is bloody lovely, but the last one is to die for, it reminds me of Marilyn's pink dress in gentlemen prefer blondes, but in black.

    Last week you mentioned how you had given up alcohol. I don't drink that much, but had been thinking about giving it up altogether. A combination of too much last weekend and your inspiration has lead to me actually just saying, I really don't need it at all. I'm going teetotal too.xx

  10. You are amazing:) I always revel in the freeness of your spirit:) You have a great style all your own Ms. D. Please continue to amaze us:))

  11. Love you! You are FABULOUS and an inspiration. I am the same age as you and I LOVE your blog. Carry on being totally mega fuckin' GANGSTA!

  12. how did you start at awesome and get amesomer as the photos went on? You rock!

  13. Ha, well I don't think I could ever describe myself as gangsta without being open to derision, it doesn't really sit right on a white middle-class British woman, does it?! But I get the vibe about strength and resilience, the keeping on keeping on in the face of adversity. You do it with HUGE aplomb, Desiree! And with awesome style, of course. Your pink legs are bloody endless, love the tutu and fur cape. It's lovely to see you meeting up with Leisa, and all your gifts are delicious.
    The see-through daisy top and sleeves on the 60s dress are amazing, and oh wow, the black Dingbat dress is soooooo va-va-voom, I'm drooling!
    No being buried alive going on round here, oh no! xxxxxx

  14. Preach, sister! This is a message that needs repeating.

    I just bought a short pink wig that looks remarkably like your hair. I was contemplating wearing it with my tutu and, seeing you do the same, I'm encouraged. Thanks for that.

  15. fabulous finds, love that long black dress

  16. Throwing up my gang-signs!! GANGSTA SISTER!!

    Everything out this post made me cheer and smile!!

    I love all of your outfits--the last black ass-winged one was MADE for you!!

  17. Does anyone do PINK as well as you? I don't think so...
    You are just now figuring out that you're Gangsta. Well, it's about time! You are the leader of the pack!

  18. You are so many kinds of beautiful. And inspirational. This is wonderful. Yo.

  19. So much common sense and insanely fabulous outfits here, Desiree!
    That gold medallion is gloriously gangsta and the FREAKY pendant makes me knees weak.
    Fuck anyone who patronises us and makes assumptions! xxx

  20. So much common sense and insanely fabulous outfits here, Desiree!
    That gold medallion is gloriously gangsta and the FREAKY pendant makes me knees weak.
    Fuck anyone who patronises us and makes assumptions! xxx

  21. You speak the truth lady - I seriously need to take on all this body positivity! Also you are the best goth/fluro fairy ever!

  22. I've never considered myself Gangsta, but now you say it, maybe I am....because screw it, I'll make the best of what I've got, however much or little that is. That daisy maxi is beautiful, & I love the flying bum one too. It was so wonderful to meet you. I look forward to our next coffee in the not too distant future! Xx

  23. Holy shit The Dingbat dress--- you have blown my mind! Smokon' hot!!! You are so MONEY!!!!

  24. Like Curtise, I could never be considered gangsta, but I do have my kick-ass moments, although obviously my disdain is delivered in a polite British fashion!! :)

    Your tutu! I love it, love tutus, love this outfit, always wanted a tutu, in fact I made one for me and my teddy when I was 8. You look like a cute funked up version of the black swan, only without the dark personality.

    Can't believe you let the Stylist win the velour jumpsuit battle. You must be a seriously devoted mama, not what you expect of batwoman at all!! xxxx

  25. Love it all! That 70s maxi is amazing

  26. You are extraordinarily fabulous. That is all. xxxooo Nothing but beauty in this post. :-) /Madison

  27. İ wanted to comment on this blog post, but got overwhelmed by your fantastically awesome style in the pictures. İt makes me needing a lie down ~ LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  28. Fantastic outfits! I particularly love the tutu, i have a soft spot for those :)
    I'm glad you are now feeling more positive. It's hard keeping it real all the time sometimes.

  29. so much deliciousness, dear lady, you look so gorgeously, wearing all that tutu and pink and fabulous frocks and awesome bijouterie and your pretty pink hair!!, love your glorious presence, never ending source of inspiration for me!!
    besos & amor!!

  30. Oh, have I got the perfect necklace for you!

  31. you're the most gorgeous gangsta girl ever. Love that 80's gown, I swoon. Thanks for sharing all the fabulousness with Visible Monday!

  32. Desiree you awesome, inspiring, wise and amazing punky gangsta ballerina you! You've such a right on message! Not to mention clothes to befit the absolute goddess you are: I ADORE your pink legs, and the 40s dress is magnificent, but the award for 'the most righteously sublime Desiree outfit ever' has to go to The Dingbat dress - it is so unique and so very you!

  33. Ooh ! Here is the beautiful big lion ! I loooove it ! This dress has an amazing cut, it's a sculpture !!!

  34. You are gorgeous. And I'm am floored by your ability to pull off any era. Just absolutely lovely.

  35. what agreat post desiree. ilove all your outfits.

  36. You have inspired me to be gangsta!

  37. Just found your blog by accident, and I'm glad I did! You are so amazing and your bad ass accessories and clothing definitely show that! You remind me a lot of Betsey Johnson <3

  38. You are just perfection, my dear. I couldn't adore you any more than I do. x


  39. Wow... You look stunning. I flew over from Flight Platform Living to find your truly inspirational blog. Off to hit the follow button and look forward to more ~ Thanks Sarah x

  40. The Dingbat is the most insane dress I've ever seen! I love it, it looks like it should've belonged to Angelica Houston or Glenn Close. I love all this insane shapes - the stole and the tutu are wonderful, this has got a deliciously stylish editorial feel to it, but cooler because it's you. Can't wait for some Kath Day-Night style photoshoots with the velour jumpsuit! Stay strong and gorgeous! xxxxxx

  41. I love Melanie's line that "your state of mind should be a nation" - if that were the case, I want to be a citizen there too or at least a visitor's visa. You give GaNg$Ta a good name! So many freaktastic outfits I can't pick a favourite, although the dingbat dress may win just for the name. Stay strong, sista - you are my style heroine, now and forever!

  42. Your blog is like a fashion Magazine (or clothes/style magasine) on it's own!

  43. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I LOVE those hot pink tights on you. The pic of you with the pink tights and the black tutu on the stairs is so perfect--makes me want to immediately put a petticoat on. I've been working and stressed out but I visited you and Helga today to get re-charged and you both made me happy! Thank you! :) :)


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