Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Must Admit I Do Like a Large One

In fact, I like them obnoxiously huge.
Colossal.  Monstrous.  Gargantuan.  Humongous.  Monumental.

This is officially the biggest floral headband I have ever made.
I mean, all of the above adjectives perfectly describe its height, breadth and width.
I also happen to think it's pretty fecking amazing too.

Just as dusk was falling, The Stylist and I realised we were out of mosquito coils and we didn't want the household to put up with another night of The Terror of the Mozzies.
So we went for a wonderful sunset walk, watching the first stars appear, enjoying the cool evening and causing a bit of traffic chaos and tittering on the way to the shop.

Rose headband - DIY
1940s silk blouse, 1950s longline bra, skull earrings - Etsy
Pink sparkly necklace - made by the amazing Krista
Frida necklace - made by incredible Tamera
Crucifix, PNG bilum bag - thrifted
Rings and tutu - markets
Doc Martens - massive Solestruck sale (woop!)

This floaty blouse is like wearing gossamer.
It's so old and delicate, I love the pin tucks, bow and braiding, yet it's so resilient to wear and tear.
Not bad for a piece of clothing that's around 70 years old huh?

Oh come on, how often do you get some bint flashing her 1950s longline bullet bra hmmm?

The Stylist snapped all of the above pics including this one taken from our front door, looking east at the Moreton Bay islands.

Someone has new gumboots and you'll have to fight her tooth and nail to get them off her feet:).

Bird-print frock and Lego necklace - craft markets
Ethnic bag and strawberry eco shopping bag - thrifted
Boots - Rivers outlet store

We spent a precious afternoon knitting, painting each other's nails, drinking pots of tea and watching Poirot.

The past few days have been a whirlwind after my appearance in the Sunday Mail lift out and can I just send you all a huge bunch of arse-squeezes for all your kind words?
I have rather resilient fingers and I can cope with handing out hundreds of juicy squeezes.
If you see tears streaming down my face, it's not pain, it's love.
Thank you.  All of you.
Kisses and arse-squeezes,
Desiree xoxo


  1. You both look gorgeous. You are a wonderful breath of fresh air. Love the new headband its fabulous. Big is def best ;-) Just to let you know that I had to delete my blog last night I just couldn't cope any longer with the twisted and horrible messages I was getting from my husbands ex. But I will still be around blogland commenting and I can keep up to date with you on facebook :-) Take care, dee xx

  2. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon! Been having way too many mozzies bothering me lately, you had the right idea with the mosquito coils!

    How fantastic you look in that gigantic headband, the gorgeous 40s blouse and shiny crinoline! The Stylist looks wonderful too,
    I love a good pair of trusty gumboots, today I visited Rivers for the first time in a couple of years, and fell in love with some of the gumboots - the bright reds and blues and all the varied prints. You both look brilliant. x

  3. The bigger the better is what I say! ;) Fabulous headband! And those wellies are pretty too :)


  4. that flower band is big...

    I love rivers!

    xx Domenic

  5. The Stylist is becoming such a stunning young lady!!!
    When the title of this post came up in my queue my mind went to a very dirty place....LOLOL

    I adore the new headband--gorgeous! and PERFECT with the rest of your outfit!! The silvery tutu is so glam and space-agey!!!

  6. Oh look at the two of you - divine, divine. And they do say Go Big or Go Home duckie :)

    That blouse is simply exquiz D - and how beautiful does The Stylist look - all leggy in her wellies - so graceful :)

  7. My mind went to the same place a Tamera's. Great minds think alike.

    Love the shot from above. The Stylist is becoming very good at taking photos. You both together brings a smile to my face.

  8. You and the Stylist are both so beautiful! I love the Huge new headband, the silver Skirt and your daughter's wellies and dress!
    Congratulation for being featured on the magazine, I read all your story and it really touched me, you are my idol!!
    Lots of love

  9. The Stylist is not only drop dead gorgeous and stylish but a super photographer, too! Mind you, with a muse like you as her mama she's going to be talented!
    I love the mahoosive headband and if I had anything to fill a bullet bra I'd be a bra flashing bint, too!

  10. Love the giant flowers! The long line bra is super cute too. It's great that she still likes to hang out with her momma. I've never quite outgrown hanging out with my mom. I may live 400 miles from her but we talk several times a week.

  11. You are a gorgeous treat, you are!
    Big is better I always find and mahoosive is fecking brill.
    You both look lovely and that's a helluva view from your front door.

  12. You both look fab and that giant headband is awesome! xx

  13. The Stylist and you are so gorgeous-- love the pic of you two together. The new floral headband is astoundingly big!!! I am in love with the sheer pin tucked blouse, it's magical.
    Your day sounds perfect,
    Becky :)

  14. oh desiree, she is a beauty, tell her she looks so amazing. i love her style.
    on you, i love everything, as usual. i love the big big headpiece. love lucyx

  15. my arse is happily squeezed! the stylist is wonderful and mahoosive flowers for everyone, i realise my one huge flower needs friends (oo-er that was not meant to be rude!)x

  16. You look massively gorgeous. And how I love seeing the Stylist's style blossom- she is expressive but not a carbon copy of her coolcat mama- she is an original in her own right!

  17. The bigger the better is not just for monster trucks it's for Sassy Vamps floral head gear! Love you big ass pink flowers!!! You are both looking extra cheery in these outfits! I adore the dress the Stylist is wearing and all her bracelets too! You know we always love a flash of your undies. Stop traffic girl! The picture of you from the balcony is sublime!

  18. AwwwwWWW love the pictures of you two together! So bright and happy!

  19. I do like them big! and that's certainly a big one. It's gorgeous.... like you. Love love love the bullet bra. Thanks for the flash... I'm off to paint my nails now inspired by you and The Stylist. Keep being fabulous front page star! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Look at you, gorgeous!!! LOVE the colours, esp. the bra and your nails!!!!!

  21. You do look *very* pleased with yourself in that GIGANTIC HeadPiece, Desiree, and I can completely see why... You Look Ace! I love it, and those headbands totally suit your style and look. I love the photo of you from above, so playful, so hopeful. As for that silver skirt: WANT!
    xo xo

  22. *OH I LOVE YOUR BIG ONES!* *heheeh* And your BRA!! How magnificent it is. The whole outfit really. And the stylists boots are awesome. I adore her dress and nail color!

  23. So freaking ADORABLE... both of you! -xo

  24. Oh my word, I NEED some gumboots like The Stylist! Gorgeous. Diggin your oversized headpiece too x

  25. Oh, uh, excuse me Madame, you've just exposed your bullet bra, and your emergency blanket crinoline is blinding the satellite cameras. The way it's supposed to! Love it all!
    And there's nothing I like more than an oversized headpiece. In pink. It explains that delicious smile on your face.
    The Stylist looks amazing in those incredible dessert-worthy gumboots and nails, with that bag, not to mention all the rest. And great photos!

  26. I you're comfortable with that size, go for it!

    So, I just caught up on your last post, too, and congratulations on such a great article! It's lovely to find out more about you (four children!). Your personality just bubbles through every word.

    The Stylist is so pretty and sweet, and looks like she's taking after you! I'm sure she can't wait until she can fit into all your clothes. Especially those cool white Docs!

  27. woouuu, love your massive&huge hairband and love your arse-squeezing fabulousness!!, your shiny skirt and pretty boots are awesome!!, all that bijouterie and colors drive me crazy!!
    and The Stylish is just so cute than a button!!, love her wellies!!
    besos & colores

  28. I love huge ones as well! Hahaha! you are so funny
    This gigantic headband is the way to go Girl!
    The bigger the better!
    You 2 girls are so cute, i love spending time with my girl, precious!

    Ariane xxxx

  29. I have a few of those floaty blouses, and they are true gifts from the past, to be cherished and given new life in this era. Which you do with your usual style, topped off by that gorgeous new headband.

  30. I love your funky style and the jumbo headband is fancy and an eye catcher.your little one follows your steps with grace.

  31. Go big, Desiree, always go BIG!
    Love the new headband, the beautiful blouse and silver petticoat. And flash away as much as you want, you scrumptious woman!
    The Stylist gets more gorgeous every time I see her, just like her mama!
    You thoroughly deserve all the attention and the love after your interview, you're one in a million. xxxx

  32. BIG is BEST!! You can so do BIG!! Thank you for the brassiere flash too. I so wish I had a wee stylist to paint nails and drink tea. If my boys hurry up they could give me a grand-stylist to play with!! No pressure boys, probably better if it is Mr 20 and not Mr 18 tho'.

  33. That headdress is a fecking masterpiece, magnificent, bold and brilliant just like its maker! I adore your bullet bra top and that gossamer silk. Plus the Stylist is looking wonderful, what a gorgeous pair you are! Sending you an energetic arse-squeeze back to you too my lovely!

  34. Y'all are too cute... or should that be TWO cute? I wish I had your joie de vivre (we pronounce that jaw duh veever here in the American south) and boldness of style, there is nothing like it.

  35. you always rock your amazing flower crowns and the super huge one suits you perfectly!
    love the peak at your amazing bullet bra..yes i do believe you will need to do a post on all your wonderful vintage "undergarments" ;)
    ps: yellow nails are one of my favourite things ever = instant happiness!

  36. You both are gorgeous, bright and powerful !! and yes we love and support you always <3

    Aminta Online

  37. Love this outfit! Giant roses in platinum blonde hair are a cracker. Sugar skulls as earrings are breath-taking as is the silver skirt. Like the hazy, veily blue blouse too. And that last picture is simply love. Hugs from Miss Maple

  38. The Stylist is so freakin' cute! I love her style. I'm quite jealous of those white Docs too, even though I know I'd destroy them wandering through the mud, or something. You look gorgeous!

    I took some outfit photos with the headband you sent me today! I don't know how long it will take me to get them up on my blog, but I can tell you already wearing it around to look after bubs & do housework made me feel pretty damn fabulous.


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