Friday, April 5, 2013

Bending the Rules

When The Phoenix promised to wear a gourd after spotting me in my bullet bra again yesterday, it was a done deal.
I laughed maniacally as usual and popped on a pink fluffy toy crown.
Then I realised it was #2 Son (aged 15) who was accompanying me out and if I was to enjoy his company in public ever again, I would gladly bend my "don't give a feck" rules, tone it down a bit and wear more than a 1950s bra.

So I decided it was time to wear the delicious lurex top Vix sent me long ago.
Potential embarrassment of teen averted and I was still smiling.
Toy crown, bangles - thrifted
1950s cardigan, blue granny beads, Frida earrings - Etsy
1970s disco queen top and Barry M turquoise nail paint - gifted by glam queen Vix
Sparkle necklace (worn nearly everyday) - made by scrumptious Krista
Bag and skull necklace - craft markets
Leather shorts - old Bitching and Junkfood
Muscle leggings - Black Milk
Docs - retail
Sunnies - shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne

From the backseat of the car beckoned my 1970s Australian Department of Supply cap I wore to the beach the other day.
Quick change.
Still no signs of embarrassment from the lad.
He even agreed to take pics in my favourite op shop, Aid for the Blind.

The appearance of the cap created some imaginative stirrings in me...

But back to the task at hand.

Our trip wasn't a waste of time, I grabbed a couple of t-shirts on special for three bucks each and this Minnie Mouse headband.

Late last night, it was my first viewing of Charlotte Rampling and Dick Bogarde's controversial cavorting.
A forbidden love affair between a young WWII concentration camp prisoner and her sadistic SS torturer and lover.
Years later they meet by chance ...

You can watch the full movie here.
We have another week of school holidays so it's been a bit all over the shop here.
I hope to sit down with a huge pot of tea and have a glorious catch-up with you all this weekend:).
Forgive me.
Molti baci,
Desiree xo


  1. O, CHARLOTTE RAMPLING!!! I love her. "The Night Poster" is one of the most seductively BENT films ever! I can't remember how I came to see it, but I first saw it about 20 odd years ago, and it was electrifying! Phwoar!
    I love, love these leggings, and I love LOVE even more that no 2 son was totally cool with taking Mama's pix and bopping about with Mama and no doubt getting some good Mama love and conversation whilst he was at it! I suspect the bullet bra alone would have been juuuuust fine!
    Great T's!
    You HAWT wench!!! Now when do we get to see The Phoenix in that gourd?!
    Love and Lustipops! XXXXXXXXXXX

  2. I read a good one yesterday"When nothing goes right, go left".
    I love those leggings,too and the fact that you toned down the outfit to go out with your son.

  3. Oh, how I love lurex! :) Completely adoring those shorts over muscle leggings. You are so awesome! GAH!

    Fear & Loathing shirt was a fab find for sure! XOXO

  4. Never heard of that movie but its on my "to watch" list now. YOur outfit is really cool - I love lurex but some of it is so scratchy. The tee shirts and Minnie Mouse headband are fabulous - both of them are perfect for you. The cap by the way, is just amazing, and it really suits you!

  5. Only truest love can alter one's styling plans. I'm glad you had a wonderful outing with No. 2 Son. He must be so proud of your recent covergirl stardom. But I want to see pictures of the gourd.
    Charlotte Rampling is enigmatic.
    It's great to see you looking so muscular.

  6. Ooh I will definitely be watching that film, I've always wanted to see it and I love Charlotte Rampling, Dirk Bogarte too, just need to get a quiet time when the kiddies are all in bed now. I love that circus t-shirt, in fact all your finds are lovely. The things we do to keep our kids happy eh? Glad you had a great day out with number two son. xx

  7. Ha, I love your "toned down" look, Desiree - though you're still demonstrating all your trademark flair and quirk, as far as I can see! Vintage lurex? DMs? Black Milk leggings? Leather shorts? Military-style cap? Tons of bling? Fluffy crown? That's a Desiree outfit, for sure!
    Love this Night Porter-ish look (though the boobs need to be kept under wraps for the purposes of op shopping and prevention of teenage outrage). Haven't seen that film for donkey's years, I think I need to revisit it.
    Great t-shirts and Minnie Mouse ears! Have a very happy weekend, Cover Girl! xxxxx

  8. Every time I see those leggings I am reminded of the Vivienne Westwood Queen Of Sheba dress for some reason lol. I imagine you would LOVE that dress.

  9. Night Porter is one of my favourite films. It may even be there on my top 20 list. Have you seen The Servant too? Worth a look and Dirk is awesome as ever. Ooohh Death in Venice as well. Now that is in my top 20.
    I love your Night Porter look better than Charlotte's as it goes.
    You ha dto have the circus t shirt. If you hadn't got it, I'd have come over there and made sure you went back for it. It's lush.
    So are you .

    I love this post, Liliana Cavani is an amazing director, especially her 'The night porter': so powerful and iconic, it really changed the erotic fantasies with its sadomasochist love roles. The hat is a great find and I love it with the muscles leggings and Vix's top!!The t-shirts are awesome too, the circus freaks one is hilarious, I couldn't help but bring it immediately at home too!And I love the Fear and Loathing one what a great day it would normally take years to find such great pieces!!!
    Lots of love

  11. You look very Rampers indeed with that sexy cap and the HOT HOT HOT attitude! A great outfit, lovely sparkles from Vix and made all the more YOU by those incredible legs in those incredible leggings! Do hope photos of the Phoenix in his gourd follow shortly...

  12. Love the cut out silver lurex tank and the hat is fierce. That movie looks pretty intense... Never seen it. Those tees you found are great-- I love tees but They are a weak point thrifting for me, probably because I am so picky about them. Are those cut off leather pants?? Brilliant.
    becky :)

  13. Adorable as usual! I don't understand why, but I have'nt seen the night porter. I promise to shape up!

  14. The poster for The Night Porter is amazing. Somehow I can't see anything like that being used today. Boobs? Must keep covered, it's so anti-woman!

    Those leggings a re still creeping me out

  15. Oh yes i will watch that movie, Dirk and Charlotte are my fav ever!
    Did you see Death in Venice with Dirk, i think it's a masterpiece!
    Love the cap and leggings leave to you to look fabulous whatever you are wearing

    Warm congrats for you feature this is so great!

    Ariane xxxx

  16. wouuu!, you look sexy&├╝bercool!, love your lurex top and leather shorts with fabulous leggings and booties!!, you're gorgeous and inspiring, as usual!
    besos & sexiness!!

  17. I love Black Milk - I wish they weren't so pricey on their leggings; I'd love a pair of the Beetlejuice ones! XD

  18. how deliciously wonderful you are! xxxx

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. My fingers were all a quiver with how fabulous you look in leather and lurex and I buggered up the last comment!
    Can I twang your bar strap, please?
    I love Dirk Bogarde and haven't seen The Night Porter in YEARS - so many films, so little time!
    Can't believe the tee shirts you scored - the Fear & Loathing one makes me green with envy! xxxxx

  21. I love how you know just when to pull it back a bit and spare the kids whatever.....I have done with with my family for years, they let us get away with so much don't they :)

    Those are the craziest BM leggings ever and with that hat on I would not mess with you, but then you smile and every things ok.

  22. So when, oh when will the Phoenix be snapped sporting his gourd??
    Mostly I love that your 'toned down' is most people's glamour-does-fabulous. And I haven't yet said how totally inspiring and uplifting and wonderful your magazine front cover and feature are. First Russia, next: the world. Your style brilliance and life philosophy shines brightly.

  23. Woo! Love a bit of lurex! I always think What's wrong with her legs?? when you wear those leggings, before I take a closer look... I should know by now. xx

  24. Oh My Dear God!!! I have no idea how I didn't know about you before...You are stuff my dreams are made of...Thank you so much for finding me because I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE! xxx

  25. I def. would have snatched up that Fear and Loathing shirt! Ah, Charlotte Rampling. Have you seen "The Swimming Pool"? She goes fully naked in that, and at age 58, still looks damn good. Those cheekbones!

  26. I bet the world stand still when you pass by, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I am so glad that your children have been brought up with an open mind and artistic spirit.
    Much love, my preciosa amiga.

  27. wow! You look ravishing! I love the leather shorts, especially with the muscular leggings! Gorgeous. It's great that No. 2 son is so happy ot hang out with you, especially as he's at the peek of the teen embarassment phase. I love the fear and loathing t short- great find and I hope to see you wear the Minnie Mouse ears soon!!
    That film looks super kinky good! xxxxxxxx

  28. i'VE MISSED YOUR LAST few posts - you're a superstar covergirl with russian admirers!! How splendid! You are such a breath of fresh air and colour. I wanna be you when I grow up!!!

  29. Tee hee I think the little crown is just magical!!!!! Your son has one truly amazing mummy. The leggings always take me back a bit, they are incredible.
    Best T-shirt find....Freaks and circuses.
    The movie looks very interesting and disturbing.
    love V

  30. You are so COOOL!!! So simpatica! You sure know how to dress up dramatically and glam at the same time. Have a nice Sunday from a new follower from Rome.

  31. You rock those muscles like no-one else, and you look great in that cap. I'm totally loving the "too many freaks, not enough circuses" tee as well.

  32. I LOVE that film. Charlotte Rampling was dead sexy in it and the whole story is just amazing. It's on my top 10, that's for sure.
    I love the cap and the muscle leggings, very good!

  33. Hey what a brilliant post I have come across and believe me I have been searching out for this similar kind of post for past a week and hardly came across this. Thank you very much and will look for more postings from you.


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