Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Get A Different Disease

I nearly caused an accident today.
Well, maybe I didn't.  Maybe the driver was blinded by a reflection.
Yep, it was a near thing at the roundabout next to the bus stop this morning.
Actually it happened about four times.
Luckily the bus arrived, coz it could have been nasty.

Men's vintage top hat - from a fabulous, yet stupidly-expensive vintage shop in Melbourne, now closed.
Frida necklace - made and gifted by dearest heart Tamera
Custom made "FREEKY" necklace and slave bracelet - Phussy
Leggings - Black Milk
1930s-formerly-underwear-now-top - DIY
1950s blue beads, watch - Etsy
Bag, pink ring - op shops

The near-carnage continued for several hours until I got home.
Probably the best place to be eh?
I think I'll stay in tomorrow and get something done with this pattern.
I've cut out the pieces for the top in View 4 and yes, I will be using all the fabrics.
It will be a Franken-Top!
Careful how you go, there are freeks everywhere.


  1. Oh dear, maybe it is best to stay in. Sounds crazy!! Love those leggings, so cool :)) Awesome Frida necklace to xx

  2. You should see the way they drive here in Sicily!!! No comment!
    I love your outfit, especially the necklaces and the hand decoration...WOW!

  3. You should see the way they drive here in Sicily!!! No comment!
    I love your outfit, especially the necklaces and the hand decoration...WOW!

  4. As the image loaded and scrolled downward, I was wondering "She's wearing vintage underwear, fully clothed, so what's the problem...?" And then I saw those leggings! My dear, it appears you forgot to put on your skin! Of course, the poor drivers were shocked by such exposure. =^.^= (cat laughing)

  5. Catching up lovely Deisiree! Not commenting much these days, that concussion made me lost my mojo a bit
    Looking fantastic can't wait to see your dress! Yes, stay in so you will sew that fab dress!
    About driving...Montreal has its crazy drivers, we are known for that...LOL

    Nice to see the previous post of your family - The stylist looks more and more like you and she's tall isn't she?
    You girls are eye candy!

    Lots of hugs


  6. Can't wait to see your freeky franken-top! Since I started sewing I have bought a maxi dress and maxi skirt pattern but I hate the fabrics in the fabric stores. I think I need to look in thrift and secondhand places for better stuff.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend of sewing up your creativity!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Ooooh, that little hippy dippy gypsy top will be a beautiful mash-up of a creation - get it done before Glasto so's I can see it on your hot bod!
    I bet you're the best thing those drivers have seen in years, you're doing the public a service sharing your fabulousness! xxxx

  9. Those Black Milk leggings are wicked as is the rest of your get-up. A vintage Top Hat, is one of the things on my Holy Grail list. I did come across one last year at a car boot sale but it was grey, modern and hella expensivo, so I decided to leave it and keep the search will land on my lap one day :)
    I love you Franken-couture creations and with that fabulous selection of fabrics the top will look amazing...x

  10. Oh dear! Perhaps it was those Black Milk leggings that caused all the commotion :D Even though they have flesh print on them, they may seem like bare skin. I thought for a split second when I saw the first photo that you are not wearing any pants at all!

    But you look awesome as you always do. Don't you just looooove top hats. My hubby and I just found one (which we can share since his head is rather small) couple months ago with a bargain price from FB group. But it would be awesome to be able to rummage around the the Australian vintage shops sometime.

  11. I would have driven past and been flaming chuffed to see you, you would have made my day! (what am I talking about! I would have stopped the car, give you a lift even though I can't drive and we would have had a bloody good adventure!) I adore you in your top-hat, those completely fabulous leggings and cami, I just adore you!! x x x

  12. You look fantastic. What sort of exercise do you do to get such leg muscles? Stay away from those crazy poor drivers! Stay safe!

  13. oh yes, there're freaks everywhere, freakin' and rockin' and lookin' so damn fabulous!! love your hat, love your leggings, love your fridesque pendant and love your Awesomenesss!!!

  14. Those leggings are the business ... I love them. Mind you I would have slowed down and looked twice too ... no wonder you were the cause of such distraction ... but the very best type of distraction :0)

  15. I see you've been running around town without your skin on again. Good girl!

  16. It was most likely your muscular thighs which just thrills me to no end!!! Your psychedelic top is going to be outta sight!!!!

  17. Yes that's awesome those leggings frighten me in a good way and with a top hat A TOP HAT no doubt they have never seen fabulous! Can't wait to see the funkified top!
    Your face looks beautiful healthy and happy!

  18. You crack me up....I can just see the faces of passing drivers when they spy your underwear as outerwear style. I am SO glad you are there to style up the neighbourhood. That pattern is so gorgeous....can't wait to see the franken top. Xx

  19. Quintessential Desiree - that's what this outfit is! Your trademark style, and bloody gorgeous too. Can't wait to see that little top in those fab fabrics. I can't decide what to make next... xxx

  20. I was just admiring those leggings at the Black Milk website and wondering how they could be worn-guess you've sorted that out! They do make incredible leggings and swimsuits, don't they? The stained glass window pair have been on my radar for a while as well-you don't have a pair of those hiding in a dresser , do you? You know how to put the most unlikely things together and have them look like they were destined to be together.

    The smock-top looks fun( though when they were fashionable it was sooo not the look on a pudgy ten year old)and it will be great to see another Franken-creation.

  21. It scares me know careless drivers can be. Especially people who make a living driving other people around. Sheesh

    You look fab. You look like you are glowing.

  22. I looove that video, especially how the man wanders around in his space suit swabbing the young men. But I am afraid that those youngsters will get whiplash. I want a band almost just like that!!

    You are superlatively, deliciously, wonderfully freekish, gorgeous beyond words or that music. No wonder you are a traffic hazard. The top hat was worth every single penny. I can't wait to see you new franken top.

  23. Beautiful look ! This top hat is amazing. I love the cherry print fabric !

  24. let us know how many accidents you caused in your franken top when it's born ... :)

  25. It was probably that traffic stopping look! Love the top hat and the underwear as outerwear!

  26. Can't wait to see what the frankentop is going to look like! Looooooooovin the leggings.

  27. Blinded by your radiant awesomeness, no doubt - probably best you stay in for a day or two to give them time to recover!

    Goddamn, that top hat is the bee's knees!! I did a double take looking at that pattern as I am positive I had the EXACT SAME ONE when I was a teenager. My grandmother made me the little fluttery sleeved top out of green and white gingham!!! Spooky!

  28. Love the Top Hat and want the Wicked Leggings! *winks* Your ensemble made me Smile and of coarse it would cause a stir at the roundabout. *winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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