Monday, June 9, 2014

Can't Sleep, Bed's on Fire

"You start a conversation you can't even finish it
You're talking a lot, but you're not even saying anything
When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.
Say something once, why say it again?"
- Psycho Killer, Talking Heads.

Cardigan - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Tshirt - Invercargill, NZ
1930s-used-to-be-baggy-knickers-but-I-turned-them-into-a-skirt - DIY
Black Milk leggings - gift from Miss Danni LongLegs
Shoes - market
Blue spike bracelet - gift from gorgeous Vix
Amy Winehouse rosary - Etsy
all other jewellery and scarf - op shops
Desiree x


  1. Amor,
    I have missed you. I wear that same outfit to bed ,but with my Jesus t-shirt. Maybe I should wear it out.I been feeling so crazy the last months.sending you lots of amor.


  2. You match the pics again, looking like lovely Deborah Kerr and in the same pretty colour combo as the Frida painting.

    That Talking Heads quote matches me at the moment (hence no blogposts either, well, partly) but hopefully neither of us are going on a killspree :D

  3. I absolutely love David Byrne. Have you seen the movie, This Must Be the Place with Sean Penn? There's a brief feature with David Byrne too. I've ordered the soundtrack about a year ago supposedly coming from the UK but I'm still waiting for it.

    Many of the songs on the soundtrack include David Byrne. He put together a group for the movie and they call themselves, The Pieces of Shit! Anyway, the movie is worth seeing if you have another firey bed night.

  4. Such a brilliant song and band. And you look gorgeous, my dear, soft and a bit vulnerable - are you OK? Sending love. xxx

  5. Its been a sore point between us for years that I missed David Byrne at The Big Chill as Jon insisted on sitting through a two hour set by Gong. Grrrr!
    The baggy knickers made into a skirt are genius and those shiny leggings are gorgeous. You know I love you in a head scarf.
    Feel better soon. xxx

  6. Wonderful outfit; that headscarf looks so dreamy! XX

  7. Wonderful outfit; that headscarf looks so dreamy! XX

  8. I love The Talking Heads-definitely one of the best things about the 80s.
    You look adorable, as you always do. I love the head wrap. It suits you so well! You must show off those legs often too! It's nice to see you popping up in my blog reader. I've missed you and am sending you hugs!

  9. Oh David Byrne. We can quote him all day and all night. You look ethereal in your head scarf and I love the ghost cat dancing on your feet.

  10. Beautiful, you are beautiful! And your cat is the best photo bomber ever!

  11. No, no, no killing spree the blood will stain your fantastic leggings and no amount of oxy-booster will help.

    Slay 'em with awesome instead, 'caus you have plenty of that.

  12. You look gorgeous and exotic ... and I love that portrait gallery behind you too.

  13. Love, love, love the Sierpinski Gasket earrings! The whole outfit is awesome but those earrings - I'm agog!

  14. Maybe I'll try a head scarf tomorrow. I wanted a vacation today, so I dressed like I was in Hawaii. It's ok, I work in theatre

  15. Something so soft and beautiful about you in these pictures I really like that. The leggings are shiny and show off the nightie perfectly, you are yummy. I'm wishing we were talking over tea and playing dress up. Will you glitter my lids please?

  16. Psycho-Killer, what a song! everything you wear is a delight and the baggy skirt/knickers are gorgeous (I was decorating in a pair with the opposite problem, too small - daughter said it was all very Christina Aguilera, I was chuffed)and I just love you in a head scarf, I do! x x x

  17. As soon as I saw your post title I knew what it was from. It's my head and not my bed that's been on fire lately. I'm going to see David Byrne get interviewed on stage at an arts festival in Toronto this weekend. Very excited to be in the same room with an artist I've admired forever - I'll say hello for you ;)

    I love when you wear a scarf tied around your head like that - you would have been the most fabulous flapper.

  18. Looking gorgeous as ever, dee xx

  19. You are Amazing Des!!
    Lovin that outfit :)

  20. Louise Brooks, flapper cum laude, would adore the knicker-skirt paired with your bold bright legs! (Just in case someone might otherwise overlook the skirt...)

  21. Why speak words when your clothes say everything that needs to be said?!

  22. Haven't said hello here in ages! you look lovely!

  23. Mint + orange is a great combo--as someone pointed out earlier in the comments, PERFECT match to the Frida painting. I love getting clothing inspiration from art, too!

  24. Those leggings are INCREDIBLE!


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