Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old Bag Drags Arse Out of Bed and Buys Some Shit

The title says it all, but I guess the best bargain was the wake-up coffee for this no-makeup face.

Yep, outta bed, brush teeth, wash face, slap on Vitamin E cream and out the door ... that's what weekend markets mean to me.
A portable coffee goes a long way:).

I know you're wondering what that strange thing is around my neck - it's a rabbit-fur scarf, which I bought about five minutes after walking through the gate.
Soooooo soft!!!

The Stylist snaffled this camera necklace for three bucks - she was happy to hear it came all the way from Harajuku, Tokyo, the setting of her favourite street-style book, Fruits.

I found these cheeky bush babies in the newly-flowering wattle.
They'd bought these crazy-arse hat/scarf/mitten thingys which kept them entertained for the rest of the day.

It's not what you think and no, I am not retrieving jewellery from my knickers either ... I'm just not hiding from the gals very well.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there seem two categories of bargain-hunters: the early-birds (not me) and the "closers" (me!).
The closers are the stingy bastards who arrive a couple of hours before the market is due to finish, to prey on poor sellers contemplating hauling all their shite back home again.
Bingo, I'm there with an offer they can't refuse ... hey, I'm doing them a favour right?
It's also great for fruit, vegetable and bakery goodies as they NEED to go.
So I fill my bring-along bags with farm fresh, home-baked, super-cheap goodies to last a few days ... more bargains!

I rarely have the time or energy to unpack the car, sort out all the sundry household shite and  responsibilities, then snap pics of what I just bought.
But I had a window of opportunity after today's success.

Catch-of-the-day for me was this 1930s rayon-knit and lace nightie.
Ten bucks and she's mint.
They start at around $70 on eBay these days.

I've already given her a sweet old padded coat hanger on which to rest her exhausted glory and placed her among many more silky friends to natter with.
The wrinkles will just drop out in a few days ... sadly, unlike mine;).

I couldn't believe this scrummy early 1960s satin brocade frock hadn't been snapped up ... she'd been reduced from five to just two dollars.
I think she was waiting for me!

Fur scarf that I know will get some haters but I don't care ... $10.

1950s blue and grey three-strand granny beads - my favourite style of necklace - plus a beaded collar - $2 each.  Yay!!
I need to attach a hook and jump ring on to them and they'll be good to go.

This old darling needs me.
She really, really does ... I'm going to wipe her down with warm water and a tiny bit of detergent, get into the grubby bits with a toothbrush and I think she'll shine once again.
If you have any better suggestions for getting her cleaned up, I'm all ears.

Yep, she's got some age issues, but then so have I.
Unlike me however, she's intact.
I love her - $5.

Sarah Misfit convinced me I could wear yellow and I had her soothing voice whispering to me, "yes, you really need this, see how it sparkles?"
Two bucks.

I spent another whopping two bucks on this awesome Count Down t-shirt.

Sparkles intacta.

Cute poster in a wooden frame - $3.

Could be bakelite but not sure ... very, very old and delicate early plastic bangle for The Stylist.
She's very gentle with old delicate things ... like, say, her mama.
Two bucks.

She also snaffled this purple tutu for four bucks - something tells me I'll be trying to squeeze into this too.

I also found the lovely purple cardi and pink caplet for The Stylist - another whopping two bucks each.

Just thought I'd show you my putta hair and make-up, the result of a delightful evening spent watching Poirot, doing The Stylist's nails, drawing and colouring in cape designs with her and practising my 1930s hair-do skills with the hot sticks.
I was inspired by this scrumptious slapper ...

You better give La Dama some love for her cameo and the rosary beads jammed between her booboids, coz she's my sista!!
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. Awesome finds. I agree, Fruits is a fun book. And the lovely La Dama is beautiful.

  2. Cute pix! Love the pink dress and white case. x

  3. Gorgeous finds. And big love to both of you sexy creatures.
    La Dama...bloody hell she's hotter than a hot thing on a hot day!xxxxx

  4. Loving that striped poncho cape on you, especially peeking out from behind the bushes.
    This post makes me want to go shopping today, which I think I will! Saw some things at the Senior Thrift I need to return to pick up.
    I love those necklaces too. My favorite look on you is your post where you're wearing necklaces like that, a leopard print jacket and a graphic tee. I've been looking for a leopard jacket ever since!

  5. Looks like you guys had tons of fun. That pink capelet is too darling. You guys got some great things.

  6. I'm the same, I like to go to markets at the end and get what they are desperate to get rid of, hubby on the other hand is an early riser. I love the 1930s nighty, but I think it shouldn't be reserved for nightwear, it's too beautiful. Xx

  7. ooooh try a baby wipe on your lovely old bag - try a little spot clean somewhere and see how it goes - I clean all manner of things with them :)

  8. Hilarious Title & Pics, but.... excuuuuuse me... you are NOT an old bag!!!

  9. I can see that LaDama has inspired you. Like you, we're closers at our house. Love the brocade dress, and the pearl collar, not to mention the purple tutu. Must see the stylist IN it!

  10. Oh I just love the first photo of you, you look so angelic and pretty.
    Eeeeekkkk the finds are amazing, I am all squeals of excitement. The little picture of the wee girl in the boat made my heart melt. Then the fabulous dess and the nightie. Oh I love the cardigan too.
    The wattle monsters are fun!!!!!
    Love v

  11. Ooppss that was the dress not dess. I am a little spelling mess today.
    Love v

  12. ooo, the 60s dress! Jealous! Great finds all round though!

  13. What divine finds! I'm totally jealous of the white handbag! I love your rhinestone bracelet too, and the giant ring you're wearing, and your 30s hair. Marvellous!

  14. Some good finds inceed. I really like the 30's nightie, very pretty and delicate :)

  15. Hi Desiree!

    Great finds you got there!
    The 30s nighty is so fabulous and yes of course you will look great in yellow! I love yellow!
    Take a snap on instagram when you wear it

    Ariane xxxxx

  16. I wanna come with you! *stamps feeties* The Stylist finds some great stuff! Obviously she gets her mighty skill from you! I'm hoping my recent antique nightie and yours are of similar ages. Yours is so delicate, mine's a little more volumous. A bit like us.
    ANYWAY.... You look stunning and your finds are wonderful. Hopefully one day I'll have a stylist who'll appreciate me buying mad stuff for her xxxx

  17. Yay for getting your arse outta bed and buying shit, it's what weekends were made for. That pink nightie has Desiree stamped all over it, it would have been a crime if some other biatch had snapped up that beauty before you got to it.
    I love how you're wearing less to car boot in that I do and it's bloody summertime here plus you look fricking gorgeous barefaced! xxx

  18. Looks like a great weekend you picked up some really nice new treasures there!! Your stylist is adorable she reminds me of my daughter Anna, we both have much in common but when it comes to clothing she loves animal print, bright colors, loud hahaha It will take some getting used to for me but I love for her to bloom into her own~ I spent the weekend on ice covered in hives thrifting sounds like much better fun ~and yep your gorgeous with or without makeup...although you are making me think I should buy some makeup and try it out ~Maybe when my hives go away just my luck I would be allergic to it lol!! Have a great week ahead ~Love Heaher

  19. Ha, your title made me chuckle! "Gorgeous woman in her prime rises fashionably late to buy some treasures" would be my alternative version. Honestly, how bloody beautiful do you look au naturelle? Not that you don't rock the La Dama prosti make-up too, but you are a bare-faced beauty!

    Your pink nightie is so lovely, I just KNOW that one won't be saved for bedtime! And the brocade frock is stunning, and such a bargain.
    Gorgeous beads, fab case, and yellow+sparkles=YOU! The Stylist did pretty well out of your shopping spree too!
    Keep rockin' and frockin' darling! xxxxx

  20. Oh My goodness what a super load of goodies. Which ever you buy it ;-) I think you have the right idea. I adore the peach nightdress that is beautiful and i bet you will look stunning in it. I can also see you in that lovely yellow top to Sarah was sooo right. I can see you now trying to get into the Stylist's new tu tu i bet you girls have the bestest fun ever ;-) dee xxx

  21. I feel like I just went shopping! I want the purple tutu dress the stylist scored there and your nightie from the 30's precious! That's how I roll to Farmers Market, that and coffee required or people might die. I think the yellow top is gonna look killer with a pair of your leggings and hell yeah La Dama is this shit with her big tata's filled with treasure. You could seriously lose stuff there:)

    I have two rabbit scarfs one is hot pink and I love it to death I know it's wrong but I do. Yours is pretty cool too :)

  22. I'm not a hater, but are those FINGERS hanging from that thing? :o

    Buying shit always makes me feel better (unfortunately). Love your finds, especially the beaded collar and purse.

  23. I love the first photo of you sans face paint (not that I don't love a good slap of red lipstick and eyeliner too)! Looks like you and the stylist did rather well in scoring some fab bargains. The slip is definitely you - that would be marvy if we could just hang ourselves up somewhere to let the wrinkles fall out!

  24. Oh my gosh! Awesome finds. It makes me more exciting to go thrift shopping. hehehe.... Love the capelet and your the one your are wearing. You still look good with or without make up. :)

  25. Desireeita,
    You look great without slap amor.
    Love ypur stripey poncho.
    Woah Mama you two lovelies scored some good shit.
    I am loving and wanting to see you in 1930's nightie, she was destined for you.
    Brocade dress for$2? Talk about a steal! I'm sure you can get white bag spiffy and ready to show off. Lusting over your 50's beads.
    Bella an Best amiga look so adorable playing in the bushes.
    Your my bestest putona amor, just look at your prostitastic make up.
    Gracias for the sweet mention, cause you know yo my rowdog sista.

  26. You've done great finds! Real bargins too, I especially love that 30's nightie and the 60's dress.
    Tell The Stylist that I also love Fruits! I've read it so many times. Did she knew there is also second edition called Fresh Fruits?


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