Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crafting Can Get a Bit Testy

It's been three years between eye tests.
Not ideal for me as I can barely see the freckle on the top of my nose ... yep, terrible eyesight.
I guess the optometrist thought I was both mad and blind when I turned up in this yesterday.

See the shoes?
Can't miss them I suppose.
I bought them at Camberwell Market in Melbourne last October while we were there for our wedding.
Leather, super comfy and just two bucks.
They used to look like this.

Rather scuffed up toes and a bit grubby.

So I waved my magic wand and glitter-fied them.
It was my first attempt and they need a bit of touching up, but I'm happy with them ... beware though, glitter-fication is rather addictive.

 The white bit is on the side is the elastic and yes, I bit of a touch up needed here and there, but I LOVE my new shoes!!
To avoid the constant glitter fallout, I sprayed a couple of coats of  clear gloss spray I bought from the scrap-booking section of a dollar shop.

 Earrings and both brooches - gifted by travelling carni-gal, Helga
1920s tail coat and feather hair clips - eBay
Velvet hot pants - BOODWAH
Leggings - Black Milk
Bag and t-shirt - thrifted

The glitter doesn't stop there, I've been practising my glitter shadow application skills, plus curling my hair with hot sticks.

Meanwhile, The Stylist has also been busy crafting.
Yesterday she chopped up her old and broken crayons, popped them in a silicone muffin  tray, microwaved them and voila ... giant crayons.

The wee lassie is wearing the darling teapot earrings Em of Vintage Sweetheart gifted her ... one colour in each ear of course.

The fun doesn't stop there, I made this feather and rose wrist corsage, which was commissioned by the lovely Jayne of BOODWAH.
She plans on wearing it with a frisky black and red Spanish-style frock at an upcoming wedding.
I think I'll have to make more and pop them in the shop.
If you're interested and have any colour preferences in mind, just let me know and I'll rustle one up for you:).
Well, I think our efforts deserve showing off in Lakota's Tah-Dah Tuesday.
I hope you're having some jolly good flashes of crafty inspiration my darlings!
Desiree xo


  1. GET THE EFF OUT OF HERE! Those shoes are AMAZING! You are a crafting legend!

  2. I am in love with your shoes "Oh My Oh My" So much damn love *rawrr rawwrrr*

    You look (SPECTACULAR) AND I am sure your eye doctor noticed that. =D

    Giant crayons are fun

  3. Ha, Ha! I'll bet the eye doctor's eyes popped out. Mine actually asked me what color my eyes were when I last visited...and then explained that he was color blind??? I love the way your shoes turned out.

  4. I LOVE glitter. It's one of the funnest things to work with. It makes a mess but everything looks pretty. Love your outfit.
    I miss coloring. It's such a simple pleasure.

  5. Snap on the glitter glue!!! You wanna see my little back room this week, it's full of the stuff, LOL!! The shoes are awesome love, at first I thought they were a new pair of Melissas!!

  6. Your shoes are AWESOME. Love them.

    You look so perfectly flapper-y when you have curled hair, I think you look gorgeous with it like that. xxx

  7. Big fan of glitter-fied shoes, loving your heels big time x

  8. A real crafty duo there! I love what you've done with your shoes. At first I thought they were yellow sparkly jelly shoes. I think I'm going to try painting some shoes soon.
    You'll have to show your daughter how to melt crayons down the sides of bottles to make a lovely vase! Or candle holder.

  9. Crafty Dolls! I love that crayon idea! Brilliant! :D

    I simply adore the outcome of the hot sticks. Va va voooom! The 6th photo down is breathtaking. LOVE the gorgeous hot pants with these leggings. HOT, HOT. Glitter pumps are delish; I shall have a try. :)

    That bag is beyond AMAZIIIIING! I spy a koala AND a roo..and the handles are lovely. XOXO

  10. Stupendous upcycle with those glitter-fied shoes!! I think your leggings and all the rest were actually grey until you put on these magic shoes, which instantly transformed you into a goddess of colour and delight.

  11. How I would love to get in your closet, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You are magical and always inspiring, my deares Desiree.

  12. Oh wow! You glitterfied your own shoes! We need a tutorial because, frankly, there aren't enough glittery shoes in the world. Fabulous. Xx

  13. Yay, another much-needed dose of happy, stretchy, lycra-y, glittery wonderfulness from you! Awesome shoes glitterification.... wish I could describe heels as "comfy"; they make me walk like a turkey... guess I'll just have to practice ;)

    Wonderful to see the have-a-go dna coming out splendidly with The Stylist's gigantic crayon-making, and the one-of-each earring
    styling! xx

  14. The glitter shoes look fantastic... absolutely loving them... must try it

  15. You and the stylish are so fabulously creative, what a team! I love your glitter shoes to distraction and your curled hair is just perfection. Those teapot earrings are so cute, well done ,Em! xxxxxxxxx

  16. Oh I want a magic wand that glitter sparkles everything.
    The shoes look fabulous!!!!
    The stylish super crayons are great, clever poppet.
    Love v

  17. Oh my god the shoes! I die! I want to glitterify something now!

  18. The shoes were definitely upgraded!
    Glitterfication is now part of my lexicon and I should put it to practise too. Oh the possibilities!!!

  19. Oh mi amorcito!
    I also thought you got yourself some new glittery Melissa shoes.
    I just want to glitterfuckenfy something now. That rose/fury corsage is beyond gorgeous.
    Bunch of creative biatchs!
    Bella is just to darn cute, I want to go color with he big ass crayons.

  20. You could tap your way into anyones heart in those fantastic magical golden shoes! I adore them nice job mama! I did two pairs of cowboy boots last year and still love them to death! Your curls look sweet too and microwaving crayons why look at all the fun I am missing. Great idea!!!! Your craftiness makes me want to do cartwheels!

  21. Bloody amazing! I really really want to glitterfy some shoes now. What kind of glue did you use? They are a gazillion times more awesome than before, I sense another branch to Sassy Vamps - people could send stuff in to be glittered up!

    Love it!

  22. ooh i read this diy thing on glittering shoes a while ago...i don't know what technique you used but this looks pretty kewl (shoot, i just used the word kewl. i also just used shoot.)

  23. Wow i can't believe how you transformed those shoes they look amazing i love them. Bless the stylist she is clever. dee xx

  24. That's a great idea to jazz up the shoes! I'm on the lookout for some cheap pairs to jazz up in a similar style x

  25. P.S. Re new stuff in charity/op shops - baby wipes and car wash is pretty random, it's usually tacky handbags, 'shabby chic' doorstops and plastic watering cans shaped like rabbits amongst other things here!

  26. Oh my, gold glitter shoes are JUST what that outfit needed! What the world needed, in fact! You look insanely fabulous, like a hot sexy circus ring mistress, but where's your whip?! Your hair is stunning.
    Microwaving crayons? Who knew? The Stylist, that's who! xxxxx

  27. Fabulous outfit and the shoes are fantastic!. I adore them.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  28. Freaking stunning!!! I tried the glitter shoes and failed but yours look spectacular!!! I agree with Lakota Sassy Vamps branching out could be fun! So glad Stylist likes her earrings! xx

  29. oh you gorgeous thing! I love your ring master outfit. I hope you blew the optician's minds with your uber sparkliness xxxxx

    ps: want giant crayons

  30. You are awesome! It looks like you have one fun closet filled with tons of fun things. :) How awesome are those shoes? :) Love it!!!!

  31. I don;t dare get started on glitterfication, I don;t think I could ever stop! Those shoes are pretty amazing though... x

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  32. What amazing shoes! And I bet the optometrist loved your outfit as much as I do - you look fab! Love the moll hairdo too

  33. Love, love, LOVE those shoes! I'm a glitter shoe fanatic. I own at least seven pairs of bedazzled shoes. they're perfect for putting a twinkle in your toes.

  34. Oh Hell's bells, I'm going to have to make me some sparkly shoes now!

  35. The photo with glitter shadow and curled hair - glamorous! The glitter shoe are transformational and with you and the Stylist there's never a dull moment.

  36. yeah! the shoes look amazing! good job with the glitterfying! :D they turned out great and the crayon thing is a cool idea! im loving the teapot earrings on the little one, so cute :)


  37. Hi sweets

    I should have explain better about people moving on July 1
    The lease for renting all end June 31 in quebec, so July 1 you see a lot of people moving. Quebecois are known to move a lot.
    You did a marvelous job on the shoes, i have seen often diy on how to glitterized shoes!
    I love what hou did to your hair

    Take care

    Ariane x

  38. love the shoes!! seems everyone is doing fabulous shoe make-overs maybe it's about time I try revamping some of my own :)


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