Thursday, August 4, 2011

Golden Years

Locals around these here 'burbs copped an eyeful of blinding gold when I ran a couple of very early morning errands.
Bless 'em, it must be such a shock to the system when a woman prances by looking like a circus ring-master at 8am.

 It was the first time I wore a pair of Black Milk gold sequinned leggings that I treated myself to a few weeks ago.
I took a chance on the leggings after hearing good reports of them and I'm glad I did.  Not only are they super-soft, the sequins are tiny and don't cut in so they don't feel like being wrapped in cut glass (wot?).

 I wore my 1930s silk PJ top (I used to think it was a camisole but realised my mistake after buying a couple of pairs with similar tops), also a 1920s tailcoat and 1940s bag, all from eBay; velvet hat from a flea market; pendant from the lovely Vix.

 The sequins are tricky to photograph but I think it's because they're not a bright gold and they're sewn in a squiggle pattern, not all over.

Time for a couple of style tips from a golden-oldie.
Tip #1: If you've had a series of horrendous, restless nights and wake up looking like crap, wear something shiny or spangly - preferably several such items at once.
I could say that the light will reflect off your face, making you look 10 years younger.
Not true.  It will shock all those around you into believing you are a tight-rope walker on day-leave from the looney bin and they will not notice your crows feet or neck crepe.

Tip #2: Red lipstick is an accessory.
Now my dear ones, go out into the world and share the love.
Desiree xo


  1. Tee hee - crows feet be gone - I'm sure sequins come in much cheaper than most anti wrinkle creams these days - I love the circus master look! Those leggings are fabulous! I love the old gold colour of the sequins.

  2. Nothing is ever, EVERY wrong with gold tights. Especially at 8am. At least you had the guts to wear it at that hour - most people don't know weather they are coming or going!

    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  3. just landed on your blog on a dreary wet "summer" morning, and have enjoyed reading your past posts- thankyou!

    Am having a crows-feet and soggy skin morning so wearing huge 70s earrings to counteract...I always find people are too busy looking at the ears to notice the face!


  4. If you can't be a circus ringmaster at 8am then when CAN you be?

    I hope you truly did prance as well. It makes my heart smile to imagine you prancing everywhere in your amazing clothes, bringing smiles to all of Sydney!

    And yes, red lipstick is crucial. I'm just trying to get used to wearing it every day at the moment, and every time I see that bright red it gives such a wonderful lift to the soul!

  5. A lady came into my work in a very similar ensemble to this today - it really made my day, she's one of my favourite customers.

    This outfit makes my day even more though, because those leggings are absolutely freakin' amazing!

  6. WOW! I love that you are weaing a tailcoat! :| Amazing!

    Those leggings are bling-tastic!

    This outfit is fantastic! :D xxx

  7. Oh you are awesome! I looove the leggings and I really want a tailcoat.

  8. Hi DD hope you got my email you may get a giggle.

  9. Oh my gosh, girl, you are just one of my favorite people (actually, I said that on my blog not today but yesterday and linked to you). I love those leggings! Just in time that you start reccommending leggings, too, because it will be getting colder here soon and I need some to go with my extensive dr marten collection.

    I am coming to your house and stealing your tail coat. That is amazing. (Not for reals- could you imagine someone coming from the states to you to steal a tail coat?)

  10. I swear, you've been on a roll with awesome outfits lately. Even more so than usual. I really love the tail-coat here. You look awesome :D I wish I could walk by you at 8am, that's be so much fun.

  11. OoOoHH LOOK at you all sparkly and shiny! I am liking your look I don't thik there is any way you could have a bad day wearing an outfit like that.

  12. wow, foxy lady,
    love the second pic especially

  13. oooh, such a delightful outfit, with so many perfect details: love your shiny leggings and patent booties and love how you wear that tailcoat with them!!
    And I'm a huge fan of the instant beauty that provides rouge lipstick!!
    besos & red

  14. I love the reasons you've offered for wearing I am an insomniac. But where is the second purse?

  15. I just got my first sequined top and am so excited! I think I may be in love! Your sequins look so lovely on you and I like how you've paired them with the black jacket and girly top! I bet your neighbors wait by the window so they can see each of your new looks every morning! Big shiny sparkly hug to you! ~Serene

  16. LOVE the leggings. And your mullet jacket!

  17. I found you blog through HELGA, and I love your style. Your're smashing,and oh so stylish.

    I'm your newest follower :)

  18. How DO you do it? You really can wear anything! Those leggings are very you, especially with the little top, but the tailcoat? Inspired!
    Fabulous and fearless, darling!!


  19. Oh, nice post.)) Love your blog!!!.))))))

    I need your help ... Soon I am flying to Greece and I will have a two-day shopping in Athens .. You were there ever? If yes, what places you advise?

  20. Oh Lord these leggings if I saw the sunshine blinging off you in the streets I would have to run up to you and tell you how you make the world a prettier place.

    You are stunning in these and that jacket, YUM!!!!!!

  21. Fecking HOT look Desiree!! Crikey love,you can Ring Mistress me anytime!! ha,that's SO dodgy,grrrr!
    Sequins are the BOMB! Love those leggings,but then,your legs are so divine,you work them like no other!

  22. Eeek! I saw this post just before I left on Thursday and I was thinking about your fabulousness all weekend.
    Who cares about crows' feet when they could look as fabulous as you in your ringmaster on acid outfit? AMAZING! xxx

  23. You golden ring master, love your dorado leggins. you own like the coolest leggins ever. I need to get me some flashy leggings. love how your styled your coat tail. what crows feet amor.
    oh btw I am now craving my Mamas chorizo thanks to you.

  24. You are my style icon Desiree... and I don't say these words lightly.

    You are my Jim Morrison of Style.

    ...and I have been wanting to buy those leggings for ages so thank you, now I will, now that I know that they're comfortable.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting, I've been lurking. Just haven't the energy to comment and it's past 1am now!


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