Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coats Anonymous

I really must stop buying coats, jackets and capes.
There's no excuse to buy more.
I live in a climate where one coat would do all winter ... and that's just on some cold days.
It's getting to the stage where I'm considering starting up a support group.
Coats Anonymous.

I cannot live without this faux-fur coat.  Many think I'm mad, but while they're shivering in a hoodie, I'm snug and smug. Ha I say. Ha!

Nobody will ever convince me a red coat is not a wardrobe basic.

This 1940s fur cape is a critical part of my wardrobe.

A 1920s men's tailcoat is essential.  Isn't it?

I have no excuse.  But it's red! And I can pretend I'm a nurse!

I must insist however, that every feather-wearer needs a feather cape.

Mohair cape anyone?

I suspect Sarah Misfits who so kindly gifted me this faux-fur jacket could be a likely candidate for Coats Anonymous, but she has every excuse to hoard coats galore.  Her Canberra winters average minus zero-10 degrees.

Fur jackets get cheap thrills "ooh do you mind if I touch it?"

There are other addicts out there.  I just know it.
We identify each other by our shifty demeanour when we spy a coat-wearer, then there's the familiar shuffle to get closer to the offending garment.
I had an all too-familiar experience recently with a woman at a vintage pop-up market where I spotted a jacket (which of course I bought).

Offending jacket.

Me: Mmmm ... this is nice.
Her: Yes, I bought it about 15 years ago and I haven't worn it for ages coz I already have enough coats.
Me: Oh (high-pitched over-loud laughter) I probably have a few too many coats and jackets for Brisbane.
Her: (Quick glances side-to-side) Me too. I can't help it.  I love them.
Me: (Eyes bulging - fellow addict spotted).  My son's wardrobe is jammed with them and he can't hang up his clothes (gasping with relief at confession).
Her: (Relieved look - a comrade) When did you start "collecting"?
Me: Four years spent in London.  It ruined me and I really don't need more but they're so beautiful. You?
Her: Same but I'm cutting down (avoids eye-contact).
Money changes hands and we shuffle apart with heads bowed.

I am a ruined woman.
Desiree xo


roughmetaphors said...

I'm originally from Singapore and I now live in Brisbane. I, too, find myself drawn to coats - the warmer the better.

Do you think there's hope for me? I'm not that bad yet, I think. Not really.

wait until the sunset said...

I love love love that first jacket! I've been searching for one of my own but it's so true that there is only a few weeks a year we can get away with one like it! Although, we are going to Europe for christmas- justification plus!! :-D

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Desiree,
Alas my hoarding addiction isn't limited to one particular item of clothing but frocks will probably be my ultimate ruin.
I do have an insane number of coats, jackets, blazers & faux-furs too and can't seem to resist getting more either.
I've just done a stock rotation in the boudoir, I swapped all the trousers, shorts & tops for frocks...there's now 150 frocks on the rails! That's a pretty scary number considering none of that includes my "private collection". Addicted Moi, most definitely ;)
You look lovely as ever in that round-up of gorgeous ensembles and I entirely agree, everyone should have a feather cape, it's I knew there was something my wardrobe was missing, off to scour eBay ;)
Lot's of love,

Dakota said...

Hi, my name is Dakota and I'm addicted to coats...
I've justified it in my head though; I do live in a terribly cold and snowy place, so they're very practical really, especially those of the [vintage!] fur variety. I love 'em for their show-stopping ability and the instant glamour they bring. I'm drooling over your dazzling collection! (And also your tights and silk tap shorts... truly lovely! You have the best wardrobe!!)

Patti said...

I love that first faux fur, and the two red numbers. There are worse addictions, ya know. (I can quit boots any time I want . . . )


Kerry said...

I can think of an excuse for you to continue to buy these wondrous creations - noone wears them quite like you! Imagine if that gorgeous feather cape was banished to the back of a wardrobe somewhere, it would be an absolute crime against humanity!

You know, I recently bought a red cape myself but still don't quite know what to do with it. But you can trust once I do it will be with help from your archives!

Lee said...


Well, those jackets are all very necessary, no matter what your climate!

I've got a similar problem with shoes. I don't TECHNICALLY need any more shoes but I just can't stop. I love them so much!

My justification is that I neither smoke nor do drugs so it's ok to spend my money on them!

I'm aware that makes no sense, but when you're an addict, you'll justify it however you can...

Lee x

Veshoevius said...

I need to join your support group - and like you my habit started in London and despite the cold there is still no excuse to justify more than a coat for work and a coat for days off. Yet I am clocking up a ridiculous number. They just make you feel so dressed up! Your vintage stall story made me laugh. And I love every single one of these coats you've got on display here and can see why they are all wardrobe essentials in some way! (But then again I am a fellow coat addict).

The Sequin Cat said...

Your new coat is well worth it! Looking great, as usual.

Dial V for Vintage said...

You are definitely not alone... I just bought two new (vintage) coats, and I already have so many coats and jackets! Your little red cape is simply adorable, I want one too :D.

Vix said...

Can I join, too? I have an obscene number of coats and despite living in freezing cold England there's really no excuse, it just takes me far to long to lerave the house on a cold morning as I'm too indecisive to choose which one.
I think I need a feather cape, too especially if it makes me look as hot as you. xxxxxxxx

Franca said...

You have the best coat collection! The red cape and the military coat are my faves! I have a lot of jackets too, but none as exciting as yours!

Miss Claire said...

When I moved into my tiny flat with a tiny wardrobe, most of my coats had to be put into storage. And last week, on a heavy dose of bunny morhpine, chomby wee'd on one of my most-worn coats. Now I only have 2 to choose from!

I looooove your red cape SO MUCH! You have amazing style Xoxoxox

VintageSweetheart said...

I love the mens tail coat. I don't have a large amount of coats because they probably wouldn't fit in my wardrobe anyways. I need to go to dresses anonymous. Maybe they would be in the same building ha ha.

E :)

Penny Dreadful said...

*avoiding eye contact* there are problems in this house too. Though I still want one in red and another in yellow and another in leopard. There will never be enough x

Kitty said...

All too gorgeous my dear, I have so many coats in stock but I still buy furs for myself..I'm allowed to, right?! Hope the Phoenix is ok.xx.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Coats are basic human right! And you have more rights than most ;-)

Love your collection, I can see why the latest had to join it, it looks great on you. Your guilty exchange with the seller did make me laugh!

Ginger said...

From one addict to another, well done. You have such a beautiful collection; I especially love the capes.

Which reminds me, I should really add more capes to my collection- not that I really need such garments in this clime.

Serene said...

Okay....all of these are FABULOUS and dramatic. However, my favorites are the feathers and the mohair. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them! You look so amazing....Before the weekend is over, I too, will have a tube of red lipstick! Hugs! ~Serene

tralala said...

Ohhh - coats are like the wrapping paper on the lovely gift that is the outfit of the day.

And I don't understand this 'too many' thing ... lol

Meg Needles said...

Girl, I know how you feel. It's like I should be repeating this pledge: I, Meghan, with my fingers firmly crossed behind my back, promise to never buy coats again wink wink wink but I need a new black one.

I have tons! I love the one in that last photo.

Helga! said...

AH,coats,capes.....they're heaven!!! A girl can NEVER have too many.I KNOW I simply don't have enough.I am invredibly envious of your collection!!! And you can play nursey with me anytime,you sexy BINT!

La Dama said...

A girl could never own too many coats,capes,etc..
I am in love with your faux fur coat.
I need a red nurse cape.
Hope your love is okay?

Misfits Vintage said...

I am the President of the Canberra Chapter! We coat addicts are a sepcial breed.

You know I ADORE you Desiree, but I would fight you for the military jacket!

Sarah xxx

Celynne said...

You'd think, since I live in Canada and it's horribly cold for months as a time, that I would have more coats. I own two leather jackets, 2 trench coats and 1 winter coat. Your coat collection is lovely though, cannot blame you.

Theeny said...

*enters coat addicts anonymous meeting* Hi, my name is Theeny and I've been buying an excess of coats and stealing others from grandma's/parents' closets since my early teens.

Terri said...

I had to laugh at this post. I have an entire closet devoted to my coats only...

Tomye said...

I can't begin to tell you how many coats I have. My most precious is one that belonged to my mother from the 1940's. It comes out at Christmas to show off.

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Red coat = absolute staple - even better than a black one. And don't worry, when I lived in Cairns I owned 4 coats. Winter does not exist there.

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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the Citizen Rosebud said...

I sometimes feel like I have more coats than clothes. They are so unique, how can you not want to collect them. I refuse to stop buying them however. I would rather wear the same outfit under them and wear a different coat everyday!

Heather Fonseca said...

I love coats. Unfortunately I live in Los Angeles, where coats are just silly. I make up for it in jackets though!

triskelos said...

What a wonderful collection! I'm a huge fan of that gorgeous feather cape <3

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