Monday, December 20, 2010

The Kiss

When I was about 12 and lived in Fiji with my parents, we sometimes passed ourselves off as tourists and crashed a resort for a swim, while actually holidaying up the road in a beach cabin.
I loved to witness the glamour of what I considered the "jet-set" crowd in their brand spanking new swimsuits, bikinis and resort-wear.
It astounded me that women (and men) could buy a whole new wardrobe for a two-week holiday, including swishy, sarong-style dresses and sky-high, strappy, metallic stilettos. 
I'd watch as women balanced and wiggled down the gangplank of a huge, hulking boat, wearing skin-tight, white, hotpants, sunburnt and giggly after day out spent deep-sea fishing - or something;).
I once watched agog as a gorgeous, blond, Aussie model and her stylist got the creases out of a silk dress using the pool loo hand-dryer.
She later posed in a gold - yes, gold - one-piece cut high on the hip, balancing in stilettos on jagged rocks, with hair flying in the sunset.
It all seemed so incredibly glamourous at that age, yet I was happy to return to our hut and the coral sand beach, where it was peaceful, had no drunks, and held a true representation of Fiji's residents.
I've always wondered if I'd ever be one of those women who wear heels with a swimsuit.
I gave it a try with a Black Milk swimsuit that the Phoenix gave me last week as an early Christmas present.

I think I'll be wearing it with these 1970s shorts I bought at a vintage stall a few years ago and white leather wedges.

I added a bit of colour with one of my favourite scarves, a thrifted, silk, Liberty of London number, a necklace thrifted last week for $3, and 1950s lucite bangles.

Of course, the print on the swimsuit is the famous V-J Day in Times Square snapped by Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1945.

No, I don't think I'll be tottering around any pools in my favourite heels at any time in the near future.
It's fun to watch other people do so, but I think it's best left to Vogue and Cosmo to do it justice.
I do love playing on the romance of the look of a bit of 1940s pool-side glamour though;).


Collette Osuna said...

Cute the shoes with the suit....I dont think Id ever do it either, but I bet it was fun dressing up....:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
Statements in Fashion Blog♥

The Elegant Bohemian said...

Desiree, YES! YES! YES! This is the PICTURE of old Hollywood glamour! A wedge is the perfect heel compromise. Your shorts with it just complete the vintage, yet very up to date look. I really love this!!! ~Serene

sacramento said...

I keep on forgetting that it is summer in Australia...I love, love your first photo, you look soooooooooooo pretty with that swiming suit.Love the print, and love you sooooooooooooo daring. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Lidia Bimbi said...

amazing picture of the kiss, part great!

Eden said...

wow! the legs! xaxax looking great:)))

Erica Louise said...

What a gorgeous outfit!!

Terri said...

You are rocking that swimsuit! I love the print on the suit!

fashionoverfifty said...

Its funny in our brains cuz its snowing here...great suit--love the wedgies and the shorts--so retro

Vanessa said...

Love those highwaisted white shorts! Just so fun! And that swimsuit is so unusual, striking and statement making. You are quickly becoming a top resource for fun and zany and glamourous and eclectic ideas!

Spikklubba said...

Oh, those shorts! That is a glamorous look.

Marissa said...

God, I hope I look like you after I have kids! It's kind of not fair. :) I think the wedges add just the right amount of glamor; stilettos are just too much. You've styled this outfit perfectly, and you really can't go wrong with Black Milk!

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy guacamole - you have the longest legs in the world! Those swimmers are fantastic and you have styled that look fabulously. Man, I want leg extensions! You look so good.

Sarah xxx

Veshoevius said...

LOVE that swimsuit and it looks great with the shorts and head scarf - you look so glamorous!!

devilishlypleasurable said...

love the glamour you exude!

mikapoka said...

OMG, I knew Aussies have taste for swimmers but you're killing me softly: amazing pics, amazing legs
and shorts: bet you won't get unnoticed this summer. BTW, are you going to attend WFF?
Best wishes & season's greetings!!!

MADMSL said...

Love that suit! A merry christmas to you too!
As many sprouts as possible!

Hope Adela said...

wow that swimsuit is so cool! i love how you accessorized with the gypsy like accessories! =)

Cloud of Secrets said...

You're not supposed to totter around the pool in your heels; you're supposed to stay reclining attractively on a poolside chaise while a Significant Other, cocktail waiter, or other attendants bring you what you need. ;-) You look beautiful, and my gawd, those LEGS! Merry Summery Christmas!

Leigh said...

love this look! awesome shorts! i would totally wear something like this by the pool!

Bonnie said...

I have a friend who always crashes hotel swimming pools so you're not alone! I love the look you've got going on. Hope you are having a fun, warm Christmas. I am jealous of the weather!

xo, Bonnie

Kelly said...

Super cute!!!

<3 Kelly

RETRO REVA said...

Ah, to be in Summer in the Winter!
Perfect swimsuit!!!!!
The wedges are awesome as well!

Vintage Vixen said...

Argh...glamour personified! Love it!
Hope you had an ace Xmas and I loved your vlog, you're even more gorgeous in video! xxx

Idee Fixe ( said...

Holy canoli batman! You look fantastic, glamourous and gorgeous! I'm one of those crazy women who wears high heels to the pool, I'm so tiny that I need all the help I can get! Feels weird to see you ready for summer while we just got snowed in the other day!

Ashley J said... have got great legs! Just found your lovely blog.


KT said...

I love this picture and it makes for a stunning bathing suit! Although with all the snow we got in my part of the world, the pool and swimming is a distant memory! - Katy

mikapoka said...

Hi, so sorry for the misunderstanding: I was referring to free-spirited Woodford Folk Festival.
Have fun and thanx for passing by, ciao!

Henar said...

I love the outfit, the shorts are awesome!!

Francesca said...

hallo :) thank you for your comment! i hope you have a great new years talk to you soon^_^

F. (

Morgan Jordan said...

Thanks for the comment. Love the leotard and especially the way you're wearing it.


PS Following you now and Happy New Year!!

Sunbeam said...

your comment was so kind. can´t tell you how happy I am to hear such things :)
I love your costume it´s like the marylin time.
Isn´t that the something with kiss day in new york ?
showed your blog to my mom today. she was fancinated =D
wish you a happy new year =D
Love sunbeam

RETRO REVA said...

Hi desiree!
I am including ou in my best-of post tommorrow!
( if not OK please let me know)

gina said...

What a fun swimsuit!

Marissa said...

I realized when I saw your comment that I haven't seen any posts from you in a while. I hope that means you're relaxing and enjoying the holidays! Happy New Year!

RETRO REVA said...

Hi my lovely!
I made an oopsie with your link, but fixed it- so sorry!

Elekon said...

wow! amazing! such a unique swimsuit, I`m sure you`ll be one of a kind cause this look is such a glam vintage! Happy New Year, have a good holidays and the very best wishes!:)

accessoryqueen! said...

i love your outfit! especially your jewellery and head scarf. you look gorgeous!
thank you so much for your comment :)
Nat xo

Eternal*Voyageur said...

Was going to say something about the swimsuit, but the I got distracted by those endless legs.

Sara said...

Perfection! I'm in love with this swimsuit. You look lovely.

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