Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leather leggings

This is my first outfit post with pix taken by my little Bellarina on our way to the Valley Markets last Saturday.
It's such a shame how so many of Brisbane's markets are becoming increasingly homogenised.

The reason why many people go to flea or people's markets is because they want to be suprised by some amazing finds that they never expected to discover.
Judging by the number of bloggers and thrifters, many feel the same way and I wonder if there's an overall sense of disappointment for bargain hunters these days.

I know however that many new designers find their feet and acquire a following of fans with humble beginnings at markets and I love that there is a way open to them.

But the mass-produced plastic crap, tacky tights, hideous hoodies and two-minute toys? I've had it with them!

Anyway, still getting used to the camera and I'm sure the quality will improve in time.
Here's what I'm wearing - the leather leggings are incredibly comfortable - wish I could afford another pair for when I wear these ones out!

Leather leggings: Black Market Baby on Etsy Vintage silk kimono, Dr Marten boots: eBay; printed silk blouse: thrifted; peacock earring and assorted bangles: thrifted.

Close-up of crown brooch and grey scarf both from Beadoire

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