Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm throwing everything out !!!

OK so I was doing a bit of a random search for leggings on BigCartel at two this morning. You know, as you do on a Saturday night.
And as you do at that crazy witching hour, I decided that I don't need to own 22 black dresses anymore.
Or black, drapey, asymmetrical tops and tunics.
Or plain-coloured leggings.
They ALL have to go.
Banished. Gone. BYE-BYE!!

Why? Because I found these ...

They're by the talented design-duo behind naKIMuli - an African-inspired range of go-get-'em clothing and accessories that could possibly cause a rise in single-vehicle car crash statistics this year, the range is so incredibly striking and HAWT!!!!!!

They have this to say about their range:

They describe their African Hologram Dress as "it's like an interview at the front and a rock concert at the back".
And yes it certainly is!
This skirt/dress isn't a new idea at all, but somehow these ladies just make their clothing look so fresh and best of all ... FUN!
What happened to fun?
It went here ...

Now part of me wants to just click on the top leggings and "Add to cart", but there's a little voice telling me that I might need to click on these too ...

Just to ease me into the transition you understand.
And these ...

Thank you naKIMuli for reminding me that life is short, so make the most of the vibrant colour that nature has gifted us all.


Just do it ...

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