Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Baby You're the Best

Look at #2 Son looking all flash and cool for his Year 12 formal.
We all know how many hundreds of dollars parents lay out for their daughters to look special on their big night out.
It's mind boggling how much cash and energy is spent on looking super-spesh.
But you know, I think it's way cooler how my son looked at his watch at 3pm and announced it was time for a shower, had a shave, got dressed and stepped out the door smelling amazing and looking a million bucks.
Later he told me all the girls were falling asleep by 8pm because they were exhausted ... gosh all that spray-tanning, hair-do's, makeup, nails, blah blah blah ... it takes it out of a girl.
All the boys looked fresh, cool, and proud to be looking good.
Mama was proud too.
So she wore a 1930s silk nightie.

Besties since preschool.  That's 13 out of 17 years folks, almost a lifetime.

It was treat time on Sunday and Advanced Style was a treat for the eyes and the soul.
We laughed, we cried.
It was wonderful.

On Monday, it was all business in the courtroom.
And in the bathroom.
And waiting for hours outside.

Hold your precious ones close my friends.
Love Desiree xoxo


  1. Desiree, your son is gorgeous! Wow! He must be a popular kid with those great looks. I love the picture of the two of you that includes the ginger kitty! I am having some challenges with my own son at the moment so your picture of you with your son reminds me that I have to stay strong and hang in there! Great post. Thanks for the morale booster! XO, Jill

  2. In this one post, Desiree, you present three totally different aspects of your witty, womanly form: a decorous Deco goddess, a color-riche Style Crone, and a sophisticated woman who means business in the courtroom. Brava!

    You're standing tall beside your young ones with pride -- and *ahem* because they ARE standing tall, aren't they. Beautiful people like their mum!

  3. Oh my gosh. You're all so beautiful. What a handsome boy!!! It was so fun watching my daughter get all dolled up for her formals but my punk rock son hasn't gotten spiffed up since he was a 6 year old ring bearer at a wedding 14 years ago. Still I love his adorable rock and rollness. Advanced Style! How fun! Can't wait to see it. It won't be coming to my dorkazoid little town. I'll have to wait to get the DVD. Bah!

  4. look wonderful, D.! I love these pictures...the kids look great too. Can't wait to see "Advanced Style"...I know I will adore it. After all, I'm dressing up as an elderly woman for Halloween--Bedazzled cane and all! ;)

  5. And you should be proud darling! Such a handsome chap. You all look wonderful.
    You take care sweetheart.

  6. I was thinking about you the other day and hoping you were ok. Check out your beautiful offspring. I would be proud too. And look, you're back to your signature platinum! Take care xxxx

  7. What a handsome son you have there! It's eye-boggling how much money is poured into proms when the attendee is a girl! x

  8. What a handsome boy and the gorgeous Bella, you must be very proud!
    Looking fabulous in all three incarnations, from business through to pleasure.
    Take care, love! xxxxxxx

  9. No one will ever wear a nightie quite like you do!

    What a handsome son you have. x

  10. No.2 Son looks about four years older than he did the last time I saw a pic of him, actually, he looks like a young Agent Cooper :) Funny how a suit and scrub-up makes a boy look older...

    Love that minty shade on you.

    Have you had a change though? The comments are now a bit awkward to read...

  11. Your son looked marvellous...they do have it a bit easier in getting dressed, bless :) Handsome young man. And you and your daughter looked gorgeous for the cool as always my dear xx

  12. Your children are beautiful - they obviously get it from their mom!
    I hope your court date went well for you.

  13. everything in this post made me happy, thank you! xxx

  14. You just have such cute kids and their Mom is gorgeous! Loving all your looks from the inside out! What a wonderful girls night out to see this movie, I can't wait to see it myself. I bet you were the prettiest pair in that theatre.
    Loads of love dumped right on you!

  15. You and both those kids are gorgeous!!! I love the green glitter eyeshadow and the courtroom dress <3 I really can't wait to see that movie!

  16. I know where your children get their good looks and fashion sense. That's a milestone isn't it-the big formal dance? Amazing what people will spend on it though.

    Hope court went the way you wanted.

  17. Well, aren't you the stylish family (of COURSE, you're at the helm after all). Funnily enough in my last post I recalled how, for my end-of-school prom I spent exactly 15 minutes getting ready. And that included making a painfully slow way in to a dress that ought to have had a zip for getting in and out of - but didn't.
    Hope that your courtroom experience has a positive outcome.

  18. What stylish and gorgeous kids you have, Desiree - of course you're proud!
    Rocking the 1930s nightie, as always, and are those my favourite green lurex flares that I spy when you went to the cinema? LOVE!
    Hope all is well. xxx

  19. Love the orange cat, the most casual photo bomb.

    Too bad that movie won't be coming to a theatre near me. I'll have to wait for the DVD.

    Hugs to you, beautiful

  20. Gosh your kids are heavenly on the eyes! Well, we know where they get it from. So happy to see you here posting again, and looking great. I see that as a very good sign of the times. Yep, hold them close. I don't know this film, must check it out. Xxxxxx

  21. I am such a dick, I didn't even KNOW there was an Advanced Style film! I need to see it!
    Bless, your son is a hottie! I can't comprehend the crap girls go through for these events. Just like a wedding, it's a load of rubbish!(I always feel sorry for the groom, knwoing it's the one and only time he'll see his woman looking so glam....if they even recognise her, that is!
    You've looked like a right FOX throughout....dribble drool!
    Love and Lustipops!

  22. Effortlessly gorgeous - all of you :)
    The courtroom outfit is just impeccable - I hope that went well - take care of yourself D xx

    p.s. Did you see Fabulous Fashionistas?

  23. Your children are so beautiful and look so much like you! I heard that school graduation became such a huge deal in Russia where I am from too, it was not like this at all when I lived there. We had a fun party, a glass of champagne, cute special dresses, but nobody spent too much on any of that. The whole school went out to see a sunrise on a river bank, it was romantic and memorable.

    As always, I enjoy noticing all the details you put together so artfully and uniquely. Wishing you all the best things you need the most, my dear! xxxx

  24. What a cutie. Tamika got her dress made from a combination of vintage and bought fabric and beads. Whole thing came in under $50 and she too looked stunning.

  25. Your children are gorgeous just like their mom. Your first outfit with the silk nightie and embroidered bag is so amazingly elegant. Beautiful!

  26. Such a handsome fella ... amazing how the girls go to so much trouble and the guys can just throw on a suit!!

  27. What a handsome son! And very clean! I love the picture of the two of you and you look so gorgeous in that dress. Who would know it's a nightgown? I've never seen a nightgown with a collar. I love your Advanced Style outfit too. LOVE the trousers! Advanced Style is not going to come to my town so it will be awhile before I get to see it, but I am sure hearing great things about it.

  28. No.2 son is such a handsome chap, actually you have very beautiful children, Miss Bella is looking quite spectacular, and much taller - I didn't know there was an Advanced Style film, I wanna see it! you are looking blooming fabulous, my goodness Desiree, I love, sorry LOVE your mint silk nightie, you are an exquisite siren (love all your outfits) hope the business in the courtroom worked out for well for you, take care lovely x x x

  29. What gorgeous kids you have and you look utterly fabulous in that 30's nightgown. Hope nothing too onerous is being dealt with in the courtroom. At least you would have faced it all looking amazing!

  30. You all look so dapper! I'm loving The Stylists' hot pink ballet flats.

  31. Your son is so handsome! I can't wait to see Advanced Style

  32. Oh how lovely! You must be brimming with pride. I love the nightie; you both look fabulous. It's too true about girls; the same happened at my dance, hehe.

    I can't wait to see the Advanced Style film when it hits us, I adore all the ladies so much. Especially Tziaporah, she is the sweetest and so glamorous! Lally XX

  33. Such a handsome son. Although how could he not with such a gorgeous mother. The nightie is perfect for the occasion.

    Formals seem to be quite a carry on for the girls. Miss 16 bought her formal frock from a vintage store a couple of weeks ago (formal is in February). It is not particularly vintage, early 90s at most, but it is stunning and she is tickled that no-one will have anything like it. And she has bribed one of her friends with cake to do her hair and make-up. So I am hoping for a fairly stress free event! I do have to make the cake though.......

  34. Lovely photos of you and your children, growing up so gorgeously, due in no small part to their lovely mum I am sure.
    Hope all is well xx

  35. You and your family are a good looking, well dressed bunch, aren't you?! Always boggles my mind how much time is spent in preparation for school formals - and the amount of money spent on the dresses (that they'll most likely wear once!)!!! Besties since preschool? Wow. Always love hearing about friendships like that.
    How wonderful to see Advanced Style! Sounds so amazing. I must see it! Those green pants of yours are stunning.
    I hope all the courtroom stuff works out in your favour.

  36. These two both look wonderful and so do you! This whole post bought a smile to my face :)

  37. Love this! I linked to it on my blog!

  38. Hey, hope you're well x

    Just read that Queensland Ballet are having a costume sale on the 22nd of November.

    I seem to remember you've been to see them a few times? Apologies if it's nowhere near you!

  39. I was sure I had commented on this post, but apparently not (I must have commented on one of your instagram photos). You have such lovely children - they obviously take after their gorgeous mother. I'm so glad you and Bella got to see the Advanced Style film.

  40. Hello dear one, how adorbs are both your children. Xxx

  41. What a good looking bunch of people- you make beautiful children, sweet lady. How joyful they look- wishing them the best and brightest of futures.

  42. i have to se this movie, too ... is it a 40s dress you rocked there in the courtroom?!

    love the pants ... aswell. sigh.


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