Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dime a Dozen

I've been in a style funk for a couple of months now.
In limbo for this long, my it's no fun.
Then our local Vinnies and Salvos recently shut up shop for a couple of weeks and reopened in vastly improved, bigger premises just a few doors away from their original digs.
Days later, I was strolling down the street and spotted a new shop, Pop Up Vintage.
Clearly the planets were aligned and it was time for a jolly good rummage to whet the appetite.

I've been wearing cast offs since I was a kid and I can't recall an occasion when I didn't get excited about wearing someone else's clothes.
I learned to sew at a young age and was sewing most of my own clothes by 16 then once I started working I loved treating myself to new gear.
But I always returned to second hand clothes and to this day, I get more of a thrill from finding something odd, used and inexpensive than prancing about in clothes from over-priced, pretentious boutiques.

During the 90s, I wouldn't have been seen dead in saggy floral frocks like this, even when they were popular here in Brisbane.
It was strictly black all the way for me back then, which I still love, although these days my black outfits are usually highly decorated.
But ever since I grabbed this fine cotton frock from Pop Up Vintage for $12, I've worn it nearly everyday.
Just goes to show it's never too late to change your mind about style.

Cotton frock - Pop Up vintage shop
1960s beauty case, Demonia shoes, jewellery and 1940s fur cape - op shops and markets
Tights - Sock Dreams

The black sequin 80s top was a closing-time $10 bargain from Camberwell Market in Melbourne during our recent adventures and I found the cotton stretch skirt at the Red Cross shop.
When I took it to the counter I was told if I bought two items I'd get the third for free, so I found two more skirts and paid just $10 for the three.
I haven't worn tube-style skirts since my Madonna days in the 80s, so I'm cracking open yet another time capsule.

1980s sequinned top - Camberwell Markets, Melbourne
1950s leopard-print beret and 1970s beaded bag - Nelly of Vintage Wishes
Fishnet top - online sale
Skirt - Red Cross op shop
Jewellery - all op-shopped
1970s leather boots - second-hand from local boot makers

I've unpicked part of the waistband of this fab 80s taffeta skirt as it's too small.
I can't wait to finish it as I love it!
It's the second of the three-skirt bargains.
The kilt was the third of the three-skirt bargains.
After my recent wardrobe purge, I realised I'm low on skirts and a Scottish kilt for three bucks?
Yes please.
This is my favourite t-shirt in the world.  
I have no idea what will happen when Miss Camel Toe goes to t-shirt hell, but it's not worth sweating over.  
She only cost me a few bucks, so it's no great financial loss, yet Miss Camel Toe has attitude and understands me.

Green leather jacket - Camberwell Market 
Black t-shirt - online second hand shop
Bangles, earrings - op shops
Pink tights - Sock Dreams
Shoes - market
FREEKY necklace - custom made by Phussy

I trawl op shops and second hand markets for ideas when I'm in a style funk.
What do you do?
Desire xox


  1. Brilliant, brilliant new finds to introduce to Miss Cameltoe (may she be long-living). And a resounding 'yes' to all the reasons you give for shopping second hand. You put the 'F' in Fabulous.

  2. You look divine beautiful! I love your hair color and the cut.. looks gorgeous! Amazing the fancy, edgy and so tasteful chosen peaces! Love this second outfit so much.. the 1980s sequinned top and the Red Cross skirt and the bag :)

    many greetings from Germany

  3. That sequin top was made for you, and I bet that taffeta skirt fitted Bella, if I was her I'd have nicked that for myself :)

  4. I absolutely love your 90's dress. The florals are fabulous and I love the way it clashes with your candy pink hair. I'm in a totally 90's place at the moment fashion wise but not in a teeny scenester way, ugh! I know what you mean about being in a fashion funk. I've been banging on about that myself recently. I tend to look to the past for inspiration. Dig out music I used to listen to (lately from the 90's) and scour the web for new sources of inspiration. Also, I change my hair, that usually helps. Love that beaded bag too xxx

  5. Well you're just looking fabulous ... I only wish I could look that good when I'm in a funk ;0)

  6. I've been in a style rut lately too, I think the summer hot weather didn't help...I'm hoping the change of seasons (soon!) will be the style boost I need! ~ LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  7. Miss CamelToe will live on sewn to the back of a jacket, or as a cushion. She'd look great sequinned.

    When in a funk I give myself a good talking to, put something on my head (hat, clip on bird, massive bastard flower) and hit the dozen or so storage boxes full of crap (umm wardrobe spillage) in my workroom. When all else fails then the saris and curtains in the airing cupboard get flounced about in.

    I am dismayed to find out that boho dressing is having another moment, as are kimono and fringe. Mind you there's a world of difference from high street and my beautiful original pieces - I hope it doesn't last LMAO.

    You look so pretty in the floral and the kilt is just divine. Do you think that funk is seasonal? What would James Brown do? lol

  8. Definitely hit the op shops for inspiration! Found some cool men's braces today, and a cowrie shell necklace that reminds me of my PNG past.
    Glad your stars aligned and you found some stuff.
    Those pink tights and your hair bookend your looks so beautifully.
    Loving the little hat, your boots and leather jacket!
    XO JJ

  9. I've gone a similar route with clothes, I think - dressed in hand-me-downs and from jumble sales as a kid, sewed a bit and wore vintage and secondhand as a student and when I had jobs with crap pay, then got into spending more money on clothes when I had a decent job. But I am far, far happier in vintage and secondhand stuff, it feels like the Real Me.
    And yes, it's good to revisit styles we might have ignored in the past - why not? You've funkified that 90s floral frock a treat with those amazing shoes, purple tights, and a neon necklace!
    Love the sequin top and that divine little leopard print beret, and you look like a Lady Detective who kicks ass in the kilt, Miss Camel Toe, pink tights and green leather!
    You're quite right - when in doubt, hit the op shops and markets, it works a treat every time! xxx

  10. Looks like you broke out of your funk in a big way! It's all fabulous. I particularly like to kilt and cropped green leather jacket. Just the right kind off badass. Oh what fun to shake things up!

  11. Forgot to add that your mention of Sock Dreams made me smile. Their brick and mortar store is 3 miles from my house. What a very small world the internet has created. (Unless of course there is another retailer with the same name in Australia, in which case I've just made a bit of a fool of myself.)

  12. in a style funk? I read my favorite blogs. Then hit the second hand shops

  13. I adore the new old floral frock. I am a HUGE fan myself:) I also love that you paired the sequin top with such a funky tube skirt, funky fresh that's you honey! I do think the key is to always be open minded when picking things to try on, you never know what you might just LOVE! I recently found one of those butterfly sequin tops and it totally reminds me of you. Hope to wear it soon!

  14. love all your fabulous finds and your inspiring funkinesss!!!, love that sequined top and your skirts and your pretty leopardized hat!
    and I'm loving particularly how you wear a t-shirt with plaid and pink tights, it's something I want to try by myself!
    And I think style is something alive, which changes and develops with our own lives, so I'm ready to embrace any funky-punky-crazy inspiration if it arrives to my door! welcome! After so many years dressing black, I'm now multicolor, but will not refuse a return to 80's or 90's styles!
    besos & love

  15. I'd never have guessed there was anything rut-like happening! Great to see and hear you freshly fabulous, I love the floral, sequins, amazing 70s boots, and that divine leather jacket. Vintage stuff is SO much nicer!! I'd expect nothing less than exquisite understanding from dear Miss Cameltoe, may she yet live long and prosper. xoxo

  16. When I'm in a style rut I come over here. Was just saying to Mr. ETB how happy it makes me to see you've posted because I just know it is going to be colourful, and imaginative, and then before I can even get the words out of my mouth, there you are wearing kilts and Miss Cameltoe to prove my point. ADORE. YOU.

    Some people get dressed-you make art.

    I can't shop retail anymore, it kills me to spend money on inferior tat when I can buy nicer vintage for next to nothing. I was the youngest child-hand-me-downs don't bother me at all.

  17. Love your outfits!! the pumps and pink tights are adorable!! ~I just bought some colored tights can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear them we are still in the 90's to 100's ugh to hot!! You look fabulous xoxo Love Heather

  18. You're a dish...I love each outfit lots and lots!! Very creative and beautiful. I get in these ruts as well with clothes, I get bored or un-inspired. Then it just vanishes. Hope you're having a great week xx

  19. I'm in love with your little leopard hat and that amazing kilt. What an awesome find!
    I can totally relate to worrying about the demise of your favourite tee shirt. I have a Morticia Addams tee that I've owned forever and I'll be heartbroken when she finally gives up the ghost.

  20. Fab new-to-you finds! No-one could look as good in a kilt as you and that sweet 1990s frock is perfect. The new hair colour and cut adds spice and sass to everything.
    I think I've worn second hand my entire life apart from a holiday I took when I was a corporate slave, I bought a whole new wardrobe from TopShop as I didn't have the time, strength or energy to pack properly. I soon learnt my lesson. Man, did I look crap in those holiday photos? Totally devoid of any personality!
    Clothes get better with age and previous owners! xxxxx

  21. Trust you, dear Desiree, to remind us to glance in the mirror for a rear view. Yours are successful!

    The sequin top with the funky tube skirt is inspired. And I do like the little animal print beret with your Louise Brooks bob. Louise would also approve the kilt as tres sportif!

  22. When I feel blah about my outfits, I do the same as you and head to a thrift store. It's strange that stuff that we wouldn't dream of wearing at the time it was in fashion, can become rather appealing given the passage of time. I would have never worn those loose flowered dresses back in the 90's either. I love the sequined top with the tube skirt (I have purchased a couple of those recently too). You definitely look like you've conquered the funk! XO

  23. I've been wearing cast-offs since I was a kid too. There's something really fun about buying/wearing clothes that have a story that pre-dates you!

  24. Having a lusty lust moment over your boots. If I cannot make it, I op shop it. Only exceptions are shoes, undies and?

  25. Oh sweet Desiree! Looks like we have a similar path for clothing. I have been wearing cast-offs since childhood too. Allthough that wasn't my own decision, but my mothers. She got lot of old children's clothes from relatives, which I got to wear. However, I started sewing my own clothes even before I knew anything about patterns. I wish I would have some photos of them oldies goldies...

    When I get style funk, I go browsing my favourite blogs for inspiration. That usually helps little. And also browsing my own blog for my previous styles helps to get the groove back on.

  26. Great new old finds I think you look gorgeous as ever. Love the hat on you not everyone can wear a hat but you suit them. Best wishes, dee xx

  27. It's good to mix it up and try new styles. Life is all about change, all the time, and it means getting dressed stays fun. You look excellent in a kilt, like a Vivienne Westwood model and that fur cape is something else. Your cheeky new fringe is so kawaii! What a haul! I haven't had much luck thrift shopping recently, but my heart hasn't been in it, always in too much of a hurry to browse, but maybe i need to go out and see what Lady Luck has been keeping for me. You've inspired me. Xxxxxx

  28. i love every single look. i never realized you were in a funk. you always look so great. you got so many great things. you have given me the itch so i'm off hunting tomorrow.
    love lucyxx

  29. Dayum, that tube skirt looks fabulous on you! And ahh miss Camel Toe, such an epic shirt. I have to be honest, if I'm in a still funk, I usually just rewear the same 'outfits' over and over, comfy things that make me feel safe, or strong. I tend to avoid purchasing anything in that state because it usually winds up being so wrong for me in the long run heh.

  30. I'm glad you've come out of that FUNK! You're too awesome to feel in a funk. I love that Scottish skirt, I could do with one of those right now, its so freaking cold. I agree its weird how taste changes, about 6 years ago I mostly wore black and red. Now I'm hard pushed to find anything black in my wardrobe!!

  31. charming outfits! my fave if 2d, mostly because of hat and awesome mix of patterns! :)

  32. Oooohh I love all of these outfits, especially the second one with the sequined top. It speaks to me!!!

  33. Oh I love all these outfits, fabulous! I always do the same, I find you can't beat a good charity shop for inspiration!! XX

  34. The pink tights and the t strap shoes are my dream combo! Love. Hey a millions thanks for following Huntress London. I've been on holiday and not as tech chatty as I normally am, so many holiday distractions! BUT I've just been perusing your blog and wow. No really. Wow. You're a credit to fashion blogging. Also my new style hero and fashion writer. So happy we've met!


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