Monday, July 7, 2014

There's Something Horrible in the Fridge

Hello kids!
Are we awake then?
Good, because we've been a tad run off our feet lately so the pics are gonna appear snappy-like.
Luckily these were all taken away from home, as the house is a tip. 
The Phoenix has been on his feet and we've been racing from one end of the city to the other during the past week, merging chores and playtime.
BTW, The Phoenix is now happy to be known by his name: Anto and our favourite wee lassie, The Stylist, would love you to call her by her given name, Bella.
That's sorted then innit?

We've been spending a bit of time at West End recently and on Thursday Anto felt the need for a second-hand book rummage so we headed to Bent Books and stuffed our faces at our favourite Greek eating spot, Char Char Grill.
Then I needed a sit down. 

Been too busy to do my hair.

What's with all the smug looks then?

Last Friday night, Bella and I tootled off to the ballet, Romeo and Juliet.
It was delicious.  And of course, tragic.
The lassie has been so enjoying developing her photography skills, that snapping blog pics of Mama is now incredibly passe and dull.
So I have to trick her into taking them, or more often than not, take lame iPhone pics on the run.

The view over Brisbane River looking towards the city, taken during intermission.

Eeek scary woman with spooky eyes!

After the show, we were having a bite to eat at the QPAC cafe when Bella nudged me.
The artistic director of the ballet, Li Cunxin, was standing right next to our table.
He's regarded as the god of ballet by many and is the subject of the book and film, Mao's Last Dancer.
He signed Bella's program and we were right chuffed.

Here she is early on Saturday morning, squashed into the back seat of the car with a modest selection of bags and hats, plus a wee few clothes, bound for the Vintage and Designer Markets at West End.

This pic was taken by one of the lovely stallholders on her phone, which is why it's a bit wobbly, but it's the only one we have of the pair of us.

I was so good and waited right until the end of the day before pouncing on a pair of boots I really "needed".
I've managed to halve the number of clothes and shoes I own in the past six months, so I think I deserve one treat.

Some of the beautiful tribal jewellery, sold by Sam of Scylla Designs, which reminded me of Vix.
Such glorious, huge pieces!

Early night, then back to finishing off hand washing what feels like every item in the house  because the washing machine's buggered.
Exhausted yet?  Me too!
Love D xo


  1. The ballet sounds both looked gorgeous. And woo-hoo for the signature too :) Love the glitzy jewellry pieces, would have snagged some of those :))) Hope you have a great week :) x

  2. You've managed to halve the number of clothes and shoes you own in the past six months, damn right you deserve a wee treat!
    I've managed to shed roughly one third of "the albatross" over the last year and I'm feeling so much better for it.
    To open my wardrobe doors does no longer fill me with dread and getting dressed in the morning is a much less messy & stressful affair.
    I would have loved to have a good old rummage around your stall, you've got some smashing pieces on there. I've always adored that beautiful tartan

  3. Blimey girl, that's good going! I'm still trying to stick to the one out one in rule, but you know how it is. I must have the mother load of all Ebay listings this summer or I'll turn in to the mad fabric woman for sure.
    A gorgeous post full of lovely things. I'd love to have come to the ballet with you and Bella, not to mention a bit of vintage shopping too. There goes the one in one out rule straight away!
    Big kisses.

  4. You have been busy! But looking lovely for the ballet. I haven't been in years so now I'm inspired to go. Besides, it's a great reason to dressup.
    Have a good week. And remember when you're washing clothes by hand of all the women generations before you scrubbing their wash down by the river. Maybe that will help a little. ;)

  5. Well, you've certainly been busy, but happily so, I think! How delightful to see Anto up and about with you, and your trip to the ballet with Bella sounds magical.
    You've done brilliantly to halve your wardrobe this year, that's a real achievement. I need to plod on with Ebay, but oh it is frustrating and tedious... Still, gotta be done. Your stall looks fab, I think I would have been more than a little tempted to indulge...
    Good to see you on sparkly, smiley form, Des! xxxx

  6. Ugh, I need to go through my wardrobe before autumn arrives as jackets take up so much more room. I fool myself all summer, but I know what's coming if I don't rid myself of some clothes. Moving house helps with getting rid of stuff, doesn't it?

    So nice to finally put given names to your lovely family's faces.

    If you get rid of more stuff, keep that white bag-it is gorgeous. Like you!

  7. So good to see the three of you out, about and having fun and totally bloody gorgeous whilst you're at it.

    Halving your wardrobe - that's amazing. You certainly deserve a treat to mark that mammoth task. The stall looks great and so do you both. I'm dying over that tribal jewellery something I'd forgotten I had, too.


  8. The urge to purge is in the air! Congratulations on clearing out so much of your wardrobe and for that, you most certainly deserve a treat. I have given away, or sold, 5 large garbage bags of clothes in the last couple of months, but oddly enough, I still don't see any space.

    How nice to now refer to Anto and Bella by their proper names! It's been such a delight to watch Bella grow in to a gorgeous and talented young woman through your blog. I would have been very excited to see Li Cunxin at the Ballet too.

  9. How fab do you two look on your stall? I saw a t-shirt with 'Stylist' on it the other day and your cheeky missy sprang to mind straight away, I shall have to retrain myself!

  10. What a beautiful family you have and tearing up the town is the best of times! I love that Bella got Li Cunix's autograph, how cool is that she must have been so pleased! I think you most certainly deserved boots now you have room:)

  11. You guys all look beautiful! The ballet seems so lovely and your vintage market makes me wish I was there to hunt around for some goodies!! Those necklaces look pretty fantastic :)

  12. You and Bella are so adorable together and I love seeing the adventures you go on. I want you to adopt me please. You are such a cool mum. It's okay that we're the same age. Unusual families are the new normal.

    Congratulations on purging and renewing your wardrobe. I have been purging mine too. I have realised it's not so much a concern with having too much as just being bothered by the items that aren't right for me.

    So happy to see you. I smile a big smile whenever I see you pop up in my feed.

  13. Wow ... what a week you've had ... I'm exhausted just reading about it. The most energetic thing I've done is change seats in front of the fire ;0)
    I'll just live vicariously through you :0)

  14. another ballet? Lucky ladies the both of you.

  15. Oh hand washing. I know thee well! Hello Anto and Bella. Nice to know your names :-)
    My kids now grab my camera and photograph every closeup mushroom and leaf they can find "for your BeautyScope". I'm sure they'll grow tired of it in the end.
    Interesting to see what effect your blog has had on Bella's skills.
    Always good to see you out and about, or just chilling.
    All the best, JJ

  16. I'm glad you were out and about with Anto and Bella. I love wandering through old book stores too.
    The ballet, the drama, the music, the costumes, and the two of you. It's thrilling that Bella got an autograph.
    There's something about a cityscape at nighttime that makes be believe anything is possible. Anything.
    I hope the washing machine elves find your house soon!

  17. The ballet sounds beautiful!! You both looked fab.

    Love the look of that jewellery stands, those are some seriously amazing necklaces. XX

  18. How wonderful that you've been out & about with Anto, & that you shared another ballet date with Bella. I wish I'd been at the markets to shop your stall. Much love. Xx

  19. Shall we title the photos on the stairs of you and Anto "Studies in Silence of Blues and Blacks?"
    These are truly special images: what are these fascinating people thinking about...?

    On the other end of the viewfinder, there's that hilarious glimpse of Bella in the back with the merch. Merrrfph? My cat has that expression en route to the vet.

  20. You are so much fun!!!
    We love reading about your adventures!!!
    We have you on our blogroll!!!

  21. Jaysus, that tribal jewellery rocks!
    Ooo, you and Bella are getting a great dose of culture lately!!! Huzzah for girly dates!
    Love that sequin thingy on your stall.............
    Love and Lustipops! XXXXXX

  22. dear lady, it's so magnificent and joyful that you've been enjoying a fabulous time and being so busy!, so lovely to call Anto and Bella by their pretty names! and so glad you've attend a Awesome Ballet!!, glamour and lots of flowers on your stole!!
    I'm admiring particularly your great job halving your closet!!, you're inspiring!
    besos & massive necklaces

  23. It's so lovely to see you all out and about and of course looking fab as usual! I hope you made a killing at the vintage market! Love to you all! XXX

  24. Hello Anto and Bella! yes you have been busy and yes you must be exhausted (I am eating restorative carrots and hoo-moose, it's how Delia Smith says it, it must be true) halving your wardrobe definitely deserves a treat, so, the shoes were worth it - the ballet with Beautiful Bella and an autograph from the director all sounds so perfect, it must have been thrilling, not so the washing machine, I hope it gets a second wind x x x

  25. I like the addition of the real names :). I've been getting rid of a ton of my old clothes lately's very satisfying! Take THAT, hoarding tendencies!

  26. Well yes I am up as a matter of fact. Out and about, not so much. Which is why I love watching your adventures. Bella and Anto are such wonderful companions, snapping photos and giving a nuzzle. My daughter and I are ballet nuts. We just can't get enough! After struggling through years of classes we KNOW how hard it is. Love to see you twirling around!

  27. I'm not on the internet or social media that much these days, but I always try to read your blog. I'm so happy that Anto is back on his feet - may he stay that way forever! (eh, he can have a rest though, but I hope you know what I'm trying to say).
    Lots of adventures, as usual - thank you so much for sharing them with us! ~ LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  28. Well, don't you all look wonderful and dandy, and what a delight to say hello to beautiful Bella and Anto under their given names.
    I can vouch for the loveliness of mother-daughter outings from the daughter perspective. Your Romeo and Juliet experience looks so special.

  29. You have been busy Miss Whizzy. Fabulous. So great for all of you that you have been able to get out and about, you sure deserve it. It feels like this new house has really energised you and facilitated some good new change. Getting rid of half your clothes is amazing. I feel inspired to give it a go myself, I only love about a quarter of my wardrobe. Wow to the whole ballet experience, isn't it great being around people you admire? It makes life feel a bit more special. Bella is nearly as tall as you now and growing up by the day. You both look beautiful. xxxxxx

  30. How cool is it to meet Li Cunxin!!!!!!!! My 12yo has just read the book and seen the movie and loved it. What a fabulous night out for you both. Hope the washing machine is fixed now (July 20th) xxxxxx

  31. Such a lovely post - the photos of you and anto is great and I love the look of that stall! I hope you guys had a successful day xoxox

  32. Such a lovely post - the photos of you and anto is great and I love the look of that stall! I hope you guys had a successful day xoxox


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