Saturday, October 24, 2015

Next Gen

Stumbled across a blog I used to read long ago before I decided to get my shit together and ditched blogging.
Sister Wolf always gives me a giggle with an "oh I knowwww" eye-roll and I thank her for ploughing ahead, harnessing her sadness and re-directing it into a general love-hate relationship with pop culture, online shopping and social media.
Her most recent posts explore ugly, dead-animal shoes and pubic hair oil.
I'm glad she's still going strong.

Late 1930s cocktail frock bargain from Adeline's Attic

After a spectacularly unsuccessful six-month job search, I returned to uni this semester to do a post-grad certificate.
Classes finished yesterday and I'm sitting here guzzling coffee and Coke to get me through the weekend and finish all these goddamn assignments.
I'll miss it though, I just will.

What else has been happening?  Well, the house I was renting sold in May and the new owners moved in.
I absolutely could not get a place to live and I'm now living in an ex's garage, the kids upstairs with their father.
I know right?
It's fine.  I'm grateful for the help until I get a job and can move out.
I miss my stuff.  What's left of it.
I gave away pretty much everything to charity in May: furniture, clothes, shoes, books, stuff.
I have a bed, fridge, sofa bed and washing machine left.
It's always nice to have a good clean out isn't it? haaaaa!

Instagram is my virtual home these days.  
No bollocks, empty platitudes and wasted breath - just brief snippets of fabulous.

As for Anto (The Phoenix)?  
He got extremely sick and was taken away exactly 12 months ago.
He's doing very well now, very stable and completely himself.
No longer prescribed palliative-levels of pain-killers (Fentanyl, Endone, Tramadol, codeine, Jurnista) along with anti-psychotics (Seroquel, Cymbalta, every benzo you know and more).
There are medical practitioners I would quite gladly run over - their actions and inaction destroyed a man, a marriage and a family.

Returning to uni has been a long, tall glass of water.
So has hot yoga. Ha!
I study, sleep, go to yoga.
That's it.  
Such simplicity and peace.
And the fat is starting to melt off my lardy arse. Yay!

How ya been?

Desiree xx


  1. I'm delighted that you've returned, I really missed your posts! It sounds like it's been a tough year. 2015 has been a bizarre one for me too and many others I know. I hope so much that 2016 is going to be better! Sending all the good job and home vibes your way right now. XXX p.s those silky vintage finds are gorge.

  2. So happy to see you posting again! Sounds as though your life has been a real roller coaster these past few months, glad you seem to have come through it all OK. Love the hair color!

  3. Well you've had a year to remember or forget. Good for you for going back to school. Now forward and upward!

  4. It's super to see a post from you, even though I obviously follow you on other social media too. Love to see your outfit posts always and sounds like everything is falling into place a bit more - just gotta nail those last few essays right? Take care xo

  5. It's yerself! Fecking fab. Although I see you on fb, it's lovely to see you here looking amazing.
    Have a big kiss.

  6. Great to see you here! What a year! Wearing fabulous lingerie and flowered crowns as daywear is a requirement. You are a shining star. Thanks for the introduction to Sister Wolf too.

  7. glad to see you posting again!, even if I like Instagram-instant-fabulousness, I miss your posts!
    University and yoga!, I think you're doing things that are good for you, and that's fabulous!. And you're looking gorgeous doing it!

  8. Well there you are!!! The beautiful kick ass breath of fresh air that you've always been. It's been tough times. Righto! There are a handful of docs that I'd also like to give a punch in the nose. I know blogging is a hassle but it does give us a connection that Instagram just doesn't. A chat and a hug vs. a friendly wave on the street. Here's to both of them. And here's to YOU and all good things. Cheers!

  9. So happy to see you back ... but sad that you've been having such a rotten time of it … remember to take care of yourself.

  10. Hey up Desiree! Glad you're back to brighten up proceedings. I'm rather intrigued by the garage situation. I'm guessing Australian garages are rather nicer than the concrete spider sanctuaries (with an old kitchen cupboard for creosote) that we favour over here? Hope so, anyway. Plus I know you have a rather delicious ginger beast to keep you company. Xxx

  11. so happy to see you back, i had a rough time with too, but all is better now
    i tried to back to blogging as well but too much work for me i prefer Instagram.
    Hang in there, i'm certain that you will make it

    Ariane xx

  12. What a coincidence: just watched a fascinating bio of Bette Davis, warrior woman, and then switched to blogger and discovered a mini-bio of another warrior woman with unforgettable eyes. Once again, dear Desiree, you've pulled your socks up!

  13. It's so great to see your sassy self posting a blog again! You have had so much going on! There is something delightful about purging, and I myself quite enjoyed purging a husband among other things. I could never live in my ex's garage as he keeps it so filled with junk. He is not as good at purging as I am. I think hot yoga would kill me. Glad it has not killed you! Mental health practitioners only barely sometimes know what they are doing. Also, it seems there is much they cannot do. I know the frustrations and the pain of it.

  14. Missed you here!

    I love IG, but I still have a soft spot for blogging. It is like a long conversation and a cuppa tea on the couch with a friend

  15. even though I see ya on FB I'm still thrilled to read your blog... when you do blog... :D Luuuurve you!!

  16. Nice to see a post from you and get caught up on how you're doing. It sounds like it has been a hell of a year for you. I'm glad the Phoenix got his meds sorted out and is doing better, but I'm very sorry your family had to fall apart for it to happen. Congratulations on going back to school, and I hope you find a job that you enjoy, and a new home so you can get out of the garage!

  17. I am not on Instagram or Facebook, so I have had to content myself these past months with wondering how you are, and sending good wishes your way from time to time when I had you in mind. Sometimes life is so hard. Your strength in persevering shines through in this post--and your sense of humor and your sense of style. We love you.

    Blessings on the road ahead. Send postcards as you can.

  18. Its sooooo good to see you here again even though were friends on Facebook. You have been on such a journey a hell of a one but you have flying out the other end with grace and style. My god I bet you have learnt so much about yourself and life. Well done for getting out when you did and for having the courage to go back to UNI you are one amazing beautiful women. I hope you are able to find a home for you and your children real soon. I am not on instagram don't really understand it but I must have a look sometime. Take lots of care lovely, dee xx

  19. Hey D! I was just scrolling through my blog links and there you are, blogging again, hooray! The pic of you with the blue hair/green necklace is one of my all-time faves. I'm so glad you're on IG so I can keep up with your sparkling self. I think it's awesome that you are going back to school.

    I used to read SW too, oh man did I have fun reading her archives! She is hysterical! ;)

  20. So, so glad to see you again, lovely.
    Sad to hear about the life-fuckwittage but happy to hear about the good stuff.
    Here's to the good stuff xx

  21. Yay you're back! Every time I come across lovely slinky things in the op-shop I think of you.

    Sorry to hear 2015 has been a bit ordinary but pleased that you are still rocking on the fabulousness.

  22. You've clearly had a really tough year, Desiree, and much has changed, but you're still here, a testament to your resilience. Hope that doesn't sound like a waste of empty platitudinous bollocks... Also hoping that your time at university helps you find the direction and job that you're seeking. Good luck, and keep us posted! xxx

  23. I won't waste time with empty platitudes then. Sufice to say, I was thinking about you recently and suddenly here you are. A powerful post indeed. You raise a really good point about blogging. It's realy touched a nerve with me. Anyway, whatever. No platitudes here :) x

  24. I'm just sitting here, going "SHIT"! Haven't followed you for long on Facebook and didn't keep up with any blog reading, so a lot of news to my ears.
    You know I care, but I won't go all soppy on you!!
    Onward and up ward you amazing lady!
    And giants hugs to The (awesome) Stylist for her impending birthday!
    Much love,

  25. I've been seeing your Instagram posts and wasn't aware you had posted here, so I'm a little late but I'll echo what others have said, and say how nice it is to hear from you.

    Gawd, what a shit year 2015 was, eh? Clearly the Universe owes you a fantastic 2016.

  26. How lovely! You look fantastic in that dress. Thanks for sharing this design clothes online tutorial.

  27. You were my first blog I followed regularly. Can't remember from where. Thanks for the update, and so sorry life has been upending you!
    If anyone can live stylishly in a garage it's you. Crossing my fingers and toes for the exam results and job prospects. XO Jazzy Jack

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